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#26 by nyannyan
2013-03-15 at 21:08
< report >yeah someone told me to play this like 6ish years back and i literally got 5-6 minutes in and id'd it as a nukige and deleted.
#27 by samrockwell
2013-07-24 at 08:20
< report >i liked some of the yuki route but other then that lameo. final grade a 5 out of 10 i have seen worse.
#28 by skillet
2013-08-17 at 01:40
< report >This game reminds me of "Yandere" but with less of fun otherwise it's a shame to have 2 awful end for 1 good in the path Hitomi who is really adorable.
#29 by justinizhere
2013-08-17 at 04:06
< report >
Hitomi who is really adorable.

Yup, that was my biggest complaint about this...She was adorable yet so much wasted potential.
#30 by haborym
2015-02-24 at 04:06
< report >I love dark stuff, I mean I gave Saya a 10, but this game is just plain terrible. And I played the whole damn thing, All routes, all endings, and the whole thing is just ludicrous bs. Seriously, who wrote this crap? And more importantly, why can I not downvote it.Last modified on 2015-02-24 at 04:07
#31 by stratseeker
2015-04-17 at 08:58
< report >ugghhh... I am pretty sure this would have been great if it was written differently. But nope! we got this... The only parts I actually liked were Hitomi's good ending (The rest of the route was hard to sit through) and the stepmom's bloody bad ending (MWAHAHAHAHA! THAT WAS DELICIOUS!). Yuki's route was okay... except for the three-way branch. I could have liked her just fine if it wasn't for that! Honestly, I think this vn would have been dramatic gold, particularly with Hitomi, but this had to be a nukige. Disappointing. Some of the music was good at least. (I could listen to this one certain track in a rainy day, it's that soothing)
I played this a long time ago by the way and even then I thought that this could have been better.Last modified on 2015-04-17 at 09:01
#32 by elflilium
2015-04-20 at 12:57
< report >The only aspect I liked about this one was the music. The soundtrack was really good and had a few gems.
#33 by anaknivincent
2017-05-08 at 05:01
< report >the flowchart came in handy hehehe

then,i wonder why hitomi [raped by another guy in cr] then many routes and i got tired of itLast modified on 2017-05-08 at 05:03
#34 by kuroneko45
2018-11-23 at 21:37
< report >This game got a 5 since most of it was just plain bad writing. Hitomi's good ending, Yuki's route, and the step-mother's bloody ending redeemed the game enough for me to finish it. The rest of the game was just boring to me.
#35 by alphxcalibyr
2020-04-28 at 16:03
< report >Ik I'm years late. This was the first VN I ever played. When I read it as a young lad this was a bit shocking to me cuz I was new to any sexual content. The mother's bad route was one I got the first time. I ended up 100%ing the game but I didn't get the last CG in the best route cuz the game crashed after the credits...bummer. I went back to the game a few days ago to check it out...and damn it's bad. The art wasn't that great with some weird proportions here and there. The story was trash too, since the easiest route is the longest and forces some weird logic on you,'s such a tonal shift that doesn't make sense for the MC to have. Both of the mother's routes are sorta...bad. The only good route was the one with the friend, but after looking at a guide, the choices that lead to that route don't make sense which is probably why no one gets it. I think the sex scenes were okay, I like the character design and the characters too but the story definitely needed proofreading. I don't want to spoil it but Hitomi deserves better. I see how this was trying to be a dark nukige, but it wasn't that dark, it failed to deliver adequate sense to how it got dark, and in terms of being a doesn't have that much sex either, so that fails too lmao.


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