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#2476 by beliar
2021-03-26 at 18:26
< report >
How many novels does there have to be for a tag to be called useful?
It's less about the number of novels, but more about how many people will use and apply the said tag. For tags like this I'm worried that no one will care to use it, and it will be under-represented.

if someone wants to avoid VNs with stock sprites, but fine with stock backgrounds
Not sure I'm convinced. I think if someone hates Stock Graphics, they will refuse to play the game either way, but what do the other users think. Do you guys think we need to approve the child tag, or will the more general tag be enough?

Can we get more dom and sub tags?
Now that's a damn overkill. I'm not approving a 1001 tags to describe every submissive/dominant variant. These are concepts that work much better through traits, rather than tags, so if you want to be precise about a certain VN, add the characters, and add the appropriate traits to mark them on the BDSM spectrum.

That said, one tag I did want to add for some time is "Lezdom", but to do that we would have to sift through 900 Female Domination tags to see which goes where, and where both apply. Seems like too much work for little payoff.
#2477 by ninius
2021-03-26 at 19:53
< report >Quite many titles use stock backgrounds but not sprites.
#2478 by butterflygrrl
2021-03-26 at 20:17
< report >I don't think most people notice or care about stock backgrounds.

Certainly as a player I would definitely not want games that use a few stock backgrounds to be lumped in the same basket as "oh god THAT sprite again" which is my feeling upon seeing My Teacher (and that was a fairly early use i'm sure but it was a game whose name I could remember)

For purposes of my enjoyment, I can only think of maybe one VN whose classroom scenes were really, really nice and fancy and actually worth remembering. Every other VN set in school may as well have used the same stock background of chalkboard and desks for all I remember it, and the use or lack thereof does not affect my reaction to the game at all.

But I will tend to avoid most games with stock sprites.

So for me if the two are lumped together the tag is useless - I can't use it to filter because I don't want to filter out backgrounds-only, and I'm afraid to apply it lest I be seen as insulting a game just because I happen to recognise the background.

Stock sprites are also clearer for other users to recognise and vote on. You have to be much more involved in the scene to know "oh, that background comes from a pack available on DLsite for $200 that only five people have purchased".Last modified on 2021-03-26 at 20:24
#2479 by beliar
2021-03-26 at 20:47
< report >Ok, approved the Stock Sprites tag.
#2480 by lutra-lovegood
2021-03-27 at 00:04
< report >
I'm not approving a 1001 tags to describe every submissive/dominant variant.

There's already fem dom and sub protag, so why not complete those sets, but if that's too much already I'll just go spend a few hours adding characters and traitsLast modified on 2021-03-27 at 00:07
#2481 by tapestree
2021-03-28 at 01:49
< report >My two cents: I expect that the reason there's a femdom tag but not a maledom one is that tags are more useful if they apply to a significant, yet not overwhelmingly high, number of VNs. (Like how we don't have a Japanese or human tag/trait.) Maledom could be applied to practically every nukige with "hard" content. It could even be applied to mostly consensual nukige with a few kinky scenes. But I feel like people are more likely to search for BDSM/choukyou, rape/chikan, netori, mahou shoujo heroine, etc. to try to specify what subgenre of hard (maledom) nukige they are actually interested in. Or search the sex trait tags for any number of situations that are almost always associated with maledom/femsub. In a way, you could say we already have enough [sets of] tags/traits to say we've added the maledom tag ten times over. As for the dominant protagonist tag... well, there's the dominant partner trait. It's better than nothing, though it's too broadly defined for my tastes.Last modified on 2021-03-28 at 01:49
#2482 by sullen
2021-03-28 at 20:19
< report >I know it could be something of a headache, but I feel it might be beneficial to have a new tag relating to a body type between Slim and Overweight, and by proxy, at least a new tag for heroines of this body type, who are not quite overweight enough to constitute a Chubby Heroine (at least as it's currently defined) but meaty enough to bear distinction—a body type most in line with the Japanese notion of Muchimuchi (you can take a peek at pixiv if unfamiliar).

Good examples of such heroines could be found in virtually any given Studio Pork game and many Heiantei titles (such as this or this). Some of these heroines are already currently classified as Overweight, but I feel that's too broad, especially given many if not most of the characters labelled as such are plainly fat or obese rather than voluptuous or plump.

Thoughts? I understand that new tags as such might require preexisting ones be redefined or retitled for clarity. For instance, Chubby Heroine might have to change to Fat Heroine (one of the synonyms) and Overweight might likewise have to become Fat instead, so as to reduce overlap.
#2483 by mrkew
2021-03-28 at 20:39
< report >I agree, you can sometimes see some real grabbable meat on the heroines, yet they're clearly not obese. Chubby and fat are pretty different I feel like.
#2484 by skorpiondeath
2021-03-29 at 17:35
< report >Check: Curvy, Curvy Heroine
#2485 by butterflygrrl
2021-03-29 at 17:55
< report >Personally I think it would make more sense to add a trait for extremely fat characters (which is more visually clear and easy to distinguish).

It's currently impossible to describe someone as being of average build, only slimmer than average and fatter than average. This makes me feel unable to fill in a body type for characters who really are not either Slim or Overweight.

If we had Slim, Medium, and Fat as options, it would be easier to differentiate the exaggerated fat characters. (And yes, I would personally rather say Fat than 'overweight', which is longer, has an implied judgement in the word itself, and is often used to refer to a specific BMI category which simply isn't applicable to many characters. The exaggeratedly round anime body type is not "overweight".)

So my proposal would be to leave Slim/Underweight alone, rename Overweight to Medium, and add a Fat category, and move the fattest characters to that, leaving room in the middle for curvy, chubby but not exaggeratedly huge, and women in size 10-12 who are just average.Last modified on 2021-03-29 at 18:01
#2486 by mrkew
2021-03-29 at 18:17
< report >Slim and pale are the default combo in JP VNs which is why there are so many applications of them (still heavily undertagged). When traits have so many applications, it feels to me like they lose their purpose. Kind of like what #2481 said. Traits which are different from the basic, like meaty yet not fat (call it curvy or chubby, whatever you prefer), is what seems useful. But if it was denied, then I guess it can't be helped.
#2487 by beliar
2021-03-29 at 18:29
< report >The curvy tags were deleted a long time ago. I have reexamined them, and they seem extremely subjective to me. It's very hard to define what is 'chubby', and how it is different from 'overweight'. This is the tag that I can see people having wildly different opinions, thus eventually the tag will lose all its cohesiveness and will become a mixture of characters of varying body shapes.

I can frequently see on the internet how people consider characters I would call thin as 'chubby', as the model industry has really skewed the perceptions of what is 'chubby', and the word is thrown at anyone who doesn't look like a skeleton.

I'd rather not approve it, as I cannot see how it can be successfully moderated. We would basically have the repeat of the Big Ass fiasco, as we had to deactivate that trait only a short time after its creation. :-(
#2488 by naiohoras
2021-03-29 at 18:39
< report >since we apply subjective 'literary' approach to tall/short traits, shouldn't we do the same with slim/medium/overweight? I also against lumping together 'slightly chubby' character to either slim or overweight, which is simply not true.

for example Aisaka Shinorin is slim in clothes and doesn't really look that different from other character in the game. however, she is referred as a 'slightly fat' by others and indeed looks somewhat chubby in H-scenes. however, I just tagged her as 'slim' because like I said she doesn't THAT different from others in the game and it is outrageous to lump her together with this character Alice Nikumaru.

like MrKew mentioned, Slim has been applied to most character here in the DB, and I've also seen 'literary' chubby mentioned character are often tagged as slim since probably most people think it's quite silly to apply Overweight to chubby characters.
#2489 by beliar
2021-03-29 at 18:44
< report >If someone took the time to create 'literary' definitions for slim/medium/overweight, me and Skorpy would take a look at them...
#2490 by sullen
2021-03-29 at 21:20
< report >Yeah, the "headache" I insinuated in my previous post in part stems from the fact that I know a bit of subjectivity would come into play with applying intermediate body tags, and that that could lead to overuse. But I do feel that without them there is a massive gap here.

The stricken Curvy and Curvy Heroine tags were, at least as defined, far too subjective, and sounded to be more referring to women with, for lack of a better term, "idealized" dimensions (e.g., tight waist, wide hips) and less to characters who are in-between slim and fat. The characters I would personally apply an intermediate tag to don't exactly have tight waists; they're "plump," "meaty," "chubby" even, but calling them "fat" seems excessive (and once again, Chubby Heroine is currently synonymous with Fat Heroine).

Currently, if someone were to use the tagging system to actively go looking for a visual novel with characters who look like the ones in this game, they wouldn't find nearly as many titles of interest as actually exist on the site. Searching Chubby Heroine would seem to be their best bet, but as of this writing, the aforementioned game does not have said tag applied to it, likely because the tag's synonymous with Fat Heroine and I imagine most would consider that hyperbolic. And despite the fact all three heroines are of a similar build, only one currently has the Overweight tag applied (which I personally disagree with, but if she applies, perhaps the other two do as well).

I believe neglecting to create an intermediate tag for fear of it being too subjective has ironically created a separate issue stemming from subjectivity.

"She's not Slim, but Overweight seems excessive..."
"She's got some meat on her, but is Chubby Heroine too much? It says Fat Heroine is a synonym. I wouldn't call her fat..."

People seem to be afraid to tag characters as Overweight or as a Chubby Heroine, unless they're undeniably fat, leading said tags to be used for obese characters more often than not. And as such, more plump-than-fat characters are likely either classified as Slim, or just left to fall between the cracks. To put it plainly, there's currently too big of a jump from Slim to Overweight in execution. When the car goes from zero to sixty in a second, people might be afraid to step on the gas. That's my overly wordy two cents, anyway.Last modified on 2021-03-29 at 21:28
#2491 by naiohoras
2021-03-30 at 02:37
< report >temporarily, let’s just call this trait “plump” for convenience.

I tried to create something similar to short/tall traits, and this is what I got:
This character is described to be slightly fat. This information can be stated directly, or inferred by comparing them to other characters in the same VN.

If the VN doesn't about the character's weight, and you are uncertain whether a character blah blah yada yada…

however, as a result, I found myself surrounded with more questions rather than answer.

Q1: Sometime a character insult someone for having a big breast and called them fat. and I'm not even sure whether she plump or slim. Should I apply plump to her?
Q2: If a character refers to themselves as “chubby”, and then someone say “no, you are not”, and again, I’m not sure whether she plump or slim. Which trait should I apply?
Q3: I played games like Chijo no Yakata ~Chiteki na Onna-shujin~ and all character looks plump to me, but the VN doesn’t describe anything about their weight. Should I apply plump to them all?

…and probably some more.

I believe there are answers for those question above, but it's not me who gonna answer them :/Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 02:39
#2492 by moyang
2021-03-30 at 12:17
< report >I suggested 3 new tags: Shortcut settings, Pointing device gesture, UI

I think I messed up with parent tag setting, I didn't set a parent tag for Shortcut settings tag and set two parent tags for Pointing device gesture tag.
If the UI tag gets accepted too, both tags should be child tags of UI. And bunch of other tags too.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 12:18
#2493 by skorpiondeath
2021-03-30 at 12:49
< report >
referring to women with, for lack of a better term, "idealized" dimensions (e.g., tight waist, wide hips) and less to characters who are in-between slim and fat
I proposed those tags, so yes it was proposed for that reason and they did not seem too subjective to me, but if you find them subjective is already a proof why it's difficult to have a "standard" description. As beliar said I will gladly restore BigAss too, I'm just waiting for people to find a not subjective way of defining those tags, which btw is already a paradox.

I believe neglecting to create an intermediate tag for fear of it being too subjective has ironically created a separate issue stemming from subjectivity.
I cannot see the irony, but well... I find more ironic to have an useless tag with all kind of body types in it where all people finding their "lost courage" will just put everything they consider valid in it. Also I don't get why we should have Chubby and not Voloptous then because no one said that we should have a single intermediate tag, in fact I would gladly prefer to go from slim to voloptous to chubby to overweight.

Obviously having a chain of body types like: slim,voloptous,chubby,overweight would be ideal only if we find a "real" way of make those tag work. To make this topic worse some time character in certain sexual position get super close up of their body from strange angles that make their body feel kinda different from regular tachie (a common issue with breast or ass too) so it's far from the first time that people will just fight over character definitions.
For example I quitted tagging Overweight characters because my votes where constantly reverted, so I took the logical conclusion that my ideas were different from other users and there is not a chart or something I could look up to say "ehi I'm right,you're wrong", like we tried to do with breast or hair colors.

Body traits are the ones where I really would like a voting system because the "literary" version of those tag is useless in my book. I really see myself searching for chubby or voloptous characters only in a fetish way, so to find a "literal" chubby whit an "apparent" slim body will just anger me more than anything else. Apparent breast sizes were created to mitigate cup size "literary" bullshit.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 19:28
#2494 by sullen
2021-03-30 at 13:46
< report >
I proposed those tags, so yes it was proposed for that reason and they did not seem too subjective to me

It was mostly subjective in the wording. For example, "characterized by the right amount of body fat and a nice hourglass figure" was too vague because what constitutes the "right amount" of fat or what makes an hourglass figure "nice?" If better worded, those tags could work in my opinion, perhaps as a further intermediate between Slim and, say, Chubby as you implied.

I cannot see the irony

I was invoking the more classical definition of "irony," denoting that an attempt to accomplish or prevent something was directly instrumental in making it so that thing failed or occurred respectively. So an attempt to avoid subjective assessments creating subjective assessments is peak (classic) irony. Sorry, pedantic, I know. I hope I didn't offend.

@naiohoras: No matter what, subjectivity will be a factor with any additional body type tags, but thus is the nature of the tagging system. When in doubt, it would ultimately come down to user judgment whether or not such tag(s) would be used; and of course if a tag is a major Heroine/Hero tag, additional users can come along and either reinforce or counter the tag with their votes.

In-universe descriptions of a character's weight or body type would always be appreciated, but I don't think necessary for such a tag to apply. If a Heroine is, for instance, small-breasted but it is never explicitly brought up by any of the characters or lore, would that disqualify her from being classified as a Pettanko Heroine? What is the breast size threshold before someone stops being Pettanko and moves into (for lack of a better term) "normal?" Is it measurable in cup size, bust diameter? I don't think we have good answers for these questions, and that's okay. Much of what we are already doing is really just eyeballing.

Were there to be any intermediate tag(s) added for body types, I think the split would look something like this (double brackets denote editorial notes not meant as part of the description):

Slim: This character has a body type characterized by low fat storage and long and thin muscles/limbs; secondary sexual charecteristics of females (i.e., breasts, hips, posterior) largely do not factor into this assessment (e.g., a female character can be Slim with Big Breasts). Usually referred to as slim or slender, but perhaps colloquially as skinny as well.

[[Assuming Slim is supposed to be considered synonymous with "normal" here, we would likely finish up with:]] For all intents and purposes of this site, this is considered the "normal" body type.

[[Here is where skorpiondeath's proposed Voluptuous tag would lie. If I understand correctly, it would be defined by females with idealized BWH ratios more or less—more meat on them, but only in areas like the breasts, hips, butt, and thighs. Skorp, do you think characters from Milk Factory games would be representative?]]

Plump: This character has a body type characterized by noticeable additional fat storage, though not to an excessive (i.e., unhealthy) degree; additional fat is most notably concentrated in the midsecton, thighs, and/or secondary sexual characteristics (i.e., breasts, hips, posterior) of females. General body dimensions and silhouette may be affected but likely not significantly (e.g., clothing will largely if not completely obscure this trait). Usually referred to as plump, chubby, or meaty in English [[I guess we could throw in "thicc" here if we're willing to tolerate meme-speak]], muchimuchi or pocha in Japanese.

A body type more common (but not exclusive) to older characters, especially middle-aged ones. Not to be confused with Overweight, where additional fat storage is considerably larger, to an unhealthy degree.

Overweight: This character has a body type characterized by excessive and/or abnormal fat storage, with notable features being a wide waist and heavily pronounced gut; limbs may or may not be depicted as stockier than usual. General body dimensions and silhouette are affected (e.g., noticeable through clothing), with the most significant differences being seen in the face and midsection. Usually referred to as fat or, if excessive enough, obese.

Not to be confused with Plump, where additional fat storage is significantly lesser.

I removed mentions of somatypes (i.e., ectomorphic and endomorphic) from the definitions of Slim and Overweight as they sound "disputable" to put it delicately. Otherwise I tried to differentiate and elaborate as best I could. Names of these body types would be subject to change. Personally, I'd probably prefer "Fat" over Overweight (which sounds both too broad and euphemistic) and I might prefer "Muchimuchi" over Plump, but Japanese terminology seems to be somewhat frowned upon in tagging (unless necessary), and it may require trying to explain what "Muchimuchi" even means (it's onomatopoeic, that's about all I really know) so likely more trouble than it's worth. Feedback/further suggestions would be appreciated. I almost certainly overlooked something.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 17:18
#2495 by moyang
2021-03-30 at 16:31
< report >Regarding sprite animation tags: Highly Animated Sprites, Lip Sync and Blinking Sprites(deleted)

According to description of Highly Animated Sprites, Lips and eyelids synchronisation only don't count. So we does not have a tags for eye blinking, but the tag was denied because Denied. I really don't think we need a separate tag for this, especially since in modern VNs this tag would entirely overlap with Highly Animated Sprites.
I think we need a tag for eye blinking for some old VNs like Tokimeki Memorial(1994) or Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School(1987). More recent example would be Otome * Domain(2015), and there's more between those period.

And about the lip sync tag. It looks like some VNs tagged with this tag actually does not lip synced(especially with older VNs), those VNs only use simple lip movement. Modern VNs with lip movement follows the voice line's sound and pauses, but still does not imitate actual lip movement, like showing same animation when saying won and reef.

For this reason I suggested Limited animated sprites for simper animations.
Or we could add Blinking Sprites again, rename Lip Sync to lip movement and rewrite the description.
#2496 by skorpiondeath
2021-03-30 at 18:48
< report >@sullen: I'll start by saying that I don't have any problems with your descriptions about "Slim","Voluptuous", "Plump" or "Overweight". The main problem is to make those tags/traits fool proof and giving the moderators a way to moderate them. In my experience the only thing that worked so far (with some extent) with phisical subjective traits is:
1) polish the description
2) make graphical examples or charts so that there is something to work with when a dispute arise
3) multiple people should work and contribute (becuase having more perspectives is always good, you said yourself you thought my version of Voluptuous was too subjective and I worked on that alone)
So in my book without graphical examples I'll rather not approve those tags/traits. Everyone could have everything clear today but in years no one will remember these discussions.

I hope I didn't offend.
Nope you didn't.

an attempt to avoid subjective assessments creating subjective assessments is peak (classic) irony.
That's not entirely correct we are attempting to avoid subjective assessments creating subjective assessments avoiding at least the chaos of having useless tags and traits, which basically create subjective assessments plus the chaos derived from it. I'll rather prefer a hole in the system than that. That to me is not peak (classic) irony but just plain old good sense (wich is subjective itself so that's probably ironic).

Skorp, do you think characters from Milk Factory games would be representative?
Those characters bodies are exactly what I had in mind.

I might prefer "Muchimuchi" over Plump, but Japanese terminology seems to be somewhat frowned upon in tagging (unless necessary)
"Japanese terminology seems to be somewhat frowned", you ask?!? Lol :P That is easily explained, the site should be easily usable by everyone and most of the users are passerbies and probably they still don't know all the Japanese terminology. Making easy to recognize and accessible traits and tags seems a good objective from a moderator perspective, that's why is good to have Japanese terminology as alias (excluding some obvious reasons like netorare for example). Otherwise the Japanese terminology will just become an ego ornament to one self knowledge.
People will, in time, catch up and recognize what a paizuri, otokonoko or niku benki is.

If a Heroine is, for instance, small-breasted but it is never explicitly brought up by any of the characters or lore, would that disqualify her from being classified as a Pettanko Heroine
That's why we tried to classify and determine what pettanko (wich should be renamed btw) is in the trait department: Flat Chest.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 19:21
#2497 by sullen
2021-03-30 at 20:11
< report >@skorpiondeath: If visual examples are the primary roadblock, I'm sure we could put some together, but if this is not something that has even a chance of making it through I should probably cut my losses here. I know it was a potentially big ask, because it would probably be a headache (metaphorically and perhaps literally for the mods). Thanks for hearing me out.

I know this a group effort, and that it has to be open to as many people as possible (hence minimal Japanese terminology; "Boobjob" instead of "Paizuri" will never not bother me, but I'll survive. lol) while still being manageable. Honestly, I'm not sure how big a problem other users would see this "gap" I'm perceiving as being (though it was nice to see some agreement from others here). I'd be legitimately interested to know what the general user base thinks about this "issue" (if it would even be considered one).
#2498 by skorpiondeath
2021-03-30 at 23:33
< report >
I know it was a potentially big ask, because it would probably be a headache
Look lets put it this way, you can see I'm just going against my own proposed/vouched tag and trait. I know it seems ridicolous, I could just go approve it myself and call it a day. The thing is that many times when I wasn't a moderator I submitted my big share of traits and many times I have proven wrong by moderators. One example was the Big Ass fiasco, it was not my proposal but I vouched as a good trait since you can find "BigAss" category in many other sites other than VNDB. Sadly I had been warned of his "potential" miseuse, and basically that's what happened. So playing the advocate's devil is just playing safe to avoid again and again the same mistakes.

Basically that trait has 3 things that lead to the fiasco (wich make it almost impossible to being moderated):
1) poor description it mixes "literary" aspects ("discussed by characters in the game") with "visual" ones (either obvious in the art by the ass sticking out), and also "obvious" is a useless and subjective term. If we talk about gigantic asses that's too obvious, problem arise when we got borderline cases where someone find it obvious while someone else doesn't.
2) A single example wich leads to a game and not a direct visual example. Laziness will do the rest.
3) No examples of what's "not" a big ass, no contradictory, no borderline examples.

That was slightly improved in the tag Big Ass Heroine creation and since the tag system is not 0/1, black or white, like his trait counterpart, people con vote on it so what people thinks about the tag gets even out in time. Voting is the only reason why it's still alive.

If visual examples are the primary roadblock, I'm sure we could put some together, but if this is not something that has even a chance of making it through I should probably cut my losses here.
Basically you are just saying that I'm wasting my time here. Do you think I'm willing to explain all this just for the sake of saying no? I could have done it taking a shorter route. Sometime it just seems that we (mods) are the bad guys. I would gladly fill the hole (pun intended) of the current body system, but we must make it work.
I hope that explaining what happend to a similar misused trait we can come up with some fresh ideas that will lead to a brighter and curvy tomorrow.
As beliar said we are open to ideas and I'm also willing to work on it following Apparent Breast Sizes fashionable route. I find important to create catogories first to determine how many levels of complexity we want. Till now we got 5:
1) Underweight
2) Slim
3) Voluptuous/Curvy
4) Plump/Chubby
5) Fat/Overweight

After that we need
1) Clear descriptions
2) Graphical examples of what falls into those category but more specifically all the possible borderline cases and how to consider them
3) Never mention the "literary" aspects of body, if we need literary traits they should be handle them differently in another context also enphasizing the fact that those are "rules VNDB users have given themselves, and they might not reflect statements by story or artist." like in the breast department
4) Explain that character should be evaluated in the standing position, a common error is evaluate close up and zoomed CG where body parts just seems bigger due to the point of view.

That's all the comes to my mind rightnow.

hence minimal Japanese terminology; "Boobjob" instead of "Paizuri" will never not bother me, but I'll survive. lol
And yet another unsatisfied costumer :P Why survive when you can live... Really the only idea that comes to my mind is basically a form of tags and trait "internationalization" (or sullenization for the experts). If there was a way for moderators to flag the Japan terminology of traits and tag, then a user could just check an option like we do for spoilers and other information to show all of them in their Japan form. Boobjob would become Paizuri, Plump will become "Muchimuchi" and so on.
If it ever happens I would gladly check who is bold enough to sullenize VNDB.Last modified on 2021-03-30 at 23:43
#2499 by sullen
2021-03-31 at 00:32
< report >@skorpiondeath: You've been plenty helpful. Sorry if I implied you were wasting your time or just being a dick. That last post was the one time I decided to try to keep it short and not repeatedly edit myself. Maybe I should've done another pass, because that second line you quoted sounds downright passive aggressive. I spent a bit too much time writing stuff up and messing with formatting with little to show for it so I ended up typing how I basically felt at that moment. Eh, that's the problem with going with the first take.

I did a bad job of expressing it, but I think I was most gunning for a Plump Heroine tag more than a Plump trait for exactly the reasons you brought up: the Heroine tag can be voted on by various users to determine relevance, whereas traits are a hard binary of Apply/Does Not Apply (which can lead to edit wars between users who disagree); that and Heroine tags are far more likely to lead people to titles they may be interested in than a trait that may only be applied to a single character (especially if it's a side character) would. Just figured it would be a package deal.

But hey, that sullenization feature sounds pretty cool though. When can I expect that to roll out? lol

Really though, thanks for taking the time out to work with me. I appreciate it, even if it didn't always sound like I did. If I'm still needed for some reason, I'll probably be around.
#2500 by naiohoras
2021-04-10 at 04:19
< report >can you put these aliases to these tags? thanks.

Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine 妹, いもうと
Protagonist's Older Sister as a Heroine 姉, あね
Protagonist's Twin as a Heroine 双子の姉, 双子の妹
Protagonist's Full Sister as a Heroine 実妹, 実姉, 実の妹, 実の姉
Protagonist's Half-sister as a Heroine 腹違い, 種違い, 異母, 異父
Stock Graphics unoriginal graphic, unoriginal background
Consensual Sex with Animals consensual beastialityLast modified on 2021-04-10 at 04:21


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