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#226 by silence
2020-09-08 at 03:10
< report >Recently I got the notifications about new posts in some topics. How can I unsubscribe?
#227 by yorhel
2020-09-08 at 05:42
< report >
For example: vs I'm concerned that this deprecation will give less relvant data.
That Wikidata entry has links to the relevant Wikipedia page in 26 languages, you could fetch that (they have an API) and get more information than a single Wikipedia page would ever give you.

Also, would you be willing to add the Store Page for VnInfo to the Api?
Store pages are technically release info, but I'll look into it.

Recently I got the notifications about new posts in some topics. How can I unsubscribe?
There's a checkbox on your notifications page to unsubscribe.
#228 by silence
2020-09-08 at 07:06
< report >Thanks.
#229 by micah686
2020-09-09 at 00:19
< report >Yorhel, I see what you mean with the Wikidata pages. However to avoid having to use another API/scrape Wikidata for the wikipedia link, could you reconsider deprecating the wikipedia field?
That way, there could be the Wikipedia and wikidata field for the users/devs of the API to use. It seems like it would be a little bit of a downgrade in functionality, vs something like the Nsfw/Image flagging changes.
#230 by soulusions
2020-09-26 at 11:19
< report >Hey,
I've been working with the API quite a bit recently, but I came upon an issue, being that many things such as VAs, Traits and Tags are sent as an ID. I was wondering how I'd go about converting those IDs to strings for example.
EDIT: I'm looking into using the DB dumps right now, but that'd prove quite inefficient (though I guess being able to receive a 1mb JSON file through a RESTful API might not be possible with VNDB)Last modified on 2020-09-26 at 11:26
#231 by yorhel
2020-09-26 at 11:27
< report >VAs you can get with "get staff". For tags and traits you indeed need the tags & traits dump files, but they're relatively small and don't change often enough to warrant an API call.
#232 by soulusions
2020-09-26 at 13:51
< report >Aye, thanks a bunch yorhel, I got the whole dumps running fine, just need to find an efficient way to store them in memory now...


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