It's That Time Of The Year

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#1 by Yorhel
2012-12-31 at 14:08
< report >We're nearing the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. This kind of thing happens every 12 months, but appears to be an excuse for people to celebrate. So, erm, right. Let me join in on the party as well. Happy New Year everyone!

(As usual, this will be way too early for some and too late for others. You just can't time these things on the internet.)

I always use these announcements as an excuse to compile and present some end-of-the year statistics. This year is no different:
- Database statistics
- And the visitor stats for 2012 (check t2316 for earlier years)
I don't really trust AWStats to properly detect bots anymore, so take the visitor stats with a grain of salt.

Take care to not lose any limbs at New Year's Eve, I heard that happens to be a common phenomenon around this time.Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#2 by PabloC
2012-12-31 at 14:17
< report >So, the number of users gets almost doubled each year? That's an awesome growth.

And yeah, Happy New Year's Eve!
#3 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 14:22
< report >Let's time our celebration to the server time. See you all in nine and a half hours, no matter which time-zone you belong to. :P

Also, it's really nice to see how the character DB took wings. They grow up so fast. T_T

That said, again, see you later and have your champagne ready by then. Your limbs too. :PLast modified on 2012-12-31 at 14:26
#4 by surferdude
2012-12-31 at 14:23
< report >Happy New Year!, with a loli on top.
#5 by binboday
2012-12-31 at 15:20
< report >Happy New Year!
#6 by transcendence
2012-12-31 at 15:28
< report >
Take care to not lose any limbs at New Year's Eve
Thus one should avoid sweets, they don't go well with your fingers and firecrackers.

Happy New Year.
#7 by gerardlonewolf
2012-12-31 at 15:32
< report >Happy New Year! \o/
#8 by xraider
2012-12-31 at 16:45
< report >Happy New Year chaps. May 2013 be a better year than 2012 for you all, filled with love, cute lolis and even more good VNs
#9 by ivxxx
2012-12-31 at 17:03
< report >What's next end-of-the-world date?

Happy new year! Still 5 hours till 2013 here.
#10 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 17:12
< report >
What's next end-of-the-world date?
Well, according to Wikipedia...

2013 May 19 - Ronald Weinland
Ronald Weinland's revised prediction of Jesus Christ's return following his failed 2011 and 2012 predictions.

2020 - Jeane Dixon
This psychic claimed that Armageddon would take place in 2020 and Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist, Satan and the False prophet between 2020 and 2037. Dixon previously predicted the world would end on February 4, 1962.

2021 -F. Kenton Beshore
Beshore bases his prediction on the prior suggestion that Jesus could return in 1988, i.e., within one Biblical generation (40 years) of the founding of Israel in 1948. Beshore argues that the prediction was correct, but that the definition of a Biblical generation was incorrect and was actually 70–80 years, placing the Second Coming of Jesus between 2018 and 2028 and the Rapture by 2021 at the latest.

2129 - Said Nursî
According to abjad interpretation of a hadith, this Sunni Muslim theologian who wrote the Risale-i Nur Collection, a body of Qur'anic commentary exceeding six thousand pages, which expected the end in 2129.

2240 - Talmud, Orthodox Judaism
According to an opinion on the Talmud in mainstream Orthodox Judaism, the Messiah should come within 6000 years from the creation of Adam, and the world could possibly be destroyed 1000 years later. This would put the beginning of the period of desolation in the year 2240 A.D. and the end of the period of desolation in the year 3240 A.D.

2280 - Rashad Khalifa
According to Rashad Khalifa's research on the Quran Code, the world will end in this year.

500,000,000 - James Kasting
The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will drop, making Earth uninhabitable.

5,000,000,000 - Various scientists
The end of our Sun's current phase of development, after which it will swell into a red giant, either swallowing the Earth or at least completely scorching it. It is widely accepted by the scientific community that the earth will be destroyed around this time. However, as the Sun grows gradually hotter (over millions of years), the Earth may become too hot for life in only a billion years' time.

22,000,000,000 - Various scientists
The Big Rip theory predicts that the entire universe will eventually be progressively torn apart by its continual expansion. One hypothetical example of the theory places the end in approximately 22 billion years time.

10^100 - Various scientists
The heat death of the universe is a suggested ultimate fate of the universe, in which the universe has diminished to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and therefore can no longer sustain motion or life.

Take your pick. :P

Also, fun fact: I have apparently survived 63 End of the World dates/prophecies. It was kind of anticlimactic. :PLast modified on 2012-12-31 at 17:25
#11 by sesshomaru133
2012-12-31 at 17:42
< report >I'll try 4 2020s.dont ask why.probably most likely.why?dont ask,every1 is doing calculations and dont wanna write 2 many lines,as how I got to result.and not trusting any scientist/psychics on the matter.I'll just hint a line,something like 'a combined logic,daily experience,symbolism,Bible,Apocalypse,some certain knowledge abouth '8' and no science at all,leading to a result,not precise,just near'.Cause only Lord only knows,thats the most logical saying heard on this matter.Last modified on 2012-12-31 at 17:48
#12 by xraider
2012-12-31 at 17:46
< report >Thats all crap. the real end of the world date is found by this :
next year is 2013, this year was 2012 when god saved us from the apocalypse
2+0+1+2 = 5
2+0+1+3= 6
5+6 = 11.

Now lets add 7 because its a magical number
7+11 = 18

END OF THE WORLD DATE CONFIRMED AS 2018,CHAPSLast modified on 2012-12-31 at 17:46
#13 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 17:56
< report >No, no, noooooo. You are wrong. You see, the planet Nibiru (link) is only going to arrive next year because it got into a space-storm and so it took shelter in a cheap space-motel for the space-night (which equals to 365.25 of our boring not-space-days), but then it will come around and bring the aliens with their mothership or something, so we will start a new calendar (because who needs Jesus when we have aliens, amirite?), and so 18 actually means that the world will end in THAT calendar in the space-year 18. Cha. :p
#14 by pendelhaven
2012-12-31 at 19:26
< report >
Thus one should avoid sweets, they don't go well with your fingers and firecrackers.

I never knew...

Some highlights in 2012:

1. Megaupload forced shutdown by fukcing FBI T_T

2. SOPA and PIPA

3. TPB's homepage banner was once replaced by "junk cybercrime law"

4. and of course, cybercrime prevention act of fukcing 2012.

5. our broadband still not going any upgrade.Last modified on 2012-12-31 at 19:29
#15 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 20:26
< report >You mean, Megaupload was shut down because they were laundering money, SOPA and PIPA were beaten in court, the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 not only doesn't affect most of us, but it shouldn't affect you unless you were engaging in hacking, libel (taken that it is ACTUAL libel, not just some bullying) or child pornography (not to mention, it's circumventable), the "junk cybercrime law" banner at TPB probably meant jack and shit compared to the actual petitions that resulted in a TRO and... Well, as for your broadband, sucks to be you, I will just get an upgrade tomorrow. :PLast modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#16 by takata
2012-12-31 at 22:13
< report >About the visitor stats:
The unique visitors are counted each month, right? So adding up the unique visitors from each month won't give you the unique visitors for the year. O.o?

I think the vndb server time is equal to GMT... yup, looks like it is.Last modified on 2012-12-31 at 22:13
#17 by justinizhere
2012-12-31 at 22:55
< report >happy new years and all that...yeah.
#18 by gabezhul
2013-01-01 at 00:02
< report >Agh! I'm two minutes late! Whatever, Happy New Year VNDB! :PLast modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#19 by blackbird
2013-01-01 at 00:32
< report >Happy New Year Everyone
#20 by redpanther
2013-01-01 at 01:06
< report >May my/your new year be filled with Peace Happiness, Good Health, translation patches and yuri.
#21 by ax32
2013-01-01 at 02:43
< report >Yeah Happy new year!!
#22 by klutch
2013-01-01 at 04:51
< report >now i can use >2013
#23 by justinizhere
2013-01-01 at 06:47
< report >
Agh! I'm two minutes late!

wow, nice to know you care, jerk ;_;Last modified on 2013-01-01 at 06:47
#24 by notalama
2013-01-01 at 10:15
< report >oh, Happy New Year
#25 by kryzean
2013-01-01 at 12:05
< report >Belated Happy new year!