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#1 by balu111c
2012-11-17 at 16:01
I am thinking about playing this vn but before that I would like to know something. I know that Makise Kurisu has her own ending but will she get together with the main protagonist in the true end too?

So I would like to know what will happen with Makise Kurisu in the true ending. Will there be any romance or something?

Please help me if you can!
#2 by logros13
2012-11-17 at 16:15
The game ends with the protag meeting beta Kurisu who seem to have some memories of him from the other time line but how much she remembers and what happens between them after they meet again we dont get to know Last modified on 2012-11-17 at 16:19
#3 by balu111c
2012-11-18 at 11:33
Thank you for your answer
#4 by usasoldiern
2012-11-18 at 14:22
According to the anime ova They do end up getting together again and kissing whether that would be considered canon or not I don't know. But, it's good enough for me.
#5 by redsoxist
2012-11-18 at 17:51
Steins;Gate is one of the few series where the anime actually lives up to (or comes as close as possible to living up to) the VN. It's just so rare for either an anime or a VN have BOTH its male and female leads (i.e. Okabe & Kurisu) be among the most compelling characters in such a medium, along with the rest of the cast being at least above average.

Anyway, if you like Kurisu (one of the most realistic & mature depictions of the tsundere personality), you're definitely going to want to stick with the true route and watch the anime & ova afterward.
#6 by xraider
2012-11-18 at 18:08
In all honesty, unless you want to see the same thing, except animated, don't really bother with the anime.

Well except the last three episodes. Those were just too awesome
#7 by bambooman
2013-01-22 at 20:09
Didn't really like the anime. It added nothing to the experience. Most of the story is about the characters sitting around and discussing stuff so there was really no need for animating it just to add movement to it.

It's a lot more rushed than the VN as well. When they are talking in the VN, it sounds like they are really having actual in-depth conversations. The anime reduces most of the dialogue with "plot talk". It's just boring exposition that is only there to get the story rolling along and nothing else.

The anime is basically just a watered down version of the VN so you're better off just reading the VN and skipping the anime altogether.
#8 by overmage
2013-01-23 at 08:19
But Mayushii looks ugly as sin in the anime and speaks too quickly :( :( :(


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