Does the English version even exists?

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#1 by warfoki
2012-11-09 at 13:39
< report >No publisher or website in the database and a quick Google search only threw the Japanese version of it at me. Does anybody know anything about the English version?Last modified on 2012-11-09 at 13:40
#2 by surferdude
2012-11-09 at 14:00
< report >A quick look through the release history revealed link
Maybe it's a rare case of dual language release, like r12578 ?
Anyway, I'm interested.
#3 by warfoki
2012-11-09 at 14:06
< report >Nope, not dual language. I mean the English version was published one year later. And it's also stated under the video you've just linked:

I've only managed to locate PC98 and Windows versions, but they're only in Japanese, so I think this English version is a rarity.
Last modified on 2012-11-09 at 14:06
#4 by enigma
2012-11-09 at 22:16
< report >No, I believe the person who put up the video was talking about the PC-98 version which was released in 1996 The game shown on the video is most likely be the Windows 95 version released in 1997 and not the date of the patch. Therefore the patch could have been out anytime after that.

Only two known people seem to have had the game at some point. The person who uploaded the video, and dfallengod from fuwanovel link They might even be the same person for all we know since they both said they no longer have the game.

Maybe this should be deleted since it's not clear when it was released. Also the fact we have no solid information on it at all.
#5 by beliar
2012-11-09 at 22:24
< report >Well, we know that it existed at some point. That is proof enough that it should be here as this is a database for all VNs. Removing this VN would be equivalent of removing lost movies from IMDB just because they are not available.

Also, my impression is that this was not a patch, but an in-house translation by r (though on the other hand the translation appears to by too good for an in-house one).
#6 by immlff
2012-11-10 at 05:54
< report >
Well, we know that it existed at some point.
That's the problem exactly.
No, we do not know if it actually existed. The youtube video alone is not enough to be sure that it existed or what it was.
#7 by surferdude
2012-11-10 at 12:38
< report >link

Just in case someone is curious.


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