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#1 by ferris-
2012-12-11 at 13:57
would it be possible for someone to upload a 100% save?
i cant access Asahi's route and have tried everything i can think of.
i have reinstalled and am still having the issue after 3 new playthroughs.
if possible, a save at the point where you can choose her route would be greatly appreciated.

#2 by ferris-
2012-12-11 at 13:58
also i do know of the prerequisites to unlock her route. i have tried but cant get it.
#3 by ferris-
2012-12-11 at 14:14
the save folder can be found at c:/users/(user)/Saved Games/Littlewitch/ピリオド/userdata.

if someone could upload the USerdata folder.
#4 by surferdude
2012-12-11 at 14:25
100% save file: link

And you don't have to triple post.
#5 by horseband
2012-12-12 at 00:33
So you did Miyu's and two other routes? That's the prerequisites.

Just FYI, This isn't a chatroom. There is no need to post every couple minutes to bump your topic or anything like that. You can edit your original post if you forgot something you'd like to that.
#6 by nekoyasha
2012-12-12 at 00:49


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