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#2626 by tasukaru
2021-08-06 at 16:14
< report >That's a bummer. And "Sex with other" is kind of vague. Well, many traits and tags here are vague, It's just weird as a database website.
Unlike other porn media, Nukige is great, since they offer a lot of things that are not explored in other media. And I think it would be good if vndb, as a database can help nukige fans discovering/exploring their fetish.Last modified on 2021-08-06 at 16:17
#2627 by naiohoras
2021-08-08 at 02:53
< report >Student's Club Adviser should be renamed to Student Club Advisor to be consistent with other traits.
#2628 by barfboy
2021-08-14 at 06:47
< report >Peeing inside a girl's vagina. Is there a trait for it? Should there be? It happens in Role Player: Okayu Shimai no Nenmaku Portrait - Gurigucha Live!
One of the girls asks the protagonist to "mark her' as his by peeing inside her. So he does. Now that I think of it, it's kinda strange I've not run into this fetish much.
#2629 by vallewida
2021-08-16 at 09:34
< report >Can you add the Kichiku Megane / Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend trait? Somewhat common in BL and Otome games.
#2630 by otakuman007
2021-08-18 at 05:19
< report >Please I have suggestion regarding Fake Rape trait?
Can anyone who can edit traits, add into the sentence "It can be a dream/nightmare, fantasy, delusion, illusion, premonition etc." also mention of "arranged play" and add "Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" and "Unbeknown Rape Play" into Aliases?
Since there are also games, where for example Boyfriend put mask and "pleases" his masochistic girlfriend with what from her perspective looks like legit rape from "unknown man", only to reveal yourself later. It basically fits perfectly into "fake rape" trait, except it's not illusion or dream, but actual happening.Last modified on 2021-08-18 at 05:19
#2631 by vallewida
2021-08-18 at 06:56
< report >"Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" is not roleplay, it's rape. If one party is not aware or has contented to the sexual act, then it's rape, even if it's their significant other.
#2632 by otakuman007
2021-08-18 at 10:04
< report >vallewida: While you are technically right, feeling is not exactly same. Because there are still slight differences that differentiate that from actual rape. First, side that is doing assault, is doing that because they want to please "victim", not for sexually selfish or violent reasons. Second, once "victim" learns truth, they usually start more or less feel positive about whole experience and there is no long term trauma or angst against "assaulter". At most, they get temporary mad, in some cases. And sometime even that doesn't happen. For example in that particular scene, which I mentioned above, girl just ends telling her boyfriend "Just tell me next time", and that's all. Overall then, scene really feels like just "extreme rape play" and only what connect it to actual crime is genuine feeling of "victim", before they learn truth. It's more emotional thing if anything else.
Of course, you can say, that rape is rape and you will be technically right, and sometimes boundaries are really minimal. But key thing is, that after finishing reading such scene, you as reader simply doesn't feel like any crime really happened in scene.
#2633 by ninius
2021-08-18 at 11:49
< report >Murder-Suicide should have Suicide as parent trait.
#2634 by hector
2021-08-20 at 00:00
< report >I would like to make an appeal for approval on an existing but inactive trait. No doubt it is one of the most significant of all Armor traits still being left out.

Breastplate - Regarding its reason for denial, this trait can still be enabled if it’s agreeable that breastplates can also be made of other materials (leather, bone, wood, etc.) instead of metal plates. Therefore, is not inherently tied to, nor can it be substituted by the Plate Armor trait. This could explain why traits like Gauntlet, Helmet, Greave, Tassets, Armored Bra, etc. are not child traits under Plate Armor either.

Bracer also isn’t only used for plate-metal vambraces, but also the kind used in archery, which can be made of leather, wood, stone, plastic, etc. (Note that this broader use isn’t reflected under Bracer’s current description and needs fixing if it is really intended for this purpose)

If this trait tag is approvable then I would suggest that “Cuirass” be added as one of its aliases.

On a side note, I also realized after writing this post that this trait has been similarly appealed on in the past -- t3314.1333 & t3314.1766 by user u110582 but appears to have been missed or forgotten. A definite conclusion to settle the matter this time would be appreciated.
#2635 by ezezin
2021-08-20 at 03:00
< report >#2628 Dunno, Urination Fetish and Urination Fetish were rejected before.

#2629 When I searched for Kichiku Megane I got results of a visual novel, and when I searched for Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend it gave me a TV tropes term not widely used between BL fans (I'm not saying that it isn't common, just saying that as a descriptive term it seems to be used by only two or three websites)
Even if it were, I don't think it's necessary a trait for that when we have others that already covers its use, like Glasses, Cruel and Cold-hearted.

#2632 Please no. Rape is rape, no mater its violence (or lack of it), participants or relationships, there shouldn't be any double standards here.

#2634 I agree with its inclusion.
#2636 by skorpiondeath
2021-08-21 at 12:47
< report >ok approved breastplate and sailor, fixed #2633, #2627

@barfboy: pissing inside a girl is not covered, and honestly I am not sure we need it since it seems overly specific.

@ezezin: Urination Fetish and Urination Fetish where rejected after the new Pissing on Others, Pissing and Piss Drinking were proposed and not vice versa, they were denied because they were too generic and more specific traits were added, but there was a time when those were the traits to use.
I approved sailor, the thread you linked was about differentiate sailor suit from sailor suit school uniforms and wasn't about Sailor as a role.

@otakuman007: I dont' know man, the sex scene you are depicting just starts from a point of being "rape roleplay" since both partecipants agree on it and than later just becomes rape while at the same time ending by the victim accepting getting raped.
I mean accepting the fact of being raped doesn't imply that rape never happened, while fake rape is just about a rape scene that felt real but never happened in reality.
Also "Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" just seems more about a trait where one of the partecipant doesn't know that they are roleplaying rape, while in your example seems the exact opposite they were roleplaying rape and suddenly it just became normal rape.Last modified on 2021-08-21 at 12:48
#2637 by ezezin
2021-08-21 at 13:41
< report >Weird, I don't know how I reached to that conclusion about the sailor thing.

About #2628, a possible solution I see is to change the initial description of Pissing from "Another character pees on this character in a sex scene" to "This character is being peed in a sex scene." (or "being urinated", or something like that) so that trait can be used for internal and external pissing, but I don't know if it's worth the change for those specific cases.Last modified on 2021-08-21 at 13:46
#2638 by barfboy
2021-08-22 at 15:50
< report >What do you call those really elaborate crown/headdress things with beeds and tassels and stuff draping off it that some eastern religious women wear? I don't know how to better describe it. I ran across one in a game just now but it's 2/3s cutoff so posting it here won't help.
#2639 by barfboy
2021-08-24 at 20:24
< report >So, instead of Pretend Wedding can Illegal Wedding be approved instead?
People have literally gone to prison for participating in a 'Pretend wedding'.

There are serious legal consequences to 'pretend weddings' such as bigamy, incest, or an underage bride. People have gone to prison for getting married unlawfully.
#2640 by mrkew
2021-08-24 at 21:49
< report >What? Did you read the description I put up for the trait? It's not an actual wedding. It's not intended to be an actual wedding. Explain how in Shukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni or Qualia ~Yakusoku no Kiseki~ or Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka? Ecchi no Junbi mo Mada Desu ka? or Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. or Shirotsume Yubiwa ~Yotsugo no Hanayome: Ore, Zen'in Erabimashita~ the characters commit a crime just by holding a fake ceremony. Just buy or rent a dress and maybe rings, have someone roleplay the priest, hold a small party at home and exchange vows+kiss. There's nothing illegal about the wedding. The participants don't intend it to be an actual wedding. The "bride" can have wedding dress+veil traits on her without actually getting the wife trait.
EDIT: Looked at your link and it's talking about divorce. Really? That's what you link? People who roleplay a wedding have enough IQ to know they are not elligible for a divorce. At least outside of America.Last modified on 2021-08-24 at 21:51
#2641 by otakuman007
2021-08-24 at 22:22
< report >@skorpiondeath:
sex scene you are depicting just starts from a point of being "rape roleplay" since both partecipants agree on it and than later just becomes rape while at the same time ending by the victim accepting getting raped.

I really don't understand how you got into complete opposite of what I was saying.

"Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" just seems more about a trait where one of the partecipant doesn't know that they are roleplaying rape

But THAT's exactly what I was describing.
Scene starts with "victim" having no idea, that they are part of mere "rape roleplay" so at that point they believe that they are actually being raped. But then truth gets revealed, and "victim", in one way or other, actually ends being pleased by experience. Of course, there may be brief moment of "victim" being mad on person who played "attacker". But overall after scene ends, you have clear feeling that no crime happened. Just strong fetishist stuff.
Just like in regular "fake rape" tag, just it was actual "fake" happening instead of mere dream.Last modified on 2021-08-24 at 22:25
#2642 by ezezin
2021-08-24 at 22:42
< report >(heavy spoilers, I'm describing one the endings of Chrono Clock) #2640 Ohhh, you mean something like in Chrono Clock, where Dorothy Davenport had nearly only 3 years left of life, so at the end she and the protagonist had a fake ceremony since both where underage, but they also wanted the heroine to participate in a wedding ceremony before her death (or something like that if I remember correctly).
I clearly remember that was a fake wedding, but I don't think it was illegal; they even were regarded as the "official couple of the school".
Last modified on 2021-08-24 at 22:43
#2643 by skorpiondeath
2021-08-24 at 23:43
< report >
I really don't understand how you got into complete opposite of what I was saying.
Don't know maybe I was reading fast... (tbh I also double checked but oh well)

Just strong fetishist stuff
Yes like other "unbeknown" traits are about, but with a little difference, the fact that revealing the truth is not really required for the other traits.
Check Unbeknown Incest and Unbeknown Infidelity in both of those traits what matter is just that the reader through the eyes of one of the character knows that infidelity or incest is occuring while the other character it's in the dark. If the truth doesn't get revelead it will play out for as a normal sexual scene from the victim perspective.
In your proposal the "victim" going through Unbeknown Rape Roleplay will just experience rape if truth doesn't get revelead, so revealing the truth is not mandatory for the trait to work.
But I got know what you mean, is different from normal Rape Roleplay from start to finish and it's different from normal rape. Also don't forget that there are lot of VN with comedy rape that usually gets perceived by the reader in a lighter and softer light than normal rape, but we make it count as rape, since its basically based on the first stages of non consensuality by the "victim".
So "Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" just starts as rape and ends into a roleplay rape which obviosuly imply acceptance from the victim. The thing that I don't like that stops me from adding it to Fake Rape alias is the fact the fake rape is related to "dream/nightmare, fantasy, delusion, illusion, premonition" and thus rape never really happened in reality from start to finish. I mean daydreaming of haveing sex with your son doesn't make it feel like real incest, like dreaming of having sex with another woman doesn't count as infidelity.
In "Unbeknown Rape Roleplay" there is a stage where rape happens in reality since the roleplay gets revelead much later during the sexual act. And even acceptance from the victim doesn't stop it from being it kinda rapish even if I get the difference perceived by the reader wich makes it fall in a different "fetish" spectrum.
That said probably the best course of action would be at least to make it's own separate trait and clarify in the description how the trait is meant to be used.Last modified on 2021-08-24 at 23:48
#2644 by otakuman007
2021-08-25 at 00:11
< report >@skorpiondeath: Well, if you want it as separate trait, then fine be me.
#2645 by mrkew
2021-08-25 at 00:16
< report >#2642 Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I've seen it happen in maybe 10% of the VNs I've read. Something that's not completely serious, done just for the feelings, you know.
#2646 by barfboy
2021-08-25 at 02:08
< report >I'm sorry mrkew, the problem is that because of Covid-19 people are getting arrested for ATTENDING weddings so if you look up 'illegal wedding' you don't get the old legal page you used to get and instead hundreds of unrelated pages about covid.

If I take a few minutes I may be able to find a better link, I was just trying to point out that illegal weddings are a thing. Because I live in Utah there are people arrested for polygamy from time to time, here's the most famous one

So illegal weddings certainly is a thing. Here's a page about invalid marriages
and illegal ones

We had a guy a few years back that married a 14 year old girl, which is legal in Utah but it was his third wife, which is illegal so they arrested him. He claimed it was simply a 'pretend wedding' but they threw him in prison anyway. Weddings are a very serious thing here in Utah.
#2647 by mrkew
2021-08-25 at 02:44
< report >Illegal weddings are not a thing in VNs. You read them. You should know that. Pretend weddings, however, are fairly common as far as tropes go, due to the average age of the cast. If there's no timeskip, you'll get a pretend wedding. If she's an imouto, you get a pretend wedding. Just the small thing to make her and the reader happy.Last modified on 2021-08-25 at 02:45
#2648 by barfboy
2021-08-25 at 04:58
< report >I kinda feel like in many cases they bring up the fact that they can't get married so they have a ceremony anyway and it does come up in games like
Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou
That the characters are engaged in illegal (polygamist) weddings and the character Kiryuu Hayato marries Kiryuu Shizue knowing damn well that they're committing a crime. The dialog between characters 'we can't get married but let's do it anyway' is extremely common. I see illegal weddings as people engaging in a wedding ceremony, knowing full well that what they're doing is illegal, and doing it anyway damn the consequences. That's why I'm championing for it. This of course is completely different from characters like Shortcake who marries her brother Unnamed but it's never brought up. Their father even gives her away. Illegal? Probably not.

If I can't convince you, fine, but I feel 'pretend wedding' is the equivalent of a couple kids playing house. Not something people engage in because they believe society and the law is wrong.Last modified on 2021-08-25 at 04:59
#2649 by mrkew
2021-08-25 at 12:59
< report >
but I feel 'pretend wedding' is the equivalent of a couple kids playing house. Not something people engage in because they believe society and the law is wrong.
Because that is exactly what they're doing.
#2650 by ezezin
2021-08-31 at 00:43
< report >Can Mobile Phone have "smartphone" as an alias?