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#2876 by NaioHoras
2022-04-11 at 18:07
< report >
Where would you suggest putting it?
generic Role would be okay, but a new umbrella trait is okay too if there is an appropriate one.

regarding the Middle Sister trait, I once again put a suggestion of removing it entirely. you're probably already tired hearing this from me (t3314.1965, t3314.2799), but I can't get this one out from my mind :P

recently I encountered a new case regarding it.
so in a VN, the protagonist have one blood-related younger sister, so naturally I apply the glorious trait Younger Sister to her. suddenly two characters become protagonist's younger sisters, one is older and one is younger from the blood-related younger sister. as consequence, the character now is a Middle sister from the story perspective. but from the character's interpersonal relation perspective (plus the upcoming character relation feature), she is an older sister for another character, so Older Sister should be applied.
beside that, I have hestitation to apply middle sister to the character, as she is technically the youngest blood-related sister. there is also a scenario where the parents get divorced and she becomes the youngest again.

it's always redundant to have that trait no matter how you see it. it's different from senpai-kouhai and school grade problem, where school grade is often vague in many VN story, and senpai-kouhai is not limited to school.Last modified on 2022-04-11 at 18:11
#2877 by Mrkew
2022-04-11 at 18:21
< report >
While true, do we want the search to add Middle Sisters to the results when searching for Younger Sister and Older Sister? I feel like that's not what people are actually looking for, but I might be wrong.
I'll post imouto paradise since it's an example everyone knows. It's a little sister game but the characters are not tagged as little sisters, because they're mdidle sisters. Nanase Aya
#2878 by beliar
2022-04-11 at 18:29
< report >I'm actually completely non-opposed to delete "Middle Sister", as I personally also see as completely useless and redundant. I wonder, will there be pitchforks and torches if that happens...

Edit: Put Inbred under Role, until someone comes up with a proper parent.Last modified on 2022-04-11 at 18:49
#2879 by NaioHoras
2022-04-11 at 18:45
< report >eh, everytime I see that trait mentioned in a thread, it's always someone pointing out its shortcomings.
#2880 by wakaranai
2022-04-18 at 19:17
< report >how is Waist Cincher any different from Corset? at the very least, former should be a child trait of the latter. desctiptions are essentially the same
Waist Cincher: makes waist visibly smaller or just decorative purpose
Corset: changes shape of the torso, with modern corsets serving decorative purpose

judging from Corset applications Waist Cincher should be just merged with Corset, and 'Waist Cincher' added as an alias.
#2881 by butterflygrrl
2022-04-18 at 19:42
< report >Usually the difference should be that a corset has some manner of boob support and a waist cincher doesn't. But we do have an entry for Cupless Corset and telling the difference between that and a waist cincher is much trickier.

In real clothing there's a clear technical difference. A waist cincher is much smaller.

In art, I'm less sure. One of the examples shown in the waist cincher entry IS a corset.
#2882 by beliar
2022-04-18 at 20:01
< report >Butterflygrrl is correct that it's much harder to tell the difference in art, so I'm okay with merging the entries, because I imagine they have been used more or less interchangeably.
#2883 by Ninius
2022-04-23 at 23:48
< report >Shinigami should have Grim Reaper as alias I think.
#2884 by Marc402
2022-04-28 at 19:02
< report >Shouldn't Matricide be a child trait of Parricide?
#2885 by NaioHoras
2022-05-18 at 14:26
< report >can you fix the grammar mistakes in Masculine Speech that I've... made? ·.·(/Д\).·ヾ

here too Timid ("help them to blend in with others"), and the link to Niimi Sora while you are at it.

#2886 by Marc402
2022-05-21 at 10:19
< report >'Emotionless Sex' could be added as an alias for Unenthusiastic Sex.
#2887 by NaioHoras
2022-06-08 at 13:01
< report >Childbirth should have a clearer description. copying from Human Childbirth's description with some adjustments should be enough.
#2888 by Ileca
2022-06-09 at 10:16
< report >Do we agree that traits (and tags) should not bother with the measures a VN takes to hide content such as incest from platforms such as patreon? Like when they pretend the mature woman living with you is your... landlady, and her daughter, your... roommate, and other bullshit, but they allow you to rename the roles at the beginning so you can input mother/sister/etc.Last modified on 2022-06-09 at 11:06
#2889 by beliar
2022-06-09 at 16:42
< report >By "should not bother" you mean that in cases where it's clear the characters are relatives (either due to the customization in game or due to an existing incest patch), we should correctly tag them as "mother", "sister", and so on, instead of the bullshit excuse for a role? Yes, I agree with that.
#2890 by barfboy
2022-06-10 at 03:46
< report >When using Avoidable Murder if a character's route cannot be completed without being murdered that does not qualify, correct?

For example: If you choose Manami Seira route then Ayasaki Miina will murder her at the end of the route. There are no choices to avoid this. If you are on Manami Seira route then Ayasaki Miina will murder her and then the protagonist. However, she will not murder any other characters in the game. Only Manami Seira and then the protagonist are murdered and only on that route.

So then, is that avoidable homicide? She will only murder someone on that one route. I just want to be clear how to use the trait.Last modified on 2022-06-10 at 03:48
#2891 by Marc402
2022-06-11 at 16:10
< report >Another alias suggestion:
Discreet Sex - Hidden Sex
#2892 by beliar
2022-06-11 at 17:18
< report >@Barfboy: Correct me if I misunderstood:
There are multiple routes, and on one route that character unavoidably commits murder, but they do not commit murder on any other route? In that case, the trait Engages in > Avoidable Murder should apply, if there are possible routes where no murder is committed.
#2893 by Mrkew
2022-06-11 at 18:03
< report >I would disagree with that. If a heroine gets raped on her route but is fine on other heroines' routes, would you use avoidable rape? No. Avoidable murder should be if the character in question has a non-bad ending where they don't commit any murder until the ending.
#2894 by beliar
2022-06-11 at 18:12
< report >We have a more specific trait for rape "Other Route Rape", but if it didn't exist, "Avoidable Rape" would absolutely be used for your described situation, after all, "Other Route Rape" is a child of "Avoidable Rape"; after all in case of a child a parent also applies.
#2895 by Mrkew
2022-06-11 at 18:39
< report >You're confused about the situation. Other route rape means the heroine is not raped on her route, but is only raped on other routes. I am talking about the opposite.
#2896 by beliar
2022-06-11 at 21:23
< report >I did get that wrong, but that doesn't invalidate my point. What you describe is still "Avoidable Rape" in my opinion.
#2897 by Mrkew
2022-06-11 at 21:40
< report >Then the only unavoidable rape and murder would be something that happens in the common route or in kinetic novels. VNs are made in a way that characters are mostly involved in plot in their own route. Say a heroine only appears in the common route and her own route. Should her rape be avoidable just because there are several other routes where she doesn't even appears thus she doesn't get raped? Her own route should be the most important source for character traits. I really think avoidable should imply ending choices inside of the route itself, not the route split.
In this case a heroine's death is not avoidable on her route, so you wouldn't call it avoidable death. Meaning the murder is not avoidable.Last modified on 2022-06-11 at 22:03
#2898 by NaioHoras
2022-06-13 at 07:28
< report >Asymmetrical Bangs' name should be more clear and changed to "Asymmetrical Blunt Bangs", given how often its misusage is.
#2899 by barfboy
2022-06-15 at 05:24
< report >Yes. She will 100% die on her own route but not on any others. I don't think she's even mentioned on a route other than her own. I'm going with what Mrkew suggests as that makes the most sense to me.
#2900 by catboy
2022-06-19 at 00:32
< report >Got a few things concerning these here:
1. Shouldn't Role > King Consort be under Role > King rather than prince?

2. Whoever split up the Role > Queen tag and didn't allow only "queen" to be used is stupid, especially because it's still possible to use only Role > King. The queen's role isn't made clear in every single visual novel. Keep the Role > Queen Regnant and Role > Queen Consort tags if you want, but also let us only use "queen" for the characters where it isn't made clear.

3. I've submitted a lot of trait ideas. I'm not sure if I was meant to say here when I originally put them into the queue; sorry if I was meant to. :,)Last modified on 2022-06-19 at 00:37