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#1901 by rampaa
2019-12-29 at 13:45
Is Sex with Protagonist Only only consider sex that we can see during the story or ever?
I would say in the story. We already have Not a Virgin for characters like Kohaku. The only downside I can think of is if the heroine lost her virginity to protagonist prior to the story we have no way of indicating that with the current traits. But I don't think it's Sex with Protagonist Only's job anyway. A new trait can be created for such cases if need be.

Edit: Just went ahead and proposed it: Pre-Story Virginity Lost to Protagonist
(It should have been Loss not Lost. Haste makes waste.)Last modified on 2019-12-29 at 14:01
#1902 by otakuman007
2019-12-29 at 16:27
I strongly suggest change description on:
"This character only has on-screen sex with the protagonist."
#1903 by skorpiondeath
2019-12-29 at 20:13
The problem I see in Heart Pupils is that unlike Symbol mention the temporarity of the form. Symbol is instead a normal eye feature. Heart shaped eyes instead are used to express a feeling (pleasure) they are not a standing eye form.
That said there are other feeling expressed in anime other than pleasure, like shame, anger and so on, do we really need this?Last modified on 2019-12-29 at 20:14
#1904 by beliar
2019-12-29 at 20:31
I'm in agreement with Skorpion. Heart pupils are usually shown as a comedic gesture when a character is really fond of something at a given moment. For example, a character might get heart eyes while looking at an ice cream. That is not usually a feature of a character, hence I'm pretty sure we don't need a separate trait for that.
#1905 by teawithcarina
2019-12-30 at 05:00
I'd like to propose something a set of traits I've always been surprised don't exist: half-up hairstyles.

Specifically, hairstyles where most of the hair is loose, but some of the hair at the scalp is gathered together in a small tail. As with other tails, there are multiple subtypes:

* Ponytail (e.g., Futaki Kanata, Kurata Sayuri)
* Twintails (e.g., Sasasegawa Sasami, Azuki)
* Sidetail (e.g., Aeba Seri, Daisy)

(Buns would also count, but it seems half-up buns are already a trait under Side Bun.) Edit: Nope, I was wrong, but you'll see plenty of examples of half-up buns on that small trait page anyway.

Right now, all of these are just listed under 'ponytail' or 'twintail' etc. but visually they look quite different and have different character implications - a half-up ponytail looks less severe and more elegant and feminine than a typical ponytail, and IME half-up twintails are especially associated with idols.

I'd also like a trait to distinguish 'normal' twintails from 'low' twintails - e.g. Aine, Seina Maki, Kifune Yuzu.

Again, apart from visually looking different, the hairstyle has different implications to me - low twintails are still cute, but give more of an 'ordinary girl' kind of feel. In terms of distinguishing them, you could go by whether they're above or below the curve of the head, or above or below the ear level.Last modified on 2019-12-30 at 05:03
#1906 by beliar
2019-12-30 at 20:17
A (possibly weird) question for Warfoki, but how should we apply the Sex involving Prostitution trait? Should only the participants being paid get the trait, or all participants in a scene (even the ones paying) deserve it? The description doesn't make it clear at all.
#1907 by sakurakoi
2019-12-30 at 21:33
The description doesn't make it clear at all.
Actually it is pretty much almost certainly quite very clear.

Silliness aside
This character engages in sexual scenes that involve prostitution.
Anyone who bothers to think for a sec about this will come to the conclusion that for any participant the trait is applicable, especially due to the lack of another trait (which even has no generally or niche accepted English term, just like one term for general male homosexuality.)

As evident, very few found it worth a thought or any customer worth traiting with it.

Now, if one takes a few more seconds one can also consider how unbelievable stupid and rather nonsensical that is indeed written: "engages in sexual scenes".
Just make it "The character actively participates in a sexual act which involves prostitution. Paying for, being paid for or neither being the case is irrelevant. The character can even have someone else be paying for them or only have one prostitute be part of a threesome and they
are in it for whatever other reason, all as long as they are engaging in sexual acts."
#1908 by skorpiondeath
2019-12-30 at 22:40
@sakurakoi: thanks for your "wise" explaination I wasn't applying the trait because I never found a girl called "Prostitution".
Seriousness aside.Last modified on 2019-12-30 at 22:48
#1909 by barfboy
2019-12-31 at 17:24
I'll hold off on separating Exhibitionism from Outdoor Nudity and see if anyone else is interested in a split. I might be the only one interested.

I just get frustrated looking for 'exhibitionist' games only to find a scene where the heroine is alone in the park with the protagonist and nobody watching.

As for Heart Pupils, why not use it as a Tag? I can't imagine a game that would give some heroines hearts in their eyes and not all of them.Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 07:38
#1910 by traumatizer
2020-01-01 at 11:29
Should Remarriage be used for both partners who are in the new relationship?Last modified on 2020-01-01 at 14:17
#1911 by savagetiger
2020-01-02 at 05:38
^I think only for the person who is getting married for the second time.
#1912 by beliar
2020-01-02 at 18:10
I agree with Savage.
#1913 by warfoki
2020-01-02 at 20:07

No. Like how is someone "remarrying" when he / she is getting married for the first time? That doesn't make any sense...


I'd say for both parties... but then looking through the characters its used on, it very much seems like only the partners who are being paid got this trait on them. Still, both makes sense. However, maybe we should me an Engages in (Sexual) > Prostitution trait to mark which party is being paid. I know that Prostitute exist for that purpose, but there quite a difference between a professional hooker doing their thing and some mindbroken nukige schoolgirl herione being sold out.
#1914 by beliar
2020-01-02 at 20:21
I've been applying the trait for both parties, but you are right that applying both Sex involving Prostitution and Prostitute to the party being paid does not always work. If a character is threatened/blackmailed/coerced, then the latter does not apply, as it denotes a profession. And a female partner is not always the one being paid, as a VN I recently played showcased :-)

However, I'm not sure we need yet another trait to confound the issue even further. Maybe the trait Prostitute could be renamed to Engages in (Sexual) > Prostitution. No incorrections will be introduced and it will adequately explain the situation. We will still have a High-class Prostitute trait for true professionals of the craft. Thoughts?
#1915 by warfoki
2020-01-02 at 20:53
But then we don't have a trait for actual professional hookers. Although, seeing how Prostitute has been used, perhaps it would be better to repurpose that trait into the more broad engages in Prostitution one and make a new trait for professional hookers. High-class Prostitute are for, well, high-class prostitutes, not for schoolgirls banging strangers in a love hotel or street hookers.Last modified on 2020-01-02 at 20:54
#1916 by beliar
2020-01-02 at 21:05
Dunno, man. Maybe we are simply thinking too much. If we create an "engages in Prostitution" trait, it will always get used together with "Sex Involving Prostitution". Seems like yet another duplicate trait. Maybe we simply should clarify the description of Sex involving Prostitution, so that it's clear the trait should apply to all participants. i think that might be the main reason why the trait is underused. The description is simply not clear enough that it even stumped me how it should be used.

Creating new traits is peachy and all, but if we go that way, soon we will have yet more underapplied traits that no one uses...
#1917 by beliar
2020-01-02 at 22:32
Rewrote the description of the Netorase trait. As was previously mentioned by a few users. the previous description was so bad as to be practically useless.
#1918 by warfoki
2020-01-02 at 23:01
Look, nobody is reading the descriptions. And besides, I just explained why Prostitute isn't really enough... Hmm... How about this: we have Sex involving Prostitution apply to both parties, Prostitute apply to pro prostitutes and we make a new trait: Subject of (Sexual) > Forced Prostitution to cover the unwilling cases.
#1919 by beliar
2020-01-02 at 23:10
Forced Prostitution
I'm down for it. Creating a trait, that is... Not prostitution...
#1920 by skorpiondeath
2020-01-03 at 03:20
Ok I just finished Venus Blood -Frontier-, so I started tagging the characters when I found some traits are missing, so this is what I would like to propose, any advice is welcome:

1) New "Armored Bra" to be child of Armor and Bra
2) New "Hoof/Paw Boots" similar to the existing Paw Gloves
3) New "Horse Cosplay" under Animal Cosplay
4) New "Sex with Slime" under Sex with Monsters
5) Restore Clitoris Growth after reworking the description in a way that covers just the fact that the clitoris is abnormally stretched or big, without making any reference to the growth method. Something like Grotesque Stretched Nipples, maybe a "Grotesque Stretched Clitoris" could work.
6) There are cases of human used just for breeding purposes in game series like "Venus Blood" that's a common theme, I wanted to propose something like the counterpart tag Human Cattle but then I discovered also Bred by Monsters. So probably a Engages in -> "Monster Breeding" trait could work. I actually prefer the "Monster Breeding" name instead of "Bred by Monster" which seems to imply being raised by monsters, which is not always the case.
7) There is a case of Dying Sex but sadly the character dying is some random guy while the killing character is a main character, so there's no way to tag it with something like Engages in -> "Killing Sex". Probably I can just skip this tbh.
8) There are cases of monsters used as panties, I'll probably just use Living Clothes Sex, maybe I can add some examples to it.

That's all.
#1921 by eacil
2020-01-03 at 03:22
Creating a trait, that is... Not prostitution...
TIL that women who are tricked, thinking they will find a job in another country, before being raped and beaten into submission to sell their bodies were not prostitutes. Are you for real?
Prostitution is not a profession, it's just the act of selling your body. It's a business by definition, yeah, but it includes all sort of things, like a one-time thing to pay for diapers. If you do that, you prostituted yourself, you were a prostitute at the time of the act.
If you want a trait for professionals, call it Sex Worker.Last modified on 2020-01-03 at 03:52
#1922 by beliar
2020-01-03 at 05:39
@eacil: Pretty sure you are misunderstanding my joke here -.-'
#1923 by goldgrande
2020-01-03 at 06:36
I noticed that we dont have a smell related fetish trait? I would stumble across this a few times when characters would get aroused sniffing laundry or body odor. I made one. I made a mistake on the last alias. I think I accidentally erased the "tish" from Fetish.

#1924 by eacil
2020-01-03 at 07:21
@Beliar: it took me 10 minutes to get the meaning of your sentence. ;;;;;;;;
Serious case of Rubin's vase here.

Edit: ok, now I understand why I misunderstood you and wrote what I wrote. Because of:
If a character is threatened/blackmailed/coerced, then the latter (the Prostitute trait) does not apply, as it denotes a profession.

@Goldrande: we have tag, though, if you are interested: Body Smell Fetish.Last modified on 2020-01-03 at 11:38
#1925 by barfboy
2020-01-03 at 20:13
I like 'Living Clothes Sex' because it covers cases like

This reminds me, can we get a 'Clothing Sex' trait somewhere? Someone tried 5 years ago Clothing
but it was considered too broad. There are many examples such as Akiyoshi Nekoko where a character has sex with a person's clothes (while they're wearing them) such as a girl's skirt, panties, or in Nekoko's case, thigh high stockings.

skorpion, perhaps you're looking for
LivestockLast modified on 2020-01-03 at 20:16