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#1226 by sakurakoi
2017-10-11 at 03:50
People wanting to play a game with students don't go for specific year levels... Probably?
No, especially for highschool, stories differ significantly for freshman, juniors and seniors and many folks would search for that (in contrary to lots of mundane item and clothing traits which by no means are a detriment but how would a specified school year be?). Needless to say, you can not search for character descriptions.

And yes, for highschool settings, which seem to make up 90% of the school settings (well, close to at least, there are ~13k highschool students and ~1,7k other), the grade for the protagonists at least as well as major characters are specified in more than 90% of the time (with it being less often specified in short and amateur works, not that I can prove that since after all, there is no trait).

I will not implement large changes without hearing from warfoki or takata first.
They are still "alive"? Pretty sure that yorhel would be a better bet but welp...

Brown isn't really a dark red btw, and claret is more like a reddish purple or magenta as compared to violet being a blueish purple.
Brown is closer to Red than Yellow and Claret is also closer to Red than Purple/Violet. Folks can already see anyway which color is the most dominant (from the few one can choose from) and which tint one merely has. All that really needs to be changed from my suggestion really would be to change

"I.e Dark Red is Brown or Claret"
"I.e Dark Red may be Brown or Claret"

since Dark Red may have no other tint/Green and Blue have about if not the same value.

By the by... a color wheel would be also neat which visually specifies the ranges.
#1227 by tapestree
2017-10-11 at 07:23
@1225 nutellafan That all sounds great to me.
#1228 by infernoplex
2017-10-15 at 23:36
How do you call this hairstyle? Sometimes, these ribbon hair ties are used just as an accessory but in this case, I do see a form of a hairstyle. I am kind of gravitating towards saying that it's a special ponytail kind of hairstyle but it doesn't look exactly like that, I am having trouble deciphering it. When looked from the front-view, it's not even noticeable, it blends in so well that it's hard to tell she ever had any kind of tail behind.

Any thoughts?
#1229 by dk382
2017-10-15 at 23:43
It's not really that special. It's just a ponytail. Some ponytails fan out and are wide like that. See also Inamura Rio
#1230 by infernoplex
2017-10-16 at 00:09
#1229 @Decay - Ah, thanks for the input, yeah, that heroine from Dracu-Riot! also has that fan out wide style of ponytail :) ... I just wasn't sure whether it can be called a ponytail when it's in that fan wide form, I thought maybe it's not considered a true ponytail when it looks like that.

Thanks for the clarification :) ...
#1231 by sakurakoi
2017-10-16 at 09:55
Now I'd also like some thoughts on two sets of traits I think should be added: Interrogation and Training (Sexual), both engage in and subject of. This is primarily to set Interrogation apart from Torture, of which the latter is not applied to sexual interrogation and perfectly legal police interrogation. Meanwhile sexual training (or grooming) maybe utilized during Sexual Slavery but not necessarily (and vice versa), there is neither a trait for perpetrators nor "helping hands" (there is by the by no general Assistant trait...), the closest trait would be Criminal (Accomplice) and that'd ofc require the training to be a crime and would be lumped with all other undefined crimes or just Rape.

on a side note, regarding tails, well after all, no matter how wide or thin, twin tails are also just twin tails. Same simply applies to single tails, where it is simply differentiated between whether the hair is tied up at the back or side (and even then it is apparently called a side ponytail).

Regarding no "matter how wide or thin": I would have never guessed that Lavi Gier had a pony tail (or I forgot/missed it, I did not read too much of it for I was not compelled despite her VA being Tamiyasu Tomoe whom I quite like/find the voice very amusing)... by the by, I am pretty sure that the hair is shoulder length/medium length, not short. Just look at link
#1232 by kiru
2017-10-16 at 11:34
Tails are generally applied VERY loosely. Just look at the twin-tail trait. You will be finding some "twin tails" pretty fast, where you'll need to search them. And not because it's because the character has multiple hairstyles. It simply means that any kind of two tails count. Although I myself think that's utterly wrong, as what's considered a "twin-tail" hairstyle is fairly well defined and the trait should be used for that, but it's way too deep rooted to change it. I can imagine ponytail being similar.

As for Lavi, I don't remember anything either. May be an error, but it could also be there for a VERY short time to the point, it's easy to forget. She definitely doesn't have a ponytail in a normal way though. Kinda too short hair for that anyway.
#1233 by steamboatwillie
2017-10-16 at 20:55
Similarly with Rina, Lavi's ponytail is rather thin and would usually be overlooked when frontfacing. In cgs, a small ponytail can be seen.
#1234 by savagetiger
2017-10-19 at 07:48
Tall that 'long' at the end should say 'tall'
#1235 by nutellafan
2017-10-21 at 01:34
@#1226 sakurakoi: Ah, that is true. The vast majority of visual novels I have come across do say stuff like "2nd Year High School Student" and such. I think a year level split would be the most useful for high school students given the sheer volume, and if a split should happen, it should be "tested" there. Regarding the colour discussion... Yes, yorhel would probably be a better choice. He's more active than the two I've mentioned?

Regarding the #1231 post: OK, I see what you're saying and I agree that the two concepts should be separated. Both a Subject/Engages "Interrogation and Training (Sexual)" trait can be created as a child trait of Sexual Slavery? On a side note, I see that Pillory (BDSM) is put under the non-sexual Torture trait even though it's used a sexual trait. I'm thinking I should move this, though I'm not sure how many pillories are used in non-sexual ways in a VN?

@#1227 tapestree: No problem, I've implemented them. Let's see how we go and if even more improvements could be made if needed:

* Collar (BDSM) has been renamed Slave Collar.
* "Detachable Shirt Collar" added as an alias of "i1568"
* I've added the death game wear trait as Death Game Accessory.

@#1234 savagetiger: Thank you, I've fixed it.
#1236 by sakurakoi
2017-10-21 at 06:17
"Interrogation and Training (Sexual)"
I actually intended to separate them (hence two sets of "traits instead of "two traits") but in any event... and apart from that the Pillory (BDSM) should indeed be labeled as sexual. There are literary neigh noteworthy or rather at all, pillories featured in VNs that are non-sexual.

Now before sending the traits into the approval system and risking a subpar definition because they can not be simply changed then (need pointing-out/discussion regardless) or simple denial that clogs up some search systems (general trait search does not only show accepted by default), I prefer to suggest&discuss them here first until approval is assured:

Traits > Role > Careers > Student > Students by Grade > High School Student
1st Year High School Student

The character is in the first grade of a High School and commonly referred to as freshman during the events of the story. Freshmen commonly have to deal with forming new bonds, joining clubs and generally the new high school life. Like every time a new phase in one's life is reached, freshmen upon their high school debut may take the occasion or outright chance and subject themselves to a major image change.

Alias: Highschool Freshman

Traits > Role > Careers > Student > Students by Grade > High School Student
2nd Year High School Student

The character is in the second grade of a High School and commonly referred to as sophomores or junior during the events of the story, this is not to be confused with the american junior high school. Junior students do not have to deal with any major life changes during their year, bonds are already established, the club chosen even if it is the Going-Home Club and graduation is still far off. They merely then have freshmen with which they form a bond and take the role as their Senpai. Most commonly during the 2nd year a student is named ace, director, officer or president of their association.

American and other high school system may have an additional year, hence why sophomore and junior or maybe even neigh. VNDB is primarily based on the Japanese system and others which have 3 years. If the 3rd year is not the final year and the character is in any inbetween, this tag can be still used.

Alias: High School Junior; High School Sophomore

Traits > Role > Careers > Student > Students by Grade > High School Student
3rd Year High School Student

The character is in the third grade of a high school and commonly referred to as Senior during the events of the story. With graduation being within a year's reach, seniors have to deal with what comes thereafter, whether getting work or into a college or university and whether they want to or not. This includes preparation for serious exams at the end of the school year. Unless in some cases their previous Senpai and now Alumni visit the school, seniors are only Senpai and are in the process of handing over their positions as ace or director of their club or their position as officer or president of the student council while they prepare for graduation.

American and other high school system may have a 4th year which is the final one. VNDB is primarily based on the Japanese system and others which have 3 years. In the rare event where the character is in their final year of high school but the school system is not built around 3 years, this trait can be still applied if known.

Alias: High School Senior

Traits > Engages in > Investigation/Traits > Subject of

The character engages in/is subject of interrogation. This trait includes any lawful and police interrogation as well as any unlawful one that does not entail only torture which entails no eliciting of information. In case there is also torture, please apply the torture trait as well, if it is only torture or no intend to get information is ever shown, please only apply the torture trait. As long as any sexual torture involves interrogation, this trait does apply alongside torture.

Traits > Engages in (Sexual)/Subject of (Sexual)
Training (Sexual)

The character teaches/receives explicit sexual training or education which goes beyond what any sane Physical and Health Education Class (or also just Sex Education)would implement in their lessons. Education is done with a goal or purpose in mind which was planned beforehand and to surmount a previous limit, resulting in visible progress. Unless getting used to sexual activity/pleasure is a clear goal, it does not count. While commonly subjects of sexual slavery are often trained in that field, this is not limited to them nor are all necessarily being trained and instead just learn and gain experience while doing it.

Characters may also very well teach themselves, whether they seek "more" alone or within a group that lacks a clear separation between teachers and students. Such self-teaching still requires to break one's physical or psychological limitations. Just seeking "more" right after something was not enough does not count since the limit moved naturally already.

Alias: Sexual Education

Please tell me which I or just anyone can copy&paste and which would get approved or tell how they need to be adjusted/corrected.Last modified on 2017-10-21 at 06:17


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