Where I can get translation patch?

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#1 by usagi
2012-11-02 at 18:29
#2 by surferdude
2012-11-02 at 18:51
I'd like to know that too, but unfortunately this one was translated by Fun Translations, and all of their patches except the one for Words Worth seem to have disappeared from the face of the internet.
Good luck finding it. Post it here if you ever do.
#3 by usagi
2012-11-02 at 19:15
What point then to have info about translation? Just delete these entries - so not to confuse users here. Let's treat it as not translated at all. At least until someone finds the translation and proves that it is something more than internet myth.
#4 by arkady18
2012-11-02 at 19:24
I didn't even know that this game existed, but link was the official site of the translation. Anyways, VNDB's aim is to be a comprehensive database for information about visual novels. Whether a translation is still available or not it has to stay here if it was released in the past.
#5 by phlebas
2012-11-04 at 17:10
Oh, this. I exchanged e-mails with Fun Translations' producer back around when Words Worth patch was discovered, and he said he might release the other patches to the public at some point too. Though it's probably going to be just as hard to find the actual games.

According to him, they translated:
brutish mine
marionette company (chinese version)
metal princess
words worth (95/98 version)
#6 by irx
2012-11-06 at 10:18
Considering WW patch was encrypted and had to be hacked, it probably leaked from someone who bought it back in the days. Would be cool if any of the other translations are suddenly to appear, but I somehow doubt it.
#7 by pendelhaven
2014-12-07 at 04:09
bumping for patch. is it dead?

edit: sorry about the bump. it is dead.Last modified on 2014-12-07 at 04:16
#8 by redrain77
2019-05-19 at 22:27
From what I've read of the patch it isn't all that great.

They get the point across but it's not much better than a machine translation.


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