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#1 by tiglath
2012-12-03 at 15:21
After playing Kyonyuu Fantasy I moved on to this one. I decided to write a short review, so here goes.

In KF2 we basically have the exact same premise as in the first game. There is a loser protagonist (with a pun name), who somehow manages to achieve success and get a lot of girls in the process, all in medieval fantasy setting. Storyline elements, characters, situations and places are also very similar to the first game, so it feels more like a remake, not a sequel.
That in itself is not necessarily bad, but if you played KF1 you basically will know the main plot and won't be suprised by how it develops.

About the visuals:
I think they are slightly better than in the first one. Art style is different, especially how characters and CGs are drawn. I don't know if the same artist worked on both games, but if that's the case, his style changed quite a lot. CGs are not as boobs-centric, we get to see more hips, legs, feet, waists etc. and I liked that. I also noticed girls' hands look really beautiful, especially Elicia's. To anyone with female hands fetish reading this: play Elicia's route or at least get her CGs. You will be delighted.

About the music:
Some tracks are remixes, but IMO they sound better than originals. Example: Shaharu theme, my personal favourite, is a modified Shamsiel theme from the first game. I love how they transformed a playful, mischevious, impish melody with a hint of danger (perfectly resembling Shamsiel's character) into a noble, courtly and a little pompous track (which fits Shaharu's personality and role in the story).

About the characters:
I felt like they have thrown all characters from the first game into a melting pot, stirred, and formed new ones. Elicia is like Isis with a little bit of Ruseria and Gladys. Shaharu is like Gladys with Shamsiel and a pint of Isis. Zebia is like Gladys mixed with Shamsiel. The queen resembles Roxanne and Ruseria. It also applies to side characters.

Zebia is cute, but a little too strange for my taste. Also, her first scene resembles first Gladys scene, but this time it's borderline rape, wich made me cringe... Whatever . The mermaid and the queen lack development IMO and resemble typical nukige females, whose only purpose is to have sex with the protagonist. Especially Lorrelia the mermaid - I felt there was no purpose for her in the story at all. That little role she plays could have easily been fulfilled by other girls or side characters. She doesn't really have her own route or ending, which I feel is a wasted potential. I hoped to get some side story with exploring mermaid kingdom or country, just like you get to explore elven kingdom with Elicia . Sadly, that wasn't the case.
Thankfully, Shaharu and Elicia save the day. Shaharu is a proof that you can make two totally different succubi heroines and make them both awesome, keeping their nature intact. Shaharu is a mentor, skilled court politician, revered leader, warrior and a pervert - and it works perfectly together. Elicia is adorable, cute, noble, intelligent, a good person and has her own long, interesting route. She is also somewhat prude and paired with Shaharu ( she serves as Shaharu's bodyguard ), which makes their interactions hilarious.

Main ones are Archiv and Haynes (Highness? Another pun name). On the main route they are quite threatening and dangerous ( like their counterparts in the first game, they take the throne and imprison the protagonist). This part is more elaborate in KF2 than it was in KF and therefore more interesting, but because I expected it and played the first game, it wasn't as exciting. Nevertheless, I liked Haynes as a "smiling despot" and he did show some hints of intelligence, contrary to Bobon from KF. There is one thing that makes them not as good as Bernstein: they never manage to kill anyone important, which automatically makes them less appalling .

Elfenbein, the prime minister, is not really a villain, I'd compare him to general Fernzen from KF. He opposes the protagonist, but his goal is to prevent Haynes from taking the throne, which is a noble endeavor.

The best bad guys in this game are IMO elven king Ishuvain and his evil brother, Gwendolin. Like with Shaharu and Elicia, their interactions add a lot to their character. Ishuvain is cold and heartless, his only goal is to make his country grow and nothing else matters, even his own daughter . Gwendolin is power hungry and evil, he wants elven crown for himself and will do anything to get it . One more thing: Archiv and Haynes are too stupid to recognize the protagonist as a threat. Ishuvain and Gwendolin aren't.

Side characters:
They fulfill their role. They are more colorful this time, especially werewolf guardsmen - your typical "no bullshit" hardened soldiers with some hilarious interactions, especially with Zebia.

So, is KF2 better than KF? I don't think it is. Some things are done better, some are not as good. As always, it's a matter of opinion, but from me they both get 7.Last modified on 2012-12-03 at 17:52


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