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#1676 by warfoki
2019-05-12 at 22:28
Well, shit. I figured that I clear up the trait queue, but damn that list is intimidating. I've never seen the queue having a second page before... I suppose maybe I should do my "job" here more than like twice a year...

Edit: went through like half of the list, I got tired, I'll go through the rest tomorrow.Last modified on 2019-05-13 at 01:14
#1677 by traumatizer
2019-05-14 at 18:05
don't mind me~Last modified on 2019-05-18 at 11:22
#1678 by eacil
2019-05-14 at 21:40
I-I am sorry to tell you... it is still the wrong thread. :(
No, don't self-denigrate yourself like that! It happens to everyone to fail so many times, look, I am reporting r39010 seems to be dead. If I slip two more times in less than five minutes, you won't be alone anymore!
#1679 by eacil
2019-05-14 at 21:46
I am so sorry, I only failed twice and this one is included. I... I did my best. :(((
#1680 by lunaterra
2019-05-14 at 22:40
Poncho shouldn't have "Native American Clothes" as an alias. It doesn't even make sense, tbh. Ponchos originated with Native Americans but aren't exclusive to them, nor are ponchos a universal Native piece of clothing--most of the characters tagged with Native American don't wear them. See also link
#1681 by donkeyskin
2019-05-18 at 07:46
I just submitted the Nymph trait, although I managed to add the wikipedia link wrong, sorry...
Anyway I wanted to specify in this thread that I put nereid as an alias because it's a term that I often saw used in general for all types of nymphs.
BUT it's also true that technically Sea nymph/Nereid could be added as a child trait of Nymph.

I submitted the Nymph trait because three protagonists of The Waters Above: Prelude are sea nymphs. I was going to add the Non-human trait to them but as its description suggested, I made a new trait since I felt nymph could be a relatively common trait.


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