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#1451 by warfoki
2018-10-07 at 17:38
Oh, you mean the sexual checkbox! My bad, I thought you wanted place tag under Subject of (Sexual) or Engages in (Sexual). I kinda forgot about the checkbox for a moment here, I'm getting tired...

In that case, yeah, the stuff listed at 1. should be checked, will fix it in a minute.

Edit: Done. On another note, I'm not quite sure what to do with Condom Sex. It's a sound idea, but I have a feeling that if I let it through with this name a lot of female characters will get tagged with it for having sex with guys wearing condoms.

My idea was to make it more generic, and change it into Protected Sex where both participants would be tagged. It would also extend to other, in VNs less common methods, like the pill.

Both then I saw that Safe sex got denied a couple months ago and the reasoning for it seems sound...Last modified on 2018-10-07 at 17:43
#1452 by minah
2018-10-07 at 18:00
I think the fact that condoms are a physical barrier, and possibly shown in the art, makes it inherently different than just some throwaway line of "oh, it's okay, I'm on the pill." So a more generic Protected Sex trait wouldn't be as useful.

However, why not just rephrase the trait description to something like "This character is involved in a sex scene where one or more participants uses a condom" to apply to everyone?
#1453 by warfoki
2018-10-07 at 18:05
Yeah, that works. It's such an obvious solution too, I dunno how I couldn't think of it... Guess I really am tired...
#1454 by kominara
2018-10-07 at 18:07
I'd like to question why the Ear-Cleaning traits were removed. Sure, it's completely ridiculous to tag every single little action, but Ear-Cleaning is already a tag. If the trait is considered too general, then why is the tag still around?
#1455 by barfboy
2018-10-07 at 18:17
I'm sad to notice Desu wa
has been removed. A person's talking patter in Japanese instantly tells you something about their character. In Japanese pop media talking patters are shorthand to the personality of the reader. In this case 'desu wa' immediately tells you that the character:

is high class or is trying to act high class.
Is overemphasizing their class status to others or
is sheltered in their class they are unaware they're self aggrandizing.

Examples include Chocolate who when you hear her say 'desu wa' you immediately understand what she thinks of herself and her relationship toward others. Or the famous Tachbana Syphinford link
#1456 by pillostorm
2018-10-07 at 20:39
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I just wonder why it's not a trait yet. Since I'm inexperienced, I'm afraid of creating it myself.
#1457 by thewayfarer
2018-10-10 at 10:18
Can 'Easygoing' and 'Mellow' be aliases of Relaxed?

Or...should it be for Carefree?

But they do seem the same.Last modified on 2018-10-10 at 10:20
#1458 by gregory
2018-10-11 at 23:41
I saw that the trait for Versatile sex was denied, so I tried to write it to fit mod's standards.

Engages in (Sexual) -> Versatile Sex Role

"This character is able to be the penetrator (top), or be penetrated (bottom), during sex. They do not have to be versatile for every other character in the visual novel, but they must visibly switch roles at least once. Only use this trait for male on male sex."

Aliases: Seke, Reversible Sex Role, Seme and Uke Role

Is this acceptable?Last modified on 2018-10-11 at 23:59
#1459 by warfoki
2018-10-12 at 00:49
Okay, so we don't have a trait for Seme or Uke to begin with. If those don't need a trait, then frankly this combination of the two doesn't either.

Then there's the issue with the name. Versatile Sex Role without context can be a boatload of things. Your definition of it is maybe like 4th or 5th thing I would think of. Yeah, the description tells what this is, but if I learned anything from dealing with tags and traits for about half a decade now, is that nobody bloody reads those. Every single tag and trait where the title alone wasn't clear got misused to hell any back, no exceptions.

So, no, this won't go through either.
#1460 by gregory
2018-10-12 at 01:12
Would it work if the trait was named "Seke" then? There's a seke protagonist tag, but it doesn't explain which character tops or bottoms for the protagonist (or even others) without browsing through thousands of character anal sex tags.

Every single main character except the seme protagonist in Hadaka Shitsuji can top or bottom the other main characters. The protagonist and two of the main characters in Beyond Eden are reversible but the rest except for one bottoms.

Like...everyone in Angel's Feather tops and bottoms each other.Last modified on 2018-10-12 at 01:23
#1461 by minah
2018-10-12 at 01:22
Filter for male characters with the traits men with men sex, engages in anal sex, and subject of anal sex. Doesn't need a separate trait.
#1462 by gregory
2018-10-12 at 01:31
>filtering through 4 different traits looking for one specific thing
#1463 by minah
2018-10-12 at 01:39
Filtering through traits that are very likely to be applied correctly and when relevant versus adding a new trait that may be misused and will likely be forgotten a lot of the time anyway because it's already covered by other traits.
#1464 by gregory
2018-10-12 at 12:32
According to the Monster Girl Wiki, aliases for the Mandagora trait are Alraune and Mandrake.
#1465 by namingmegently
2018-10-12 at 18:48
Live Prepared Food:
This trait does NOT apply to living animals/people.
Actually there might have been a better way of phrasing that. Something like: "Don't apply this to characters for the sole reason being that they're treated as prey."

Reptile: I think we could use a reptile trait for the very reason it was denied: because we only have a snake trait for reptiles. There are some reptile characters I spotted in Non-human purgatory who aren't snakes but aren't enough of a particular reptilian kind to warrant having their own sub-group under reptile.
#1466 by savagetiger
2018-10-13 at 05:33
Discipline Committee Leader needs Morals Committee President/Leader and 風紀委員長 as alias' to match up with the Member trait.
#1467 by thewayfarer
2018-10-13 at 07:12
I'm with namingmegently on this. Generally, "Reptile" is the general classification of scaly animals. Such animals include Snakes as aforementioned and Lizards. I do not see the reason it has to be rejected; It doesn't hurt to use the generalized name as a sole trait in the Animal meta trait since "Lizardfolk" is a thing. I know the number of "snakes" in the database are in rare numbers, but Non-human on its own is inflating and nobody couldn't bother managing their time surfing for hidden characters other than snakes.

I tend to note characters on the way. So I may come up a few or some "Lizardmen" characters (hopefully).
#1468 by beliar
2018-10-13 at 08:57
Okay, I agree with reasoning regarding 'Reptile', so it has been undeleted.

@1466: Done
#1469 by gregory
2018-10-13 at 16:16
Can the fusion trait be undenied? The reason given was no examples, so I provided a new description and examples.

"This character is fused with something else, whether it is another person or entity, to become an entirely new entity.

Character Example, the product of the characters Dark Slime and Eristia."Last modified on 2018-10-13 at 16:17
#1470 by siliparion
2018-10-13 at 16:24
#1469 Since you're tagging Daraku Otome are the NTR related traits on Yuriy and the Succubus really fitting? Even before the player knows the exact nature of the scene Eristia isn't really "stolen".

I thought about removing them but I'm really confused about how NTR is defined on this site.
#1471 by gregory
2018-10-13 at 16:29
I tagged as NTR because Erisita is the mentor of Yuruyi and in many of the scenes she has sex with him. Since she's now having sex with someone else in front of him, it's NTR.
#1472 by beliar
2018-10-13 at 16:36
While I haven't played the game and thus cannot say if the relationship in question is NTR or not, Gregory should remember that NTR is fetishization of cheating.
If the character only has sex with other characters without the knowledge of her significant other, it's not NTR, it's Infidelity. If the significant other watches the act, is incapable of preventing the act, his girlfriend rubs his face in it and laughs at him or is literaly stolen from him it's NTR. In other words, NTR is supposed to create a mix of negative and positive emotions, which is the point, as such a mix can be incredibly arousing.
#1473 by siliparion
2018-10-13 at 16:37
Idk, the trait definition says:
A character with this trait had his/her committed romantic partner stolen from them. It doesn't matter if the "victim" in question enjoys this or not.
At this point not only they are not romantic partners but the main goal of the scenes is loosen up Eristia enough so she jumps Yuriy.

This is a very vanilla game where monster girls are completely devoted to their "husbands".
#1474 by batoo
2018-10-14 at 14:08
Hey guys, I want to create a role trait but I really don't know how to name it...

In some VN there are (sometimes) a character that serves as a "pillar" / "pawn" in order to advance the romantic relationship between two other characters.

For example, the protagonist is too indecisive and doesn't dare to confess to the heroine he loves. This heroine (who is tired of waiting for him) will use another character, for the sole purpose of making him jealous (or otherwise), to move the protagonist.

This character may be aware that he is used to advance the relationship of the other two characters but, of course, he may also be that he doesn't know.

Someone have an idea for the name of this role ?
#1475 by warfoki
2018-10-14 at 14:59
The word you are looking for if a third character intentionally helps two lovers get together (breaking through tsundere / donkan routines) is "wingman".

However this does not include the heroine trying to intentionally make the protagonist jealous by de-facto cheating on him. There's no word for that as far as Iknow. And besides, we really don't need to tag that.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 14:59


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