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#1 by binfujiwara
2012-10-19 at 13:16
< report >Hi there, Bin desu.
I want to suggest some fixes to character traits. The following notes are only my humble opinions. Even if it is so, I think you should take a look and fix them, if you are able to, and if you think it is necessary.

1. In Weapons, Axe and Shuriken should be under Blades.

2. Weapons should have a "Stick" meta trait, and Walking stick, Club (?), Wand and Sceptre (the last two were not moderated yet) should be under it.

3. Hairstyle should have a meta trait of Bangs. Blunt Bangs, Eye Covering, Intake, Curtained, V Bangs and Spiky Bangs (not yet moderated) should be under it.

4. In Hair Color: Auburn should be under Brown, and if Claret is approved, it should be under Red.

5. Facial Hair should have a meta trait called Eyebrows., I'm planning to add "No Eyebrows" and "Large Eyebrows" under it.

6. Spiky hair should be under hair Type.

That's all for now. Wow, my fix request pretty long. Sorry about that.Last modified on 2012-10-19 at 13:16
#2 by echomateria
2012-10-19 at 13:25
< report >Hehe, I made that Stick meta-trait before seeing this thread.

Bangs is done.

Axe and Shuriken moved.

Auburn and Claret moved.

Eyebrows made.

Spiky moved.Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#3 by binfujiwara
2012-10-19 at 13:36
< report >Good job and thanks, echo-sama! (It's good to share a similar (?) timezone with a traits mod.)

Great minds think alike. ;)

EDIT: "No Eyebrows" and "Large Eyebrows" submitted for moderation.Last modified on 2012-10-19 at 13:47
#4 by binfujiwara
2012-10-19 at 13:51
< report >Do you think we should have orange hair and eyes on this db?
#5 by silence
2012-10-19 at 13:52
< report >I think it would be more logical to create a garnet color for the hair, as long as this color is already exists for the eyes. And it's doesn't differ from Claret absolutely.
#6 by binfujiwara
2012-10-19 at 13:54
< report >Orange and garnet are completely different colors. Garnet = Dark-red, Murrey, Cherry, Ruby. Garnet is just deep red. I don't see any difference between red and garnet, for me, they're synonyms.

Claret is reddish purple, for colors that are neither red nor purple, but are similat to both. ExampleLast modified on 2012-10-19 at 14:01
#7 by takata
2012-10-19 at 14:58
< report >Just my opinion, but I think weapons without a cutting edge or sharpened point should not be included under the blade trait. This would also require changing the blade trait description.

Maybe shinai and bokken could go under "Items > Weapons > Practice" ?

Aside: I think the more traits could use links to example pictures, like the eyebrow traits. They're really useful. ^^
#8 by atlantima
2012-10-19 at 19:33
< report >....So now every character with a walking stick uses them as a weapon?

Also i69 has an alias of "This character is seen with a". LOL I am literally laughing out loud.Last modified on 2012-10-19 at 19:33
#9 by barfboy
2012-10-19 at 20:01
< report >I feel sorry for Fuyou Kaede having red hair. Technically orange is red hair in the 3d world but in anime I think it should be separate.

#10 by echomateria
2012-10-19 at 20:50
< report >#8 by atlantima
....So now every character with a walking stick uses them as a weapon?

Actually a good number of VN characters that carry weapons do not use them in combat at all. So it goes both ways. That is why none of the item traits mention using these items for any purpose. They are just about characters being seen carrying one.

Also i69 has an alias of "This character is seen with a". LOL I am literally laughing out loud.

Nice catch, fixed now, after laughing out loud of course.

#7 by takata
Made shinai and bokken child of both blade and club now.
Made a meta-trait called Wooden Swords and moved two related swords under it.
#11 by takata
2012-10-19 at 21:41
< report >
Made a meta-trait called Wooden Swords and moved two related swords under it.
Err.... no offence, but that name sounds really odd, since "bokken" literally means "wooden sword", while a shinai is made from bamboo. What shinai and bokken have in common is that they are -intended- for practice, not real combat.

I also think that the stick meta trait is collecting child traits which are only slightly related. I personally think we don't really need it, and its child traits should just go under Items > Weapon.

....So now every character with a walking stick uses them as a weapon?
Actually a good number of VN characters that carry weapons do not use them in combat at all.
I also think it's a bit odd to put "walking stick" under weapons. While you can use a walking stick as a weapon, that is not its -intended- purpose. I think the following would be a bit more appropriate:
Items > Weapons > Blade > Sword > Shikomizue
Items > Walking Stick > Shikomizue
#12 by horseband
2012-10-20 at 02:04
< report >Maybe instead of "Wooden Sword" meta it could just be Practice Swords (or weapons)?


I think that's mainly for characters who use the walking stick as a weapon. I could be wrong though. Just like some characters could use a frying pan as a weapon or an umbrella.Last modified on 2012-10-20 at 02:04
#13 by echomateria
2012-10-20 at 10:42
< report >Alright, Practice Swords then. Also moved the walking stick.
#14 by takata
2012-10-20 at 20:17
< report >Hm..... It looks like you've divided weapons into "sharp melee", "blunt melee" and "projectile" categories, with just the grenades, chain weapons and whips not included. Those three categories seem good to me. ^^

Sorry if I seem really picky, but, a few more points to consider:

- Piercing Instruments should be renamed to something like "Projectile Weapons". While they -are- all designed to pierce, so are many melee weapons like swords.

If you rename it to "Projectile Weapons", you'll also need to take "rapiers" out of the description.

Not sure what your intention was, but, Piercing Instruments is currently a "trait", not a "meta trait". O.o?

-While the wand and sceptre are blunt, they are much more useful as projectile weapons (like in Harry Potter (wands) or in The Lord of the Rings (staves)). While I consider the wand to be a projectile weapon, the sceptre has other complications.

A "sceptre" may be a symbol of authority, with no magical power and no intention for use in combat. Not sure if we should have traits for non-magical and magical sceptres or just leave them together.

In any case, thanks for your work on the traits/tags echomateria. ^^

- On second thought, the grenades seem like a projectile weapon to me.Last modified on 2012-10-20 at 20:28
#15 by echomateria
2012-10-21 at 00:37
< report >That's a good suggestion, Projectile Weapons it is.

Wand is good where it is, any action game character worth their salt can throw projectiles from their swords, you wouldn't want to go that road. ;)
#16 by takata
2012-10-21 at 01:48
< report >Err.... are you saying that if you moved "wand" to "projectile weapons", you'd logically have to move "swords" to "projectile weapons" too?Last modified on 2012-10-21 at 01:48
#17 by echomateria
2012-10-21 at 20:42
< report >No, I'm saying that I'm not going to move the wands.
#18 by overmage
2012-10-21 at 20:48
< report >Just imo, wands should be classified as 'magical firearms' since i've never heard of wands being used as melee weapons.
#19 by space-ranger
2012-10-21 at 21:23
< report >Can't argue with a mage on how to use wands :)
I do however remember one D&D moment where a mage tried to stab a wand into the eye of the opponent. Mind you that was the guy who wanted to sleep to memorize spells while being chased by monsters. We should base traits on what's "normal" and not what that guy could come up with though.
#20 by takata
2012-10-22 at 05:21
< report >Hm.... On second thought, wands and staves don't neccesarily fire a solid projectile. Rather, they fire some sort of "energy". Same for futuristic guns like from Star Wars, so you might not consider them "projectile weapons".

While I would like to see wands and staves in some sort of "ranged weapon" category, where they are now isn't too bad.

Now for something completely different:
I requested a "Private Tutor" trait to better distinguish between those who teach lots of students, and those who teach just one or a few students.
Main problem is that tutors are currently given the teacher trait, and there's already over 250 characters with the "teacher" trait. >.<

-Suppose- the trait gets accepted. Does that imply we should have "tutor protagonist" and "tutor heroine" tags, or not neccesarily?Last modified on 2012-10-22 at 05:21
#21 by echomateria
2012-10-22 at 12:18
< report >Please refrain from making tags that are already covered by traits, we prefer character entries with proper traits instead of vague tags. Sadly tags are much easier than traits and a billion games are still missing characters so we won't see these getting removed any soon, but one day...
#22 by takata
2012-10-22 at 12:41
< report >One more thing, which I probably should have noted above. Please subtract "Tutor" from the aliases of i358 and add "Tutor" to the aliases of i1030. I think that would make more sense. O.o?

I was going to include it when I submitted i1030 for moderation, but then the website wouldn't let me submit it.

Thanks. ^^
#23 by echomateria
2012-10-22 at 22:15
< report >Done.
#24 by barfboy
2012-11-15 at 07:18
< report >I created the Halo trait i1052 (awaiting moderation) and because I really don't know where to put it, I put it under Body Features because most often Halos are not objects that can be used so much as they're features of the person.

Of course Luvriel c6358 actually throws hers (you can see that in the hentai adaptation) but it remains a part of her body even when one of the Djibrils is using it.

Of course it's up to you, maybe it should go under items i38

... I dunno.
#25 by takata
2012-11-28 at 11:01
< report >The Heroine with Knee Highs tag links to a misleading picture. The picture shows socks that reach -under- the knee. However, the rest of the description and examples suggest the tag is for zettai ryouiki which requires socks that reach -over- the knee.

I'm not sure that everyone has used this tag for zettai ryouiki...

Also, in the traits tree, "Knee-high Socks" describes socks that reach -under- the knee, while ""Thigh-high Stockings" describes those that reach -over- the knee.

I suggest:

The tag name should be changed to "Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki" to be less ambiguous. Not sure how many users already know what is and isn't zettai ryouiki....

The description could be changed to make it less ambiguous:
This game features one or more heroines with zettai ryouiki.

"Zettai ryouiki" can refer to the exposed thigh area, or to the combination of socks reaching over the knees, short skirt and exposed thigh area. It can be a sexual fetish.

Examples include Rin from Fate/stay night and Miyu from Kimi ga Aruji.
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