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#2151 by goldenpincers
2020-06-09 at 04:12
I would like to suggest a new trait, though I'm not sure under what branch it would fit.

It's about characters who are aware of supernatural phenomenon going on in the world. It would be for characters who are, by all or most standards, regular people and live in settings similar to our own, but are supernaturally aware in some way. Maybe the character can see or knows about the existence of spirits, or is aware of the existence of such things as astral projections or divinations, or something similar. Characters who are themselves spirits or astral projections or whatever are excluded. It can be magical or it can be spiritual, but the point is that they know there's a secret side of the world, HOWEVER they aren't practitioners of any supernatural activity themselves; they are simply aware of it; bystanders if you will. Or if they do anything, it's either extremely minimal or happens very late in the story.

For example, a shrine maiden who guides the spirits of the dead to the next world. Their parents and most people don't know about the spirit part, but their younger sister has been able to see the souls for several years. Here, the sister would get the trait, but not the shrine maiden as she's directly partaking in a supernatural activity. The sister would still get the trait if she once gave a candy to a spirit of a kid or something, but not if she does anything more than speak with them on rare occasion. So it's really just about the awareness or the keen sense.
Characters from VNs such as those from Key Studio would be good targets for this, and I can think of a few other cases.

Role: Aware of the Supernatural (maybe?), or Supernaturally Keen/Aware (?)

What do you think?Last modified on 2020-06-09 at 04:14
#2152 by literallolicon
2020-06-09 at 05:21
Imo, the ability to sense the existence of supernatural beings is also considered supernatural power, so it's kinda redundant.
#2153 by traumatizer
2020-06-09 at 07:25
Not sure if it got buried under other requests but I compiled a list of traits that needed fixing two pages ago.
#2154 by beliar
2020-06-09 at 15:19
Not sure if it got buried under other requests but I compiled a list of traits that needed fixing two pages ago.
Done what I could. A few broken links couldn't be waybacked, so simply got removed.

@goldenpincers: I really don't think it's needed. The trait as proposed is very broad, and would apply to pretty much any character in a Vn with even the slightest hints of magic, as the characters inevitably learn of that hidden side to the world.

@literallolicon: Not exactly what he is proposing. While the ability to see spirits would indeed be a supernatural ability in and on itself, think more broadly, as in "The person is aware of the Masquarade". Which makes the trait a bit useless, imho.
#2155 by lotuscale
2020-06-12 at 13:30
Well, I think I probably found a trait that needs minor adjustment.
Image of the third character (Saotome Momo) in Unusual Hair Ornaments was replaced so that there's no wings anymore, should that be fixed?
#2156 by beliar
2020-06-12 at 15:24
#2157 by goldenpincers
2020-06-13 at 02:56
The way I see it, characters who are initially unaware of supernatural and then suddenly learn about it and meddle with it wouldn't get the trait, because then they would be actively participating in supernatural affairs. For example, nobody from Fate/Stay Night or Angel Beats would get this trait, as they do far more than just 'sense' or 'observe' the supernatural.
A different example would be Little Busters: most characters don't know about the supernatural, but out of the ones that do, Kyousuke wouldn't get the trait as he's actively participating in the supernatural and is its source, while Masato, Kengo and Komari would get it because they are simply aware of the supernatural, of the secret of the world, and just observe.
It's just that giving characters who can sense supernatural things, and nothing more, the trait "Superhuman" kind of feels wrong.
#2158 by barfboy
2020-06-22 at 23:53
What's this kind of wrap around earring called?
#2159 by lunaterra
2020-06-23 at 00:55
Those are ear cuffs.
#2160 by fuukanou
2020-06-24 at 01:58
Does it still count as death if it's a robot or AI or something else that isn't technically alive?
#2161 by beliar
2020-06-24 at 10:13
As long as the the AI is sufficiently advanced, in other word it thinks rather than just performs complex commands, it should be considered a synthetic life form and the trait "death" would apply to it.
#2162 by gvbn
2020-06-27 at 10:00
Insightful description needs to be gender-neutral
#2163 by skorpiondeath
2020-06-27 at 12:41
@gvbn: I think that trait shuold be reworked, if someone wanna come up with a better description we can replace it altogether, being gender-neutral is not enough imo.
#2164 by naiohoras
2020-06-27 at 19:31
I always have a problem with the desc, especially that "cannot" and "anything" since... well, really, how many characters are seriously fit that very high-requiring of a description. so let me give a try

This character has a high perception of what other people do and think. They often see through of what other people is hiding, making them a dependable friend or a formidable opponent.

This might be caused by a long term of experience of observing people's act and conduct, or just simply have the talent for it which caused by their very own nature, such as having attentive care for others or merely being sly and deceitful.
feel free to improve it. I felt like we need to include "having high understanding of situations", but I'm limiting to only people's and conduct currently so it doesn't differ too far from the original desc.


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