Steins;Gate - Achievements (HELP)

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#1 by girlplayer
2012-12-22 at 01:54
Help me, i got almost all the achievements in the game, but i couldn't complete 2 of them! The Achievements are 混沌の詩 and 流行終焉のカエルん.
The objectives are :
1. Collect 4 Songs from Faris (混沌の詩)
2. Collect all infos about Gero Froggies (流行終焉のカエルん)

I found a walkthrough but its in japanese link

Can someone translate it for me? (just the 混沌の詩 and the 流行終焉のカエルん ones)

Sorry for my bad english
#2 by overmage
2012-12-22 at 06:21
I think that one of them cannot be gotten (only if you installed the English patch), probably due to a scripting error in the patch. The Gero Froggies one, if I'm not wrong - I followed this walkthrough to the letter and at the exact choice, both options led me to the same point. P.S. you'll need at least some Japanese knowledge to use itLast modified on 2012-12-22 at 09:23


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