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#1601 by batoo
2018-12-12 at 12:24
I recently finished a game and I've put to Hatsushiba Chitose the trait Baby Complex. To be honest, I put it because I did not know how to really retransmit her personality so I'll tell you how she is and if the trait can be valid in her case:

She is an orphan who lost her parents very young because they were sick and she was adopted by her uncle and aunt. Her parents decided to record several video sequences in the past and every year, one of these videos is unlocked for Chitose to watch the day of her birthday. In one of those, Chitose learns that her parents have fallen in love with each other in high school.

Her parents miss her terribly. Chitose then decides to try to understand what has united her parents: love.

She studies via books and movies to learn more about love. Except that here she meets the protagonist Nishina Haruta. Over time, she falls in love with him and in her route everything happens.

We quickly learn that her most cherished desire is to build a family with Haruta and she often tells him that she would like to have her baby (as soon as they have a good financial situation). She is very romantic (even from a sexual point of view) and very "maternal", so we quickly understand that her desire is to have a family with the protagonist and that her ultimate goal in life will be to make them happy.

By these explanations, do you think that the trait baby complex is valid? Do I have to add others? How to best relay her personality (I remember having already seen characters like her in Nama Love)?
#1602 by armony
2018-12-12 at 13:08
Can Elopement be used to describe a couple who runs away to be together, *without* the intention of getting married?
#1603 by sakurakoi
2018-12-12 at 13:37
^This is the first time actually I heard about Elopement meaning automatically marriage... I quite often saw/heard it in context of merely lovers running away together with no blatant intention to marry right away or any at all (since Yuri~). I personally like to "rely" on the literal meaning more so than on the colloquial one.

The trait is kinda deceptive in that regard since it only quotes the colloquial usage (as often used) and not the original meaning which is more along the lines of a couple simply running away together.

By these explanations, do you think that the trait baby complex is valid?
It's a very borderline case I think, while an intense wish for a baby, it is rather an intense wish to have a family which is slightly different. It's not as much as having the protagonist's baby but founding and having a family with him. Kinda curious by the by that she ain't trait'd as Deredere.

I'd suppose it is better to add Baby Complex to her and note it in the trait that a heroine also may plan to found a family way too soon and with absolute certainty, sooner and more so than what would be deemed normal.
#1604 by batoo
2018-12-12 at 14:25
#1602 You can use Elopement for a couple who run away to be together. Marriage is just one of the multiple reasons for explaining why they eloped.

#1603 Thx sakurakoi :3

Also, I take this opportunity to share a small explanation/request for advice that someone asked me about the traits relating to "hierarchical school relations" by taking as example High School Student (1st to 3rd grade), it can be useful for someone else after all:

-> Senpai : For 3rd grader & 2nd grader students, can be applied to every students regardless of which high school he belongs to.

-> Kouhai : For 1st grader & 2nd grader students, can be applied to every students regardless of which high school he belongs to.

-> Schoolmate : Apply to students sharing the same school when one of the characters is from a school different from most other characters.

-> Classmate : To apply to characters who are in the same class and not to those in the same grade.

Of course, afterwards you have to adapt if a middle school character participates in the story, doing 1st grade high school also Senpai.

Hoping it helps other people ^^

Edit (thx Wakaranai): Here it is in the case where the protagonist is a second year and the example is based on the school universe only, but it is true that Senpai and Kouhai concerns other frames other than that which is school like sport, work, ...Last modified on 2018-12-12 at 17:58
#1605 by wakaranai
2018-12-12 at 17:36
regardless of which high school he belongs to.
no, for senpai/kouhai dynamic to work it requires subjects to belong to the same organization, and it's not limited to schools (that part is misleading in VNDB description). co-workers in the lowest tier also are senpai/kouhai to each other depending on their work experience.

also, you can't apply "senpai" just because character is a 3rd grader, story must have corresponding character towards whom that particular 3rd grader is a senpai.
#1606 by batoo
2018-12-13 at 07:39
Btw, Pregnancy (by other) --> Illegitimate Pregnancy : This character gets pregnant with someone who isn't their legitimate partner (such as their husband or boyfriend) of their own free will or outside an official relationship.

If the pregnancy is not desired by the character but absolutely forced by another, use Forced Pregnancy.


Another example for Damaged Hymen : Senju Shizuka x)Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 10:25
#1607 by barfboy
2018-12-13 at 15:27
I realize we actually DO need a half-human trait. Even if you think it's too broad no other option will do.

The reason why is simple.
Kukuri the Delviroot

Humans are often considered lesser beings. Elves look down on them, angels look down on them, deities look down on them, even demons look down on them. Kukuri isn't half human even though she's half succubus because her other half is vampire. A trait which shows 'half succubus' (or half demon) doesn't tell you anything about whether or not Kukuri is half human (she's not). It simply won't work not to have a half human trait.
#1608 by traumatizer
2018-12-13 at 17:12
Nipple Teasing not marked as sexual content.
#1609 by warfoki
2018-12-13 at 18:31
@1607: But, she has no human part, so even if we'd have the trait, she shouldn't be tagged. If anything, this is a reason AGAINST having the trait, and FOR having the structure I outlined, as then we can have half-succubus and half-vampire both on her, providing a lot more precise description than half-human.
#1610 by barfboy
2018-12-13 at 19:28
I'm sorry, I'm not explaining it well. Here's the problem. Kukuri would receive, half Succubus (should such a trait exist) or half demon (if such a trait exists instead) and half vampire as her traits.

While Karen Uruputasu
Akane Acrave Stain
Receive instead 'half human' traits (because that's what they are).
and half deity and half extraterrestrial taits respectively

Otherwise you would need a
Half Succubus (but not half human) trait
and a separate Half Succubus (and half human) trait

Do you see the problem?Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 19:30
#1611 by batoo
2018-12-13 at 19:37
#1607 What Warfoki is trying to explain to you in #1609 is that it might be quite complex to add a "half-breed" role where you'd put all the traits "half-thing". Especially that more than 90% of the inter-species hybridizations that there are in the VNs are of the genus: half-humans, half-something else.

We can't create a trait that would apply to 90% of the characters who are in this database, it would be redundant and it would lose its usefulness.

The simplest and best thing you can do is to create the child traits half-vampire and half-succubus, I'm sure the moderators will accept them fast enough so that you can apply them before next Monday to Kukuri the Delviroot.

Edit : Written before seeing your previous post.Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 19:43
#1612 by barfboy
2018-12-13 at 19:42
So we just leave it blank in cases where a person is half human with the half human being the default assumed?

I think I have a solution.

How about a Half Blood or Half Breed meta trait that you can't add to. Under that heading it says 'humans are most common and therefore assumed in any case where another half breed trait is not present' and THEN we add under that umbrella

Half Demon
Half Deity
Half Extraterrestrial
Half Elf (which already exists)
and we go from there. Would that be a solution?
#1613 by batoo
2018-12-13 at 19:52
#1612 For now, just create the two traits that interest you. The thing about "Half-Blood" or "Half-Breed" meta trait, it's up to the moderators to see for your solution (even if I agree with you on the form).

That's right, you've understood everything about the half-human thing, if a character has a single trait saying (for example) half-elf and no other traits like this, it means by default that he is half-human/half-elf. On the other hand if you have half-elf and half-succubus, the account is there because you have both specify :)
#1614 by barfboy
2018-12-13 at 20:01
Sir, I like it.
#1615 by batoo
2018-12-14 at 14:25
I notice that the trait Sexual Dysfunction is 100% masculine when it is supposed to cover both sexes...

Do you think it would be useful to create a child trait of Sexual Dysfunction like "Sexually Insensitive" or "Sexually Hard to Satisfy" to describe characters who have difficulties to cum for various reasons (it would involve more woman, there is a lot of eroges where the girl doesn't cum at every time she had sex, either because of the poor performance of her partner or because she's less sensitive than others)?

I've three examples of characters in that situation : Asakura Makoto, Takazawa Miaya and Azuma Marina but I admit that their case can be confused with nymphomania, which is something very different.

That's why I would like to make a trait of this kind because for these three examples, these girls are not nymphomaniacs (the typical nympho : Narukawa Ran) but sexually dissatisfied or hard to satisfy (Marina is the best example, especially once the last game is over where we understand everything).

What do you think (especially moderators)?Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 14:47
#1616 by warfoki
2018-12-14 at 15:41
@1612: Yeah, that was basically the idea, but I guess I shouldn't name it half-human, just half breed, like you suggest. And yeah, Batoo is right, having traits that are too common is useless, so if something is relevant, say 90% of the cases, then tagging the exceptions is a better idea. For example for your case, tag half-succubus and half-vampire. Now, it might make sense to make a trait for half-breeds that have no human part for better searchability, but I have no idea what to name that right now. Feel free to come up with something in that regard.


This trait isn't limited to the gender of the character.

So, no, don't make separate trait. If anything, we can modify the description and add an alias to include sexual frigidity. I mean, the trait is not all that used anyway, making the exact same trait just for female characters seems utterly wasteful.Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 15:41
#1617 by batoo
2018-12-14 at 20:34
^ Ok let's do that :)
#1618 by wakaranai
2018-12-14 at 21:05
@1616 should Infertility be a child trait of Sexual Dysfunction then?
#1619 by batoo
2018-12-14 at 21:55
^ It's true that it's not stupid, after all it's a bit the same "logic".

Btw is there a trait to designate people who are not recognized as members of the opposite sex by the others (like for Kajiya Ayano, Oikawa Tasuku or Tachimori Saki)?

Edit : Err... Stupid thing to ask but... The traits Demigod & Half Deity are the same no?Last modified on 2018-12-14 at 22:00
#1620 by wakaranai
2018-12-14 at 22:18
who's approving all these traits? these two are almost the same, and we could happily live without half the crap i'm seeing in the recent traits feed. some tagmods seem to be overly enthusiastic.
#1621 by beliar
2018-12-14 at 22:47
Indeed, I think Demigod should be an alias to Half Deity, or vice versa. Warfoki, why have you approved two so similar traits? I thought I was bad about checking the traits/tags for potential duplicates before approving them...
#1622 by warfoki
2018-12-14 at 22:59
Well, Demigod had no actual definition, just a Wikipedia link. And according to that, the word demigod is used to describe lesser deities, mortals of great power and so forth, not just literal half gods. But seeing that Demigod has only a single use, I think it's safe to just use the two as the same, so yeah, I'll delete Half Deity.
#1623 by barfboy
2018-12-15 at 16:26
A demigod is not a half god. A demigod is a demigod. Either someone who has been gifted divine powers or a half mortal half god. It would be inappropriate to call a half mortal half god a demigod if they have no divine powers. Demigod also is a half mortal.

Narukawa Hayato
Are in no way shape or form demigods despite being half god. If you wish to eliminate one eliminate demigod and keep half god.Last modified on 2018-12-15 at 16:28
#1624 by batoo
2018-12-15 at 21:30
Can we change the desc. of Creampie Eating for adding the characters who eat/drink cum from a condom?

There are dozens of characters who do that but I'm too lazy to create a special trait for that, so broaden the definition of an already existing trait is (for my part) a better idea.Last modified on 2018-12-15 at 21:30
#1625 by traumatizer
2018-12-15 at 23:23
^Iirc Gokkun can be used for that.


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