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#1 by knivy
2012-12-17 at 22:32
I don't understand why "The Most Offensive Game Ever" was locked for me by Immlff (u133).

Immlff said:
Locked for now because of the previous edits. No edit wars.
knivy and day-elven, there are multiple reasons why screenshot you tried to add were not ok, please read d2#6

I've read d2#6 but those multiple reasons still elude me. I don't think there have been edit wars, though some misunderstanding surely could have taken place.

I was an editor of the translation of this game from English to Russian and added info about English and Russian editions here. But I had no screenshots.

Day-elven (u12617) was kind enough to provide those screenshots.
Isacz (u16070) also provided a screenshot that is supposed to be a screenshot for German version while it is obviously in English, not German. So there is some mistake with it.

Eyeless (u1153) removed Russain screenshots and left that strange 'German' screenshot untouched.
I thought that to be a mistake, so I changed that screenshot for the Russian one. It is from another part of game then English one, so it does not violate d2#6.

Please unlock it.Last modified on 2012-12-22 at 11:07
#2 by eyeless
2012-12-18 at 12:05
Read d2#6 again.

All images must be in the highest native resolution of the VN. The native resolution is the resolution for which the bitmap images are made, this is 640x480 or 800x600 for most entries. Any upscaling or downscaling, whether done by the game engine itself or by manually using an image editor, is not allowed!

All images have to be screenshots of the game itself, this means that any window borders will have to be removed before uploading. We are neither interested in your heavily modified window borders nor in your awesome AGTH setup.
#3 by knivy
2012-12-22 at 12:29
Thanks, it's far more specific than 'multiple reasons'.
I see now that those screenshots have another resolution than the game. In the article they looked very much the same like the German one, so it looked offensive when they are deleted for unknown reasons and that one is not.

Well then, please unlock the entry, I'll load the screenshots with proper resolution.
#4 by isacz
2012-12-23 at 18:22
"[...] and left that strange 'German' screenshot untouched. "
strange? Excuse me, but I won't be spoken to like that, sir. It's german, right, but there is nothing 'strange' at it.

"Isacz also provided a screenshot that is supposed to be a screenshot for German version while it is obviously in English, not German. "
Well, obviously there is a german version too, sir.
#5 by madeking
2012-12-24 at 01:42
The screenshot looks english, which is why it is a 'strange' german screenshot. He's saying it should be tagged as english since it looks like it's from an english version, whether a german version exists or not.

I 'also' have a hard time believing thats a german screenshot...Last modified on 2012-12-24 at 01:42
#6 by atlantima
2012-12-24 at 05:38
"also" is not just an English word, but also a German word. In German it means "so" or "thus". Thus the confusion.Last modified on 2012-12-24 at 05:40
#7 by space-ranger
2012-12-24 at 11:13
Never heard the German word "also" and looked it up. I say the screenshot is bad because it really tells nothing about the VN when taken out of context as well as it leaves room for people to argue which language it is in.
#8 by yorhel
2012-12-24 at 11:59
I don't see anything particularly wrong with the screenshot. It doesn't say much, but I wonder if there is even much to say about the VN in the first place. Screenshots are, obviously, assigned a release based on what they are a screenshot of. If the creator of the screenshot says it's from the German release then there's no particular reason to question it. Even if it had a full English line that the translator happened to miss.


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