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#2576 by mrkew
2021-07-18 at 12:17
< report >I'm fine with that, but I know someone will get mad about the word route in the description.
#2577 by naiohoras
2021-07-18 at 12:27
< report >eh, let's see what the mods have to say
#2578 by skorpiondeath
2021-07-18 at 13:19
< report >I don't have problem with it, but beliar denied I guess we need his opinion about it.
#2579 by beliar
2021-07-18 at 14:51
< report >There is a possibility of a character having a route, but only participating in the bad-end sex scenes. And yes, I hate the word route in this context.

My suggestion:
This character only participates in the sex scenes that happen during the VN's game over endings, meaning this character is not part of the sexual activities in the canonic storyline. They just have a quick sex scene and then the game's over.
#2580 by naiohoras
2021-07-19 at 00:04
< report >yeah, seems fine to me.
#2581 by hector
2021-07-19 at 12:00
< report >Ao Dai - To be blunt, it doesn’t seem like many characters will be using this trait from the looks of it. I had second thoughts on adding it to VNDB for that reason, though it definitely is as distinct of a trait as the Chinese Dress, Kimono and Hanbok, even if not many characters associate with it at this time.

If Misaka Worst appeared in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun or any related title, she probably would have been another candidate for this trait.

In any case, you can always change your mind and delete it later if you think it doesn't make enough use of the space it takes up.
#2582 by mutsuki
2021-07-19 at 16:15
< report >"china dress" should be an alias of Chinese Dress from the japanese
#2583 by barfboy
2021-07-21 at 22:48
< report >Is this Protagonist with Voiced Changeable Names
about how you can get characters to say the protagonist's name, like Ro-kun (No Japanese software was ever meant to say 'Robert') for you? They do that in Tokimeki Memorial 2 and I see a lot of other Tokimemo games on the list so I wanted to know if I got that right.
#2584 by beliar
2021-07-21 at 23:31
< report >^For character names that are voiced, even if you change them from the default ones.
#2585 by barfboy
2021-07-22 at 05:36
< report >Okay, I've read this damned description like 8 times and honestly something in my head isn't coming together right. It's NOT about a protagonist with a voiced name, it's about the HEROINES that say the protagonist's name.

I don't even know why I'm confused but I can't put this together in my head.

Here's an example, the only one I know. It would probably really help if I play Study Steady or Lovely Cation but I've only played Tokimemo 2 and it's not on the list where Hinomoto Hikari says whatever name you can put into the game. It's a heroine thing, right? The heroines are saying the name? Not the protagonists?
#2586 by mrkew
2021-07-22 at 10:04
< report >#2585 Yeah, heroines pronouncing the custom name. Looking at this might help.
#2587 by historyeraser
2021-07-24 at 15:55
< report >Brunette should be an alias for Brown hair.
#2588 by barfboy
2021-07-24 at 17:17
< report >Thanks, that helped. Honestly, I feel like this right now
#2589 by historyeraser
2021-07-25 at 21:19
< report >Figment

One of the aliases is mispelt.
#2590 by naiohoras
2021-07-27 at 09:33
< report >apparently, people apply Not Sexually Involved even to characters who only appear in all-ages visual novels. I suppose this is not how the trait is supposed be used, thus I suggest to add clarifier in the desc.Last modified on 2021-07-27 at 09:42
#2591 by mrkew
2021-07-27 at 09:43
< report >Why should it not apply to them? People perform a character search based on their desired traits, only to find that they are not sexually involved. The trait allows for exclusion during search.Last modified on 2021-07-27 at 09:43
#2592 by naiohoras
2021-07-27 at 10:19
< report >you can exclude it by adding No Sexual Content in visual novel filter, or directly see the linked vn itself to see whether the vn has sexual content or not.

on the contrary, it's really weird to see characters with a big "Engage in (sexual) >Not Sexually Involved" when you open the character section of all-ages vn. it's actually what bewildered me when I first came to this site. back when I was not really into vn that much and my friend was showing me an OELVN, he also gave me some vn links which lead me to this site (one of them is link iirc which piqued my interest, but I played Grisaia in the end...). I opened the characters section page of one of the vn and I was like "why is there a need to show me that kind of information...?", giving a nuance visual novel is all about sexual content, which is not true. I don't really mind the trait that much now since all I play are eroge now :D,, but still...

the alternative is by making Not Sexually Involved in sexual content category, but I'm not very fond of it semantically and it makes "Show sexual traits" button appears as well.Last modified on 2021-07-27 at 10:41
#2593 by beliar
2021-07-27 at 21:20
< report >I remember this question was raised a long time ago, and at the time it was decided that Not Sexually Involved should also apply to characters in "all-ages" VNs.

I am personally not against making it only apply to characters in VNs that have at least one 18+ release, however currently a large percentage of the characters that are attributed the trait come from non-ero VNs, and there are more than 3K chars with the trait, hence the only way to change the application would be to delete the trait and start anew.

This I believe would be counterproductive, as there is no huge problem with assigning the trait to "all-ages" characters. It might look strange sometimes when looking at the character traits, however it's not an error that requires a nuclear option.
#2594 by fllthdcrb
2021-07-28 at 00:58
< report >There's also the complication that quite a few characters exist in multiple VNs where some of those VNs are all-ages, and some are 18+. In such cases, the trait would still show up for them on the all-ages VNs. Unless some coding is done to specifically prevent that, of course.
#2595 by naiohoras
2021-07-28 at 02:02
< report >#2593 there are around 600 chars if we go by this link, so it's actually not that many. if mass edit script is a no, I can do it myself periodically so users won't get so many edit notifications from the changes.

alternatively, you can make Not Sexually Involved to indicate sexual content because now come to think of it, the only people who search for the trait or click that "show sexual traits" button are eroge players who wondering whether you can H the character or not. while the problems I mentioned above still persist, at least it's more make sense that way in practice.

#2594 you mean when a character's sexual traits would appear in an all-ages vn? since I don't see the problem Not Sexually Involved appear in a vn with sexual content.Last modified on 2021-07-28 at 02:39
#2596 by fllthdcrb
2021-07-28 at 04:03
< report >#2595 Well, I guess if it's classified as a sexual trait, it's not an issue in such cases, since only people who want to see those traits would end up seeing Not Sexually Involved. But as you said, it does make the "Show sexual traits" switch show up even when it shouldn't have to and nothing else would make it.

Otherwise, we run into the occasional situation where a character appears in both an all-ages VN and an 18+ VN, but is Not Sexually Involved. It's sometimes helpful to add the trait whenever there could be any doubt in the context of the 18+ VN, but as a result it will also appear in the context of the all-ages VN.

So, basically, no perfect solution that I see. Not that it's a big deal either way.Last modified on 2021-07-28 at 17:59
#2597 by naiohoras
2021-07-29 at 02:28
< report >yeah, no perfect solution, but I think it's the best for now. so if no one mind it, I'd like the trait to be set to indicate a sexual content instead.
#2598 by ninius
2021-07-29 at 13:12
< report >I don't really see the point of adding "Not Sexually Involved" on characters that don't even appear in novels that have sexual content. I've never put that trait on any character like that and never will. Historyeraser atm adding that trait on Steins;Gate characters seems so pointless lol If there's a character with that trait then it implies that the novel/s where the character appears have sexual content which S;G has none.Last modified on 2021-07-29 at 13:14
#2599 by historyeraser
2021-07-29 at 13:15
< report >I just felt like doing it. 😏Last modified on 2021-07-29 at 13:19
#2600 by ninius
2021-07-29 at 13:42
< report >Bruh. Do you get some weird satisfaction from adding useless traits to everyone? :D