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#2501 by mrkew
2021-05-02 at 18:44
< report >Well personally adult breast feeding seems obvious. The one who breastfeeds is the one who engages in it. The one who's breasfed is the subject. Meanwhile armpit sex I understand might be confusing to some, because there are some scenes where a man "uses" a girl's armpit to pleasure himself. Same for legjob. It's something like cowgirl where a person who doesn't know how it works here might tag a girl with engages in cowgirl, because she's the one moving.
#2502 by skorpiondeath
2021-05-02 at 18:50
< report >To make it clear again here in VNDB the "moving" doesn't take a factor upon deciding if someone is subject of or engages in.
If we used the moving as a discrimination factor upon deciding "engages in" and "subject of" then even a normal blowjob vs irrumatio could lead to a clusterfuck mess of "engages in" vs "subject of".
That will just bring confusion and nobody would find what he is looking for.

Yes this rule should be made clear somewhere, probably we could write it down in FAQ and link it in the aforementioned traits or just make it clear in the description.Last modified on 2021-05-02 at 18:51
#2503 by beliar
2021-05-02 at 18:52
< report >
Maybe we can clarify here too, the one giving milk "Engages in" while the one sucking is "Subject of". It's the same for Nipple Sucking, but at least in Nipple Sucking's description is made well explicit how to use it.
Not sure if I'm stupid, but Nipple Sucking traits are inverted in relation to Adult Breast Feeding traits, which is what caused a confusion for me.

The description says that "Engages in Nipple Sucking" means they suck the nipples. but its child trait "Engages in Adult Breast Feeding" somehow means they are the ones whose nipples are getting sucked.

Shouldn't the traits be aligned?
#2504 by barfboy
2021-05-02 at 20:13
< report >Uhhh, I just realized
You have two opposite spellings of the word "Gray". One in the title and one in the description. This could be confusing. In America "Grey" is an archaic spelling of the word. In Britain "Grey" is more common.

You should perhaps make the spelling the same in both the title and description with the other in 'Alias'.
That's the way it is in

Just being pedantic.
#2505 by barfboy
2021-05-05 at 21:13
< report >What do you call these ... uh, hanging nipple cover things?
Kyun-Kyun na Olganite
Yumegasaki Mako

First time I ever knew what they were was Azur Lane's Sirius
#2506 by mrkew
2021-05-05 at 22:18
< report >They're calling breast curtains, or at least that's the name of the tag on boorus.
#2507 by barfboy
2021-05-06 at 02:10
< report >Should we call them that too? I don't see any real world example, so this is fiction only, like Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth II
#2508 by fllthdcrb
2021-05-06 at 18:33
< report >Seems reasonable, and there doesn't appear to be any better authority.
#2509 by jobforabrokeboi
2021-05-09 at 03:18
< report >Would it be worth splitting the "Domestic Violence" trait into 2 specific traits? Like maybe "Domestic Violence (Comedy)" and "Domestic Violence (Abuse)"
#2510 by naiohoras
2021-05-09 at 05:37
< report >nvmLast modified on 2021-05-09 at 05:40
#2511 by ezezin
2021-05-12 at 20:49
< report >Shouldn't Ojousama and Onzoushi be child traits of Wealthy? Since the upper class or families with political power are undoubtedly wealthy i think it's redundant to use that last trait when one of the first two are in use.
#2512 by mrkew
2021-05-12 at 20:54
< report >A child of someone wealthy is not necessarily wealthy themselves.
#2513 by jobforabrokeboi
2021-05-20 at 17:33
< report >Why is i3170 classified as "engages in"? It makes no sense, you don't 'engage in' being raped, you are 'subject of' it.
#2514 by beliar
2021-05-20 at 21:32
< report >The thing is, the trait was logically put under its parent trait Sex with Others, which is an "engages in" trait. However, it is also a child of a "subject of" Rape trait. Not sure how in such a case the db decides if it should treat the trait as an "engages in" or "subject of"....

Its own child trait Only Avoidable Rape by Others is treated as a "subject of". Maybe Yorhel could provide an explanation for the discrepancy and how it could be fixed...

Edit: I tried experimenting a bit, and after removing Sex with Others as a parent, the trait switched to "subject of", but after re-adding Sex with Others it switched back to 'engages in'. Some sort of quirk with the system. I will let Yorhel take care of this.Last modified on 2021-05-20 at 21:37
#2515 by jobforabrokeboi
2021-05-20 at 21:44
< report >Thanks Beliar
#2516 by yorhel
2021-05-21 at 07:23
< report >The thing is, my assumption when designing the trait system was that each group would be totally independent of each other. i.e. no traits that have parents in more than one top-level trait. That assumpion has been violently violated, so it's about time to support that use case already.

Fortunately, the solution already came to me when we were discussion the VN tag tree display earlier - I'll fix a flag to indicate which parent should be considered "primary".
#2517 by yorhel
2021-05-21 at 11:14
< report >
I'll fix a flag to indicate which parent should be considered "primary".
Done, for both tags and traits. It's possible that some traits with multiple parents have switched to a different group during the migration, these can now just be edited to mark the proper parent as primary.

The "primary" path to a tag/trait is always displayed at the top on the tag/trait pages. Additionally, non-primary parents are now not displayed anymore on the VN -> tags tab.
#2518 by eacil
2021-05-21 at 12:09
< report >I think there is a slight problem here > link.
#2519 by naiohoras
2021-05-21 at 12:17
< report >holy-...
#2520 by mrkew
2021-05-21 at 12:18
< report >Never thought I'd say that but maybe that's too much rape.
#2521 by eacil
2021-05-21 at 12:24
< report >It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
It doesn't matter, it's avoidable.
#2522 by yorhel
2021-05-21 at 13:51
< report >...that was totally a feature.
#2523 by rampaa
2021-05-21 at 17:54
< report >When there's a conflict, "Subject of (Sexual)" and "Engages in (Sexual)" roots should be preferred over their non-sexual counterparts. Case-in-point: Rape and Rape.
#2524 by rampaa
2021-05-21 at 18:54
< report >Rape by Others and Autassassinophilist should be marked with "Indicates sexual content."

School Photography Club President and Acrobatic Gymnastics don't really indicate sexual content. So they should be unmarked.

Traits in link should probably be moved to their root's "(Sexual)" counterpart.

Not Sexually Involved probably shouldn't be under Engages in (Sexual). Because it makes searching for characters who engage in any arbitrary sexual act cumbersome. Maybe Role would be a better fit for it.
#2525 by ninius
2021-05-23 at 19:18
< report >Is there much difference between a coder and a hacker? Should Hacker be a child trait of Coder?

Also, can someone add aliases "hair stylist", "cosmetician" and "manicurist" for Beautician?Last modified on 2021-05-23 at 19:21