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#1526 by skorpiondeath
2018-11-18 at 13:26
Is it possible to add Armbinder and Breast Press amongst Sexual Devices children?

Also if possibile Gokkun trait should also be children of Engages in (Sexual) since gokkun does not necessarily imply a group of partecipants or bukkake.
Maybe adding to the description can help clarify that:

The word "gokkun" is onomatopeic, and translates roughly as the English word "gulp", the sound made by swallowing.Last modified on 2018-11-18 at 14:04
#1527 by barfboy
2018-11-19 at 07:18
So my question about Hachiroku

To you and me she is a little girl that represents a train, specifically an 8620 Steam Locomotive
She dresses in the colors of the train, she eats coal her friend Reina drinks diesel fuel. They are little girl trains.

However in the game she's a control device for the train. She doesn't haul goods, she has no physical strength of her own (despite all the coal she eats) She is simply a robot girl that has a mental connection to a locomotive which she can control. The people in the game don't see her as a train, they see her as an AI for the train.

So I'm uncertain whether she's an anthropomorphized inanimate object. To us on the outside sure, to the people in universe no. That's why I ask.
#1528 by barfboy
2018-11-22 at 01:34
The trait Naked in Front of an Audience is probably useless.

I had added it to cover ALL instances of nudity in front of others whether willing or not because exhibitionism involves exposing your breasts, your butt, your penis or vagina, or all of them and not necessarily being completely naked.

Basically a character wearing an overcoat and flashing someone is just as much an exhibitionist as a girl wearing no panties and walking up the stairs hoping to be seen and as much an exhibitionist as someone who is stark raving naked walking through a crowded shopping mall.

So I hoped to create a trait which was for total and complete nudity in front of others, minimal clothing (such as shoes or a necklace) being as much as they wear. Just skin out in the open.

This would cover such characters as
Kimishima Fuyuka

Who all really enjoy being seen naked by others while also covering characters like
Shizuki Yuri
Koori Sana
Akisaka Natsuki

Who are embarrassed at being seen naked but forced into it.

It would also NOT cover characters like
Tezuka Yayoi
Kogawa Minao
Marigold Bruette Erland

who are naked outside but nobody sees them. Which makes use of the trait Forced Public Nudity because they're in a public place (such as a park) but nobody's around while they're doing it.

Nor does it cover characters like
Kajiki Aiko
who quite enjoys being seen without panties but is otherwise publicly clothed.
nor characters like
who are partially dressed but wander around in front of crowds with their breasts exposed and simply don't care.

Because it was rewritten it's not any different from the already existing trait: Forced Public Nudity
And is therefore useless. It either needs to be deleted or rewritten.

Actually, now that I consider it, I think it works as is. Forced Public Nudity says it's for public places, while naked in front of an audience says they're naked in front of others. I think it works after all. I'll leave this post up for discussion if people want but I talked myself into it.Last modified on 2018-11-22 at 02:44
#1529 by marantana
2018-11-22 at 19:14
I get that traits are moderated and can't be edited by users for a good reason.
However, I often see minor typos/misspellings or missing pronouns or the article. Just ignore them?
Things like the missing "f" in "they often come of as rude" in Blunt...
#1530 by shining17
2018-11-22 at 19:25
^ Well, users here could always reports them on the discussion board.
#1531 by marantana
2018-11-22 at 23:11
^^ ok, will do if I find something worth changing.
#1532 by batoo
2018-11-23 at 09:50
Just a little request for advice, I'm currently playing a VN where the proagonist and his childhood friend have promised to marry one day when they were young, and childhood friend alludes to this promise in common route by saying to protag. that her feelings have not changed (late teens).

Except that here, the protagonist may have entered the route of heroines different from the childhood friend... Her reactions in the other routes are quite varied, either she is a little shocked to learn that the protagonist has a girlfriend (the Friday night before the weekend) but wishes him to be happy (majority of cases), or she moves away from the protagonist, not responding too much to his messages (like "excuse me, I was busy last night") but every time the protagonist sees her on Monday morning at school, she has "red" eyes and black circles under the eyes as if she was no longer sleeping or cried for a long time (the most "extreme" reaction is when the protagonist becomes the boyfriend of the "rival" of his childhood friend).

So my question is, is "Subject of Netorare" valid for the childhood friend or not?Last modified on 2018-11-23 at 10:02
#1533 by shining17
2018-11-23 at 14:23
^ Just my opinion, I don't think that case can be considered NTR.
#1534 by sakurakoi
2018-11-23 at 15:00
^It'd certainly be if the roles were reversed (Male/Female and Protagonist/Main Character) since "committed partner" is frequently stretched to non-lovers (family, childhood friend, best good friend)~
#1535 by bobjr2000
2018-11-23 at 17:13
personal it can vary but depends on how the partner is treating the other partners promise/relationship imo. If a childhood friend says we will marry they forget or don't give a shit then I don't think you can constitute that as a relations in terms of romance.

Example you say I love you to get laid as goal but after don't ever have sex, kiss, flirt or date or anything to hint at a romantic relationship. Just because one side may still have feelings because said I love while other doesn't wouldn't make it so. One moves on to a relationship it wouldn't be cheating.

Now if the protag was stretching person along agreeing in a serious manner but found some one better then I could see it that way.

I think main point as Saku said is commitment, how serious was the commitment and were both sides staying committed.

Kids says one day will sell their car to friend for 10 dollar. They grow up and friend comes asking for your new car no one is going to uphold that deal.
You would know better from playing game if protag remained serious and committed to promise throughout.Last modified on 2018-11-23 at 17:15
#1536 by batoo
2018-11-24 at 21:33
^ Thx guys, so I'll put her Subject of Clinical Depression only for now :)

From my player point of view, she really seemed to feel NTRed in the "Rival" Route only (they are rivals in their sport, each playing for different teams and their rivalry is quite violent and not at all friendly, I think you can easily imagine that the situation is very tense between the three characters in the rival route), so I will completely finish the rival's route first before thinking of putting the NTR trait or not (after all the game has as tag "only good endings" so I would see).

Again, thank you for your advice guys!!!!Last modified on 2018-11-24 at 21:43
#1537 by gregory
2018-11-25 at 03:40
When browsing characters, I've seen a lot with weird ear headphone...things. If I were to create a trait for them, what would they be called? Robot Ears? link
linkLast modified on 2018-11-25 at 03:41
#1538 by batoo
2018-11-25 at 10:16
Attention! Apart from the first spoiler that reveals the tittle of the game but who is still a spoiler, the others are real big spoilers (url included) that can spoil your future gaming experience if the game interests you. The following explanations are sufficient to understand my query which is in the last paragraph.

In the game Astraythem, the protagonist is the adopted son of the Sakurazuka family and his real mother is unknown. As the game progresses (it is based on the time travel), he meets a woman who helps him to return to the past. He met her again in the past, where she is her age and helps him to fit into the past (1999). We learn that she has lost her memory because of a natural disaster and it is possible to get in her route in which we learn from her adoptive father that when he adopted her (between 1999 and 1996), she was raped by unknown man/s for several years according to the conclusions of the doctors and psychologists who found her after the disaster but she did not remember anything about it. All that remained to her were her nightmares, a constant inexplicable fear and her hatred of men (that's why I wanted a trait technical virgin ^^ because she tells to protag. in her route that no matter what happened to her before her loss of memory, she offered him her virginity).

The next chapter (with an alternative version of the protagonist), he goes back further in the past (1996), before the natural disaster, and we meet a young woman with a baby (who is the protagonist) and that she abandons later.

Here, only the player knows their blood connection so I thought to ask you if you had similar examples where at least one of the characters does not know the relationship from the beginning to the end of the game to know if it would be useful to create traits like Unbetknow Mother or Unbetknow Son / Father / Daughter / ...Last modified on 2018-11-25 at 10:32
#1539 by thewayfarer
2018-11-26 at 22:46
Can we have the alias "Lipstick" be separated from Makeup as its own trait? It's quite a distinctive cosmetic makeup and I've been labeling women characters with Makeup, a very generalized trait name which is mixing up with eye highlights and facepaints within over 1000 character entries.
#1540 by batoo
2018-11-27 at 09:57
If approved, delete the contents of parentheses please: "(or of Swinging)". Thx!
#1541 by savagetiger
2018-12-04 at 02:33
Assassin should have the alias 'Hitman'.

And should Cross-dressing, Cosplay, and Kigurumi really be under disguise? I think most characters who cosplay/crossdress aren't meaning to trick someone or disguise themselves, it's just for fun or a fetish.
#1542 by hybrid-being
2018-12-06 at 00:45
Shouldn't Domestic Violence tag NOT encompass comedy violence (as a case with a Domestic Violence tag)? Comedy violence should be probably split into a separate trait. Actually, there is already a Butt Monkey trait and if character is not a Butt Monkey, is there a need to mark him as a subject of comedy violence?
Also, Child Abuse should probably be a child of Domestic Violence.
UPD: missing "is" in a description of Domestic Violence - "...character is a victim..."Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 01:20
#1543 by gregory
2018-12-06 at 02:59
What IS the reason for not adding any more sex positions? I haven't seen any explanations why.Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 03:03
#1544 by warfoki
2018-12-06 at 07:06
@Gregory: t3314.1304
#1545 by batoo
2018-12-07 at 20:28
Hey guys, the protagonist of that game has sex with his childhood friend, she gives him a handjob and he cums (normal here) but she continues to gives him a HJ and then he... Squirts.
Exactly like a female ejaculation...

#1546 by steamboatwillie
2018-12-07 at 23:53
Looks like Peeing honestly
#1547 by warfoki
2018-12-08 at 00:45
I know how not to tag it: don't you dare to tag it as Female Ejaculation.

Also, on the side, VNDB entries automatically link themselves if you just type in their ID, you don't need to manually link them.

i1113 and v20491

Female Ejaculation and Sakura Hitohira Koi MoyouLast modified on 2018-12-08 at 00:47
#1548 by batoo
2018-12-08 at 13:32
#1546 That's NOT Peeing, it is said by the characters, he actually squirts like a woman. Here is the CG where he squirts, there is not the text but you can see clearly that it's not pee.

#1547 I know it's not and that it can't be tag as Female Ejaculation since as it's say in the name and in the desc., it's a trait for female ONLY, hence my call for help lol
Also thx for the tip, that's pretty cool ;)
#1549 by sakurakoi
2018-12-08 at 13:37
^Obviously he or rather they are a rare (one of a kind) variant of Futanari~
#1550 by bobjr2000
2018-12-08 at 17:15
Don't really have to tag that extra action but I would say its peeing. Healthy pee is light yellow some times just clear if been drinking mostly water. Never had succession like pic but have had to pee after deed was done.


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