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#1251 by savagetiger
2017-11-08 at 03:12
But that example vn is a definite fetishy coerced kind of feminization, not a chosen transition. You wouldn't use the word transition if it was forced by blackmail or sexual training.
Also there probably are legit EVN's out there about actual trans characters transitioning, that you don't want to mix with the same trait as a guy getting forced or brainwashed into feeling like a girl.
And the trait only applies Male to Female, not transitioning in general.
#1252 by warfoki
2017-11-08 at 03:18
I mean, the trait can be repurposed into transitioning, regardless of gender, but I'd rather not. I'm not an expert on the topic, but I'd figure that transitioning is a bit more than just a fetish, while this trait is supposed to be a sexual one. Plus feminization exist without transitioning.Last modified on 2017-11-08 at 04:08
#1253 by tapestree
2017-11-08 at 04:03
If that's what everyone thinks, I can't come up with any other way to salvage the trait. The trait description is male to female transitioning in a fetishistic context, and there's no obvious corresponding trait name (especially not "feminization"), so if nothing can be changed then there's nothing to be done about it, "it cannot be helped" as they say.

edit - just to point out one last thing, there is a Wikipedia entry for feminization and it doesn't involve "internal transformation and acceptance" (quoting both the tag's and proposed trait's description). It's purely concerned with behavior.Last modified on 2017-11-08 at 07:07
#1254 by savagetiger
2017-11-08 at 06:07
Though why is there so much trouble with this trait anyway when the corresponding tag was approved Feminization, and the Forced Cross-dressing tag also has forced feminization as an alias.Last modified on 2017-11-08 at 06:11
#1255 by tyrog
2017-11-13 at 21:23
I'd like to request Major and Captain traits under Soldier.
There are other military ranks that could be added, but these are the most important.Last modified on 2017-11-13 at 21:35
#1256 by thewayfarer
2017-11-20 at 08:05
If "Long Ears" isn't going to be registered (if it has been before) and that Pointed Ears will compensate it, then may we have it as an alias of that trait?Last modified on 2017-11-21 at 10:08
#1257 by xiticix
2017-11-21 at 06:18
Do we have a trait for eponymous characters and a tag for games including an eponymous character? IE the title of the game contains the name of a character in the game? I think that would be interesting.

I don't know if more specific subcategories like "eponymous protagonist" or "eponymous heroine" would be worthwhile.

- - -

Also would like to know if we could make a trait for the item of "basket" for those who carry them. Handbag is close but baskets are not exactly bags so its own heading under Containers would seem right.

For example link

- - -

Also simple request, please alias "kohai" for Kouhai as it is spelled that way at link (probably people who thought you could just drop the accent over O in romaji) and is kinda confusing.Last modified on 2017-11-21 at 07:24
#1258 by savagetiger
2017-11-21 at 09:11
Olive - Even though Tan is an alias the trait doesn't show up if you just type tan into the box for some reason.
And beige shouldn't be an alias, because as a skin color it is usually a lighter peach shade.

^There is no need to legitimize mis-romanizations as alias's.
#1259 by harleyquin
2017-11-22 at 07:52
Regarding Rape on Defeat, should this apply to characters who can avoid it through decision making or player skill?
#1260 by sakurakoi
2017-11-22 at 10:24
Why not Avoidable Rape for that then?
Rape on Defeat should remain for all avoidable and unavoidable rape where the character has been defeated either by the protagonist or is the protagonist which has been defeated for it is actually a kind of genre/implementation like Game Over Rape.

Not sure why the tag has been deleted... though admittedly, Game Over Rape is a specific Rape on Defeat and may not need a defeat specifically so it should not be an alias, for VNs it is rather "Bad End Netorare/Rape/Sex with others".
#1261 by warfoki
2017-11-22 at 22:26
Based on the time of its denial, it was probably me who tossed it out. I think my reasoning there was that I always considered rape on defeat as a gameplay / decision element. Either you get defeated in a gameplay section, or make a wrong choice that leads to an instant bad ending which includes rape. Since Game Over already had the "Rape Ending" alias, this seemed to be redundant. And I didn't want stuff like your typical Black Lilth nukige tagged with it, where we have a female protagonist who fight for like the first 10 minutes, gets quickly beaten down and then the rest of the VN is a rapefest with a mindbreak ending.
#1262 by harleyquin
2017-11-23 at 02:00
So the character tag should go on even if players are skilled enough/ make the right choices to finish the game without obtaining the rape scene?

Looks like all of the Kagura series heroines get the tag. Maybe I'll add them if I can be bothered.
#1263 by armony
2017-12-01 at 18:53
What's the relationship between Domestic Violence and Child Abuse? Is the latter a subcategory of the former, or are they two separate things? Description of domestic violence mentions friends and family, so I guess it's not only about abuse in romantic relationships. Also, does child abuse trait applies to characters of any age who are mistreated by their parents, or does it only applies to minors, or children under puberty?
#1264 by infernoplex
2017-12-09 at 18:27
Huh? O_O What? Just found out that this trait was denied some time ago: Engages in: Piggyback Ride.

Denied. Right now it is obvious that the currently existing trait should be used on the character who rides on someone else's shoulders. If I add this then peole would have to look up which is which and that could create mistagging.

What kind of a reasoning was this meant to be? By that logic, all traits that have their "Engages in:" and "Subject of:" equivalents should have one of them tossed out. What about "Engages in: Bridal Carry" and "Subject of: Bridal Carry" then? And what about all those sexual activities traits that have their both "Engages in:" and "Subject of:" counterparts?

For the record, I fail to see how one could mistake these if he reads carefully whether the first part of the trait activity says "Engages in:" or "Subject of:". So far, I have found that only "Subject of: Piggyback Ride" doesn't have its "Engages in:" equivalent and I fail to understand how this is a special case compared to other similiar traits?
#1265 by xiticix
2017-12-27 at 10:22
I'd like to suggest "full nelson" as a sexual position. Can see it used en-masse at link for example. Can be done either sitting or standing so it would not be a subtrait of either.

Consistent theme seems to be penetrated is facing away and the legs are pinned with the arms. I'm not sure of the thought process behind the name since it varies greatly from link
#1266 by wakaranai
2017-12-27 at 16:39
^ t3314.869

new position traits will not be accepted.
#1267 by savagetiger
2017-12-27 at 18:58
How about adding Gakuran as a separate child trait from School Uniform. A school uniform can be a lot of things, so a few child traits shouldn't hurt. Lots of people have been adding Sailor Suit to characters that wear sailor style school uniforms.
#1268 by wakaranai
2017-12-27 at 21:27
^"lots of people" doing it because it's absolutely legit given the current trait description. from the looks of it 99% of Sailor Suit applications are school uniforms, so instead of adding new trait Sailor Suit should be made a child of school uniform. and fuck those non-existant sailors characters who actually wear Sailor Suit ^_^
#1269 by leery
2017-12-28 at 07:40
and fuck those non-existant sailors characters who actually wear Sailor Suit ^_^

#1270 by wakaranai
2017-12-28 at 08:24
^ cute, but it would be relevant if you'd link actual character profiles instead of screenshot :P
#1271 by beliar
2018-01-05 at 23:20
I have a question regarding Strangulation Sex trait. Seems that its counterpart "subject of" has been deleted a long time ago for whatever reason. Does that mean that both characters engaging in strangulation sex (the one doing the strangling and the one being strangled) should be marked with this trait, or only the character being strangled?
Seems the use is not consistent in the DB, which is why I find it weird that "subject of" has been deleted, because its presence would have removed a lot of confusion and would have clarified the active and the passive partner in the activity.
#1272 by infernoplex
2018-01-06 at 09:55
#1271 @beliar - That's the same problem I pointed out earlier in this thread.
#1273 by wakaranai
2018-01-09 at 23:59
"Sorcerer" and "Sorceress" aliases should be removed from Magician since it's a child trait, Sorcerer / Sorceress.

on a side note i have no idea why these got separated, and their mumbo-jumbo descriptions are essentially the same:
Magician: "practices magic from supernatural sources"
Sorcerer / Sorceress: "exercises supernatural powers through magic"
#1274 by lunaterra
2018-01-10 at 02:07
I think I've asked this before, but why is Mini Hat a subtrait of Lolita Hairband? Their only connection is that they're both things you wear on your head.
#1275 by darkness-weaver
2018-01-21 at 18:14
Traits awaiting approval:

I decided that hair length should be more accurate, so I added Knee Length and Thigh Length. (Considering that breast sizes appear to be extremely accurate, so why not do the same with hair?)

(Originally submitted to the wrong thread. I am sorry about that.)


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