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#1 by insanityy
2012-10-21 at 18:15
I just finished the game. I've been through all the endings, or at least I thought so. When I checked the CG library, two pictures were missing. The first is the bottom right picure on the second page, en the second is the very last, bottom left picture on the seventh page.

I figured out via this website what they are. The first one is this and the last one is this.

I understand you get the last one from not opening the Loto 6 mail, although I think it opened automatically for me. But the first one.. I can't find any information on it. I'm just assuming it's related to a bad end. It's just so weird, I want to see the complete scene where it came from.

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#2 by girlplayer
2012-11-01 at 22:58
To get the First one you mentioned, you have to go to Chapter 6, in one of Okabe's attempts to Save Mayuri, you are faced with a decision (call Ruka or Mayuri). Call Ruka and you will get the CG
#3 by insanityy
2012-11-11 at 15:09
Thanks, you're awesome! I couldn't find that anywhere.
#4 by vegasvlad123
2013-06-23 at 13:59
Huh? i didnt open the lottery loto 6 twice while replaying , and still did not get the final picture.
Did i do something wrong?


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