Any possibility of this getting translated soon?

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#1 by sovereign
2012-12-27 at 17:29
I know its commercial and I'm totally willing to buy it... just in english though.

Thanks.Last modified on 2012-12-27 at 17:29
#2 by space-ranger
2012-12-27 at 17:34
#3 by azusa-nakano
2012-12-27 at 19:30
You know I was wondering the same thing, the other 2 are translated.
#4 by ffthewinner
2013-11-27 at 18:32
sorry for necro but same question as TC.
#5 by cucumberian
2013-11-27 at 20:45
The answer is probably no.
#6 by yirba
2013-11-28 at 00:22
From what I can tell, Agilis isn't particularly interested in translating Narcissu 3rd. Haeleth has disappeared. gp32 still seems to be around, but I have no idea whether he'd be up for translating it or not.

With the upcoming Steam release of Narcissu Side 2nd, it's a distinct possibility, but I wouldn't get your hopes up, tbh.
#7 by kilicool64
2013-11-28 at 07:36
It's on Ixrec's list of potential translation candidates and IIRC, he has guaranteed that he'd translate any game on the list if the developers offered to get it officially localized, so if Stage Nana or Sekai Project asked him, he'd do it.
#8 by ffthewinner
2013-12-08 at 16:47
Oh well. hope it gets translated :/
#9 by magicflier
2015-07-09 at 04:51
Update to peeps who look forward to this translated-

SekaiProject has picked this up for translation at AX2015. No deadline yet, but it is now coming along.
More info here: link
They are doing more than just translating Narcissu 3rd.Last modified on 2015-07-09 at 04:52
#10 by herbalnekotea
2018-10-12 at 08:09
Sorry for the necro, but for those who did not realised it already, only 1/4 of the story was translated by Sekai. The one from the main series author. So the 3 others story from the guest author are not include in the steam one. Sad nobody will translate it after all those years with the script being dumped to a tlwiki page.

The main reason those guest story was not translated was licensing issue with the guest author according to the stage-nana discord.Last modified on 2018-10-12 at 08:10


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