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#1676 by warfoki
2019-05-12 at 22:28
Well, shit. I figured that I clear up the trait queue, but damn that list is intimidating. I've never seen the queue having a second page before... I suppose maybe I should do my "job" here more than like twice a year...

Edit: went through like half of the list, I got tired, I'll go through the rest tomorrow.Last modified on 2019-05-13 at 01:14
#1677 by traumatizer
2019-05-14 at 18:05
don't mind me~Last modified on 2019-05-18 at 11:22
#1678 by eacil
2019-05-14 at 21:40
I-I am sorry to tell you... it is still the wrong thread. :(
No, don't self-denigrate yourself like that! It happens to everyone to fail so many times, look, I am reporting r39010 seems to be dead. If I slip two more times in less than five minutes, you won't be alone anymore!
#1679 by eacil
2019-05-14 at 21:46
I am so sorry, I only failed twice and this one is included. I... I did my best. :(((
#1680 by lunaterra
2019-05-14 at 22:40
Poncho shouldn't have "Native American Clothes" as an alias. It doesn't even make sense, tbh. Ponchos originated with Native Americans but aren't exclusive to them, nor are ponchos a universal Native piece of clothing--most of the characters tagged with Native American don't wear them. See also link
#1681 by donkeyskin
2019-05-18 at 07:46
I just submitted the Nymph trait, although I managed to add the wikipedia link wrong, sorry...
Anyway I wanted to specify in this thread that I put nereid as an alias because it's a term that I often saw used in general for all types of nymphs.
BUT it's also true that technically Sea nymph/Nereid could be added as a child trait of Nymph.

I submitted the Nymph trait because three protagonists of The Waters Above: Prelude are sea nymphs. I was going to add the Non-human trait to them but as its description suggested, I made a new trait since I felt nymph could be a relatively common trait.
#1682 by lywzc
2019-05-25 at 06:35
The Usagimimi Heroine should be named "Usamimi Heroine" without "gi" according to link and link.
And considering Bunnygirl Heroine is a Child tag of Usagimimi Heroine but they contradict, I suggest making Usagimimi Heroine a appearance only trait.
BTW, both Inumimi Heroine and Nekomimi Heroine correctly state that it is an appearance only trait, so we can copy the description of these to fit the Usagimimi Heroine.Last modified on 2019-05-25 at 06:39
#1683 by alto
2019-05-25 at 11:47
Former Celebrity does not make much sense to me. Is it for former artists, former celebrities or former celebrity artists?

Edit, comments on a few more of the new traits:
Manipulation's first sentence should be "is manipulated by". The third sentence could be added to Manipulation to match. Might also be good to link them to each other in the description like "Apply Manipulation to the manipulated character"

Sex Involving Body Control could be a child of Manipulation. The description for it has a lot of grammar mistakes and could stand to be made gender neutral.

If it doesn't already, I think Pregnancy (by other) should default to minor spoiler.

Phasmophobia "ghost" -> "ghosts" in description and alias

Maybe "GL Fan" for an alias of Girls' Love FanLast modified on 2019-05-25 at 11:59
#1684 by warfoki
2019-05-26 at 13:15
So, to address a couple things here:

Uhh, I don't actually speak Japanese so the discussion about this in here and in t3617 is bloody confusing to me. Since I'd prefer to keep a discussion in one place, I'll address this over there.


Former Celebrity: Yeah, now that I think about it, I should REALLY rework the description there. Basically the idea is that these characters used to be (or to a degree, still are) famous in the media: singers, musicians, artists, reality TV stars, whatever. But they either faded out of the spotlight unwillingly (eg. reality TV stars once their reality show ends) or retired and no longer pursue whatever career was their claim to fame (a perfect IRL example would be Sir Sean Connery who retired in 2006, only did reprisals of his old characters like two times since then and the last time was 9 years ago, has been avoiding publicity and interviews to boot).

Manipulation - The submitter got lazy with copying the description, thanks for catching it, fixed now.

Sex Involving Body Control - Fixed. I won't put it under manipulation though, as they are different concepts.

Pregnancy (by other) - Agreed and fixed.

Phasmophobia & Girls' Love Fan - Fixed.


Alright, with that out of the way, I got a couple traits left in the queue where I'd value some input on:

Pregnancy (by other) - I've approved this, but now that I've checked it again, I realized that doing so as is was a mistake. I either have to add "Consensual" to it, or change the description so that it doesn't say that the pregnancy is the character's willful decision, because I can already see it being misused. My take: edit the description so that consensuality doesn't matter and add a note on tagging Forced Pregnancy whenever it's relvant, then make a child trait for the fully consensual variant.

Handholding - Not sure if serious or just memeing. Also not sure if we actually need this if serious, seems pointless to me...

Nudist - How is this any different from its parent trait, Naked in any real capacity?

Sex With Insects - I'll remove the "no monsters" part, both from this and the tag, since after going through the tagged VNs I literally cannot find any where real life sized insects are involved. I'm not sure how would that even work logistically... The only question is, do you think we need a child tag / trait for real-life, actual insects? I really don't, but maybe I'm just ignorant like that...

Pedophile, Otouto Complex & Imouto Complex - *sigh* I admittedly left this in the queue last time hoping that one of my collegues here will bite the bullet and deal with these. We had several LONG discussions over adding traits like these in the past, pretty much ended without a conclusive agreement and so I just decided that it's more trouble than it's worth. One of the better conversations on the matter: linkLast modified on 2019-05-26 at 13:15
#1685 by sakurakoi
2019-05-26 at 15:13
Gotta love Pedophile's parent traits, Criminal and Insanity~
Seriously though, the latter two really are too vague in terms of definition. The reason why Lolicon and Shotacon are not, despite seeming so, is because one can just say in one line how one prefers a small, petite or cute female/male form to a high degree (to be classified as fetish). The traits may also be applied to Pedophiles but if ya keep it short, without the silly "all lolicons do want to bang a child" nor with exclaiming the contrary, the trait is merely applied to all those who focus on that.

Nudist is also rather similar to Exhibitionist, the difference is little, especially in VNs. So nah, no nudists.

For Sex With Insects, there might actually be plenty where the insects are no monster, Cyclet got a series at least where one should not really call them monsters but the line between monster and what is not really is vague. Remove the line about the "no monster" requirement indeed.
#1686 by minah
2019-05-26 at 18:29
Bound in Routine has an insectoid hero that I guess you could classify as a monster, but I'd probably put in the category of Monster Boy (which isn't a tag *or* trait yet? weird).
#1687 by beliar
2019-05-26 at 18:30
Pregnancy (by other) - I believe the "of their own free will" part was added to the description to differentiate between this and Forced Pregnancy. If the description is amended to remove consensuality from it, then VNs tagged with Forced Pregnancy, will always end up tagged with Pregnancy (by other) too. I personally would rename the trait to "Consensual Pregnancy (by other)" - that way we wouldn't need to create yet another child trait.

Handholding - no, just no. I have rejected "Kissing" previously, and this one is no different in its relevancy and application. You know, I'll just go and reject it.

Nudist - yes, seems completely redundant. I would remove it.

Sex With Insects - ugh, not an expert on the topic, but as far as I have seen, in the scenes where the insects are actually insects, they are usually different to the real life counterparts in some way - usually size and the penchant to squeeze into tight damp holes. Hence, they still can basically be classified as monsters. So, I agree about the removal of the "no monsters" part.


And one question directly from me. I recently encountered a VN, which has a perfect example of Netorase, but who exactly has to be given the trait? Say, the guy is selling his wife for favours. Should the husband and wife be given the trait, or is in only one of them? The description is really not clear.


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