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#1 by girlplayer
2012-12-31 at 16:45
Sooo.....i recently installed this game on my notebook, But before playing, i would like to know about the 'Delusion System' in this game.......is it similar to Steins;Gate's 'Phone System'? Are the delusions will affect routes (and CGs) in the first half of the game (just like Steins;Gate, there is a point in the middle half of the game which affect routes)? Is it meaningless? A right answer will be highly appreciated!

Sorry for my bad english, as you know, English is not my native language so please ignore my mistakes above. Thank You!
#2 by madeking
2012-12-31 at 16:58
There are 2 main routes, and certain delusion choices are required to get route B, Though thats only possible once you've completed the first route. I think theres a walkthrough somewhere if you need it.

Other than that, they're not important, just play around with them.

I remember on my first playthrough i didnt even notice the delusion system existed. Actually, the same goes for the phone system in Steins Gate, i got the first ending because i simply never picked the phone up (i did reply to texts though).Last modified on 2012-12-31 at 17:01
#3 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 17:01
You know, we do have a lot of threads about this game, why didn't you just check out those? Or even better, why didn't you check out a walkthrough?

Anyways, no, the delusions only matter if you are going for one specific ending.
Namely, there are 3 endings. The A and AA endings are the normal and the good end, where you only need to choose the right answer to three yes/no questions, while the B ending is a troll bad-end that you have to work for. Again, this was already written on these boards for something like five times. Please don't be lazy. :P

Also, friendly advice: Never say you are sorry for your "bad English". It's not only not true (trust me, I HAVE seen bad Endglish -.-), but it also brings back some less than pleasant memories for many of us. -.-Last modified on 2012-12-31 at 17:04
#4 by PabloC
2012-12-31 at 17:10
Is that a new term to describe English so bad that it brings Armageddon? I really like it. ^^ [no sarcasm]
#5 by girlplayer
2012-12-31 at 17:15
^^^Thanks everyone and Happy new Year!
@gabezhul, thanks for the advice, i'll keep that in mind :)
#6 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 17:19
@Pabloc: That was actually a genuine typo, but I left it there because I thought it was funny. :P
#7 by metaler
2012-12-31 at 21:00
You know, we do have a lot of threads about this game, why didn't you just check out those? Or even better, why didn't you check out a walkthrough?

I do believe humans are social beings. They strive for communication.
#8 by gabezhul
2012-12-31 at 21:02
I do believe humans are reasonable beings. They strive for efficiency.

Any more such insights? :P
#9 by wakaranai
2014-12-01 at 04:02
i have some, even if two years too late. so, there i was, playing through the first chapter when suddenly this 'bleep! bleep!' sound emerged. 'should be some kind of a choice, better check this out before doing anything'--i thought. so i went on vndb, opened C;H discussions and skimmed through the thread titles. 'aha, Delusion system, that must be it'--click, and now i'm here. in my opinion, it was as efficient as it can get, and the whole 'no need for another thread' thing is totally uncalled for. i wasn't looking for a walkthrough, the only thing i was interested in is whether this 'bleep-bleep' sound was anything crucial, and this thread answered exactly my concern while keeping me out of trouble digging into GD/walkthrough thread risking running into unwanted spoiler. maybe it wasn't efficient for OP to create a new thread but for those who came here after him it sure is. and gabezhul of all people as a moderator should understand it.

inb4 WTF necro. link
#10 by pendelhaven
2014-12-02 at 10:44
While I do believe humans are high maintenance and low rewards. and while humans strive for efficiency, you can't argue that being lazy and having someone to do their bidding is also another matter they strive for. Heck, just look at any third world country and you'll see my point.

And while there are 20 discussions already in this VN, it doesn't really tell them [where exactly should they look for].
#11 by merkwurdigliebe
2014-12-02 at 17:02
just look at any third world country and you'll see my point.
I don't see your point.
#12 by wakaranai
2014-12-02 at 18:31
nobody does. it's pendel after all. thou shalt not mind him.


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