Where can I find Miyako route patch?

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#101 by pillowgirl
2013-11-14 at 22:34
Man am i glad they're just gonna finish that 15% of Miyako, i would have raged otherwise if they tried to completely TL it.

Wannabes, seriously.
It almost made me snipe their project.
#102 by brave
2013-11-15 at 14:24
So did they get a partial translation from TakaJun? I didn't remember anything for Miyako being released yet, just that 85% progress was listed.
#103 by ganz
2013-11-15 at 16:39
So did they get a partial translation from TakaJun?
I don't think so.

Man am i glad they're just gonna finish that 15% of Miyako, i would have raged otherwise if they tried to completely TL it.
They plan to finish both Miyako and Agave as far as I know.
#104 by valenknight
2013-11-17 at 14:39
As far as I know theres a couple people that aren't apart of a translation group that are working on the Agave and Miyako routes. They said supposedly they will be done by the end of 2013 but it's a visual novel so who knows. But it's great to know that someone is finally working on it.
#105 by gerardlonewolf
2013-11-25 at 13:36
Apparently, they are looking for an editor and a second translator now. link

Interested Translators: The second translator role will be to assist the primary translator will tricky sentences. There “shouldn’t be too much work”, so it sounds like your role will primarily be to assist in smaller, harder fragments.
Last modified on 2013-11-25 at 13:45
#106 by justinizhere
2013-11-25 at 15:01
I'm happy enough that someone plans to finally finish it, but I hope it's not a shitty engrish translation, that would make me sad as hell.
#107 by rhodric
2013-12-14 at 19:52
Unfortunately the date of release has been delayed. They had the intention of finishing it if they had the semi completed work from yandere. However they can't seem to get ahold of him to finish his work so they will be starting from scratch.

It makes me worry that they might burn themselves out if starting from zero
#108 by redsoxist
2013-12-14 at 22:30
Has Takajun basically disappeared off the face of the earth or is he actively ignoring another's group attempt to reach out to him and finish his work? I don't really have any problems with the former since there are many real issues that can keep people very busy and the translator has absolutely no obligation to continue working on the project at the expense of other RL obligations. But if it's the latter, then that seems kind of disrespectful (not to us, but to this other group) particularly since it really doesn't seem like it would take that much work to just send a quick reply.
#109 by eroyama
2013-12-15 at 04:35
I think it's safe to assume he has disappeared. Considering the popularity of Majikoi, if people had been able to reach him there would've been a post somewhere with an update on his progress and whether or not he has dropped the project.
#110 by belgaesh
2014-01-12 at 22:41
I trust TakaJun, so it won't be a surprise if he releases the thing as a whole.
#111 by gabezhul
2014-05-11 at 17:53
Since I was reading Majikoi S I decided to quickly google if there was some sneaky progress on the original, and it seems like some guys at Fuwanovel of all places formed a group and started translating Miyako's route and Agave.

Not only that, Miyako is apparently around 60% while Agave is 50% as of May 5th. Who knows, we might actually finally get to see this done...

Quote from today:
Ouraibaa Hjyuraa:
Rejoice, my subjects. Your voices of pleads has reached the great Kosuna-sama, and he and his partner has decided to co-work on Miyako's route, and are determined to finish it in less than 60 days. Now, celebrate!

(So yeah, no progress on Agave for now, but we're pretty sure to get Miyako in less than 2 months.)
#112 by kilicool64
2014-05-12 at 06:52
^Unfortunately the translator's announcement post months ago was written in broken English, so nobody is really expecting much from them.
#113 by brave
2014-05-12 at 13:52
A translator need not speak fluent English (obviously it's a plus), that's a task for the editor, so hopefully that's someone who knows what they're doing.Last modified on 2014-05-12 at 13:52
#114 by gerardlonewolf
2014-05-12 at 15:29
A translator need not speak fluent English
If your English is broken as fuck and your grammar is horrible, don't even think of being a translator.
#115 by verifonix
2014-05-12 at 15:35
A lot of fan translations are edited from such broken English though. Most native Japanese aren't exactly great with English.Last modified on 2014-05-12 at 15:36
#116 by overmage
2014-05-12 at 15:52
translator need not speak fluent English (obviously it's a plus), that's a task for the editor

If you want a shitty product, sure.

The editor's job is to streamline the text and improve its flow. It's not the editor's job to fix basic grammatical errors. If an editor needs to work with broken English, the product he creates will not accurate reflect the original work (because some meaning will be lost in initial translation).

I'm not saying this doesn't happen, but that it's a recipe for shit. And as someone who's done editing before (not for translations though), I can tell you that nothing pisses an editor more than initial work that sounds like it was banged out by a monkey on a typewriter... with its wang.Last modified on 2014-05-12 at 15:54
#117 by gerardlonewolf
2014-05-12 at 16:45
@115 I didn't know we have a lot of fan-translators with a broken English. Care to name a few?

Though, the only native Japanese fan-translator I could think of right now is TakaJun, and admittedly, his translation is quite stiff.Last modified on 2014-05-12 at 16:48
#118 by dk382
2014-05-12 at 19:15
@115 And a lot of fan translations are really bad. Even the best editors are limited by the quality of the material they're given. If what they're given is really broken English, the end product is going to be much worse than if the translator was able to write well themselves.

As for the people currently working on Majikoi, I get the feeling that editing isn't a particularly big priority for them. It almost sounds like they want to release the patch as soon as translation is finished.
#119 by gabezhul
2014-05-12 at 19:24
I have been restraining myself from speculating on the quality on purpose. While there have been a number of red flags raised by this project, I would rather ponder the TL quality after it was released, for obvious reasons. Let's just hope that the guys doing the deed are competent enough not to mess up for now and cross the proverbial bridge when we actually get there.
#120 by eroyama
2014-05-12 at 20:48
I think I've seen the editor write on the Fuwanovel forum (If it's either Ouraibaa Hjyuraa or Azengar), and their English is not bad. By now I think that's more than enough for most people as long as they get their Miyako though. Myself included.Last modified on 2014-05-12 at 20:49
#121 by izekyu
2014-05-24 at 09:48
I do hope they get to finish it this year (depending if they have found some staff)
I also hope they fully TL the game later. I want to play all the routes.
#122 by dk382
2014-05-24 at 10:07
I'm actually interested in the side routes, too. From what I've seen, they're actually a bit more substantial with more story than you'd expect.
#123 by rubytyr
2014-05-25 at 06:08
I'd be happy with Miyako and the true route - side routes would be cool too, but at the current rate, it wont see completion until 2020 (or whenever the Tsukihime remake is done)


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