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#1376 by wakaranai
2018-08-07 at 04:52
Yet another user
had it ever occurred to you that if several different people treat your edits in a similar fashion the problem might be on your end?

I suggest the trait be written
i suggest you write how new definition should look like exactly, you shouldn't expect mods to do that for you. i already have an objection though: if you remove sidelocks from intrinsic characteristics of hime cut then what would be its difference from any other long straight haircut? blunt bangs alone are not enough in my opinion.Last modified on 2018-08-07 at 04:52
#1377 by thewayfarer
2018-08-07 at 05:47
As far as I could tell from information and pictures, the style of the hime cut *requires* the sidehair. If you just wrap the sidelocks into your back or cut them off, you have yourself a "unique" long straightened hairstyle with your ears showing whole. Just only responding to your case.

I have more details about the hime cut: The hime cut is naturally long and straightened all the way that all the locks fall perfectly straight. This applies to the back, the sides, and the front. The length of each side is questionable, though. But the sidehair would primarily obscure the ears. So they should be at least be long enough to cover them naturally. Finally, the front fringe. It seems they are primarily medium length above the eyes and covering the eyebrows. Their fringe is precisely cut across so the bang lengths are horizontally equal. That's the general structure of the hime cut. As long the hair is *all straightened* with long hair, ear-covering, and equally cut fringes, that's the whole archetype of the hime cut.

Now, what about the case with the variations of the hime cut? Generally the length of the Sidehair is irrelevant because the formerly explained must primarily apply to qualify the hairstyle as a hime cut (refer to the picture examples in the previous page). But I wonder: What could be a hime cut, in different styles, while maintaining that signature look? I found one with pigtails and one with a bob cut. Checked carefully on these variety of styles and they have something in common: The equally cut fringes. Admittedly, it can be difficult to distinguish these unique styles, but the signature style is still there: Straight hair and equal fringe cuts (blunt bangs).

I'm only explaining how hime cut should be interpreted as for better reading accessibility once it's been reviewed. Just like I was explaining again now.

Also, perhaps I should not have referred to other users back there, but the attitude is still fresh in our minds. You and I.Last modified on 2018-08-07 at 06:06
#1378 by oavatosdk
2018-08-12 at 01:27
In spirit of the change regarding "trap" game tags, I suggest that Trap be changed to "Otokonoko". There are already other character traits in romaji (such as the eye shape tags), so I don't believe it is too out of place. It's also in general more accurate to the applied usage given the nuance of otokonoko vs trap.

Alternatively "effeminate" if keeping it in English is a priority.Last modified on 2018-08-12 at 01:30
#1379 by savagetiger
2018-08-12 at 05:08
Effeminate is already a personality trait.
#1380 by kominara
2018-08-12 at 05:23
#1378 The reason that the eye shape traits are in romaji is because there isn't a proper term for them in English.

Honestly, I don't see why "trap" needs to be separate from "cross-dressing". I think that would be more constructive and compact, rather than having two traits which have so much overlap.
#1381 by krykry
2018-08-12 at 06:50
Otokonoko mainly means "boy" and is only a slang for a "trap". It's meaningless to use the romanization because you lack kanji distinction between the two.
#1382 by beliar
2018-08-12 at 11:01
Honestly, I don't see why "trap" needs to be separate from "cross-dressing". I think that would be more constructive and compact, rather than having two traits which have so much overlap.
Hear hear. After changing the tags I looked at the traits and thought: "Why the fuck do we have separate trap and reverse-tarp traits to the cross-dressing trait"? It's completely redundant. I'm even inclined to delete those two and only leave cross-dressing.
#1383 by armony
2018-08-12 at 12:19
^ Trap and Reverse-trap are primarily about character's physical characteristics, e.g. facial features, body type, etc. Trait descriptions state that dressing and acting like opposite sex is optional.Last modified on 2018-08-12 at 12:20
#1384 by minah
2018-08-12 at 17:57
Trap and Reverse-trap could be renamed Feminine Appearance and Masculine Appearance. EDIT: There's a lot of overlap with Androgynous, though.Last modified on 2018-08-12 at 18:16
#1385 by wakaranai
2018-08-12 at 18:22
i miss those days when warfoki didn't touch traits for years...
#1386 by denkianma
2018-08-14 at 05:38
I think Denki Anma should probably be an alias for FootjobLast modified on 2018-08-14 at 05:38
#1387 by marantana
2018-08-25 at 13:49
re E+ Cup
It has child traits for "H to M" and "N+", but F and G are in the aliases of E+ Cup.

This seems illogical to me. Either remove child traits from E+ altogether (all those are just udders anyway), or add F and G as child traits of E+

The most logical would seem to remove all child traits from E+, as it's bound to have a X+ somewhere down the line. N+ as child of E+ isn't preferable I think.Last modified on 2018-08-25 at 13:49
#1388 by thewayfarer
2018-08-27 at 05:43
The Soccer wikipedia link directs me to Archery...
#1389 by bobjr2000
2018-08-28 at 18:27
Denied Technical virgin. reason being

"No. just now. This trait or any of its derivatives will never be approved."

I think its bull shit I am literally building list of heroines this trait applies to and is constantly growing easily double digits. And mostly only exist in VN.

Yet have traits accepted for VN that doesn't even have 6 games attached to nor are they growing.

While imperfect definition that obviously could be improved. I think it deserves a more fair consideration than just no for ever.
#1390 by batoo
2018-09-01 at 18:49
@1389 bobjr2000
I totally approve. I also find at least 10 heroines who are virgins but who aren't totally and all for various reasons (although the main deflowered alone during masturbation). Some are even persuaded to be virgin but they aren't because they have forgotten their first experience because of amnesia (females and even some males) or other (victims of rape often refuse to attribute their first experiences to their rapist). It will be enough just to place this trait as a child of "not a virgin".

I think we should approve this trait but find a broader and more concrete definition to avoid it being too specific.Last modified on 2018-09-01 at 19:01
#1391 by savagetiger
2018-09-11 at 10:10
To go along with the tag rename subject of Sitting and engages in Sitting should be renamed to 'sitting sex'.
#1392 by leery
2018-09-11 at 10:33
Can Insightful be renamed to Astute (one of its aliases)?

The first definition that comes to my mind from the word 'insightful' is 'thoughtful' which... does not match the description.

By the way, I've been following the denial of various Virgin traits out of passing interest and I thought Technical Virgin was the best of them so far. If someone with good command of English were to rewrite that description, it'd be a worthwhile trait, I think.

(I even know one character it fits...)
#1393 by beliar
2018-09-11 at 17:57
I'm afraid, that any such or similar traits are gonna be extremely divisive. There is no single description of what constitutes a "technical virgin" (how far is too far?), hence I would like to avoid pointless edit wars. And we already have Not an Anal Virgin, which takes care of one third of the problem (leaving out toys and oral).
#1394 by thewayfarer
2018-09-11 at 21:53
I see that Multiple Legs has been approved.

Would Four-Legged that I've written in the description be made an applicable child trait since the former is a generalized name spanning multiple respective names?

(FYI, names include: Tripedal, quadruped, hexapod, etc.)
#1395 by leery
2018-09-12 at 07:37
There is no single description of what constitutes a "technical virgin" (how far is too far?)

Someone who has sexual experience but has not experienced penetration.
#1396 by bobjr2000
2018-09-12 at 19:03
That is why I would like open conversation to debate it more because it is a tag that could get some good use out of it if we can come close to unanimous decision. We have these forums to talk about it in first place. Sex is beyond more than just anal and vaginal sex.
#1397 by beliar
2018-09-12 at 19:53
Someone who has sexual experience but has not experienced penetration.
Dah, no. That statement is as useful as a broken condom in a swinger party. It says absolutely nothing about the tag and could never be used as a descriptor of any kind.

If I were to write up a "technical Virgin" tag, I would be very precise and it would look something like this:

Technical Virgin is a female, who hasn't been vaginally penetrated by a male penis, but has engaged in other sexual acts, like:
a) Non-penetrative sex (handjobs, footjobs, boobjobs and other acts that do not result in penis entering an orifice)
b) Penetrative sex that doesn't result in penis-vagina contact (blowjobs and anal sex)
c) Vaginal penetration by toys and fingers, up to and including the loss of hymen

However, even that description is inherently flawed, as it doesn't take into account gay and lesbian relationships, and I don't think there is such an advanced mind on planet Earth that can postulate the definition for a Technical Virgin, which would take those into account.

In other words, the more I think, the more clear it becomes that a Technical Virgin tag is a bad idea of monumental proportions. Hell, i don't even have to imagine edit wars, I can already see them coming the moment the tag is approved.

On the other hand, a workaround is possible. We already have a Not an Anal Virgin tag. We could be smart (or dumb) and create a few sister tags to it, like "Not an Oral Virgin" and "Not a Toy Virgin". That would basically take care of the whole damn problem in one fell swoop and no asshole would be able to misconstrue those and start edit wars...

Oh, who am I kidding?.........Last modified on 2018-09-12 at 19:54
#1398 by bobjr2000
2018-09-12 at 20:06
Now we are getting some where. If we can come from living in caves and fling shit at each other for fun to building space stations then I have confidence we will find a middle ground eventual. Just need to communicate problems in first place otherwise throwing darts blind. Like you said tag might not come into existence but possible other solutions exist.

back to the drawing board :)
#1399 by sakurakoi
2018-09-12 at 20:52
If you are really intend on noting sexual experience which is between intercourse and normal onani/being a perv, then "Sexually Experienced" could easily be either a Personality trait or belong under Role, though I'd argue that both Not a Virgin and Sexually Experienced are rather related to/affect personality (more or less) than have some role.

To make it more precise one could also add "Romantically Experienced" which goes up to (deep) kisses, hugs and basically any non-sexual skinship between lover (do not see and do not touch primary&secondary sexual organs)

We could be smart (or dumb) and create a few sister tags to it, like "Not an Oral Virgin" and "Not a Toy Virgin".
Well, they can indeed be made and simply be one of the many fetishes few many might have or just are in the mood to see. Though one does not have to be that focused on "Not an X Virgin", rather it is only relevant if it actually happens onscreen like:

(E=Engages in; S=Subject of)

S Toy Defloration
E Self Defloration
E&S Homosexual Defloration (should seriously be a trait+tag)
E&S Parent: Non-consensual Defloration/Virgin Rape (I wonder why that is not a traigt yet), Child trait: Brutal Defloration (for large/multiple insertions, organic and inorganic as well as gang rape)
S Non-human Defloration (monsters, tentacles, bestiality; possibly E as well)

this is also in so far interesting for there are sure works like the Kyouhaku Series or Toki o Kakeru Shojo ~Haka Eikyuu Rensa~ with many routes and possibilities, only those would get more than ~2 "virgin loss" tags per character (Well, maybe few got raped by the same sex but not remotely the same species, yaoi orcs banzai!). I do not think there need to be more than those 6&1/2+1 existing either...

by the by, kinda related but different, "Anal Sex with/as a Virgin" is also a fair fetish I'd approve of~
#1400 by wakaranai
2018-09-13 at 23:10

i suggest slightly change Kitsuneme description to read
The eyes of this character are closed most of the time.
instead of "are always closed." further it describes character personalities and usually when they "explode" they're drawn with their eyes open to emphasize change of mood.Last modified on 2018-09-13 at 23:11


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