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#2501 by barfboy
2021-04-12 at 03:44
< report >Is this feminization?
Boku wa Bishoujo Nanka ja Arimasen!
Or does that imply men with men sex? To which there is none.
#2502 by iwannarategames
2021-04-15 at 12:57
< report >Hey I made an error in my proposed tag 2010s. The description is copy pasted from 2000s but I forgot to make the necessary adjustments. Can someone reject the tag so I can resubmit or accept and change it?
#2503 by npzmzfg
2021-04-17 at 10:41
< report >This is not hugely important, but perhaps it could be useful with a 'Crowdfunded' tag, since this applies to an ever growing number of titles on VNDB. This could perhaps be further subdivided into 'Crowdfunded Development' and 'Crowdfunded Localization'.
#2504 by iwannarategames
2021-04-17 at 10:42
< report >That's a bad idea because release pages can just mention that.
#2505 by npzmzfg
2021-04-17 at 10:53
< report >It is true that release page (or the VN description) could mention it, similar to how those pages could mention most other things that are tags, but I don't believe that the search takes those fields into account. Having a tag, on the other hand, makes it possible to look up such VNs via the query system. But as I said, it is not hugely important.
#2506 by naiohoras
2021-04-17 at 12:00
< report >I proposed Not Virgin Heroines Only before discovering that No Virgin Heroines exist. I completely missed it when tagging, likely because I typed "not a virgin" instead of "no virgin". so I suggest adding an alias "not a virgin heroine" (correspond to single heroine game) to No Virgin Heroines to prevent future mistake.
also, adding "Only" to No Virgin Heroines would clarify the tag's usage more.
#2507 by skorpiondeath
2021-04-17 at 19:10
< report >@naiohoras: done, shouldn't be "Only Heroines with Sexual Experience" a better main name?
I mean I don't like that "No Virgin"...
#2508 by naiohoras
2021-04-17 at 22:22
< report >thanks! about the name, I agree that it sounds better than "No virgin", but I like better how Only Non-Virgin Heroines sounds like, since it sounds similar to its counter tag, Only Virgin Heroines.

one more thing, can you take a look at t3617.2500 while you're at it?
#2509 by gvbn
2021-04-18 at 00:57
< report >"Daishuki hold" as an alias for Leg Locking During Sex

Wikipedia: link
#2510 by barfboy
2021-04-18 at 19:59
< report >@2509
That's the most adorable thing ever!
#2511 by mrkew
2021-04-20 at 07:38
< report >Shimaidon and Oyakodon are child tags of Threesome Ending, but they should be child tags of Threesome instead. There's no reason why shimaidon and oyakodon should be limited for endings only instead of tagging the H-scene with it, which is how it's commonly used.Last modified on 2021-04-20 at 07:41
#2512 by mrkew
2021-04-26 at 00:13
< report >Fake Options should be child of Choices. Also possibly rename it to Fake Choices or add that as an alias.
#2513 by butterflygrrl
2021-04-26 at 02:01
< report >#2511
the description for those particularly says they're meant to be for games where you can get an ending with two sisters or an ending with mother/daughter, though, so it would be a different trope if moved.
#2514 by mrkew
2021-04-26 at 07:00
< report >Then the tags should be renamed to Shimaidon Ending and Oyakodon Ending respectively, and new ones for the threesome scenes should be added.
nicovideo definition of shimaidon: 姉妹丼とは、お姉ちゃんと妹ちゃんを「性的な意味で」一緒においしくいただく事である。
pixiv: 姉妹を同時にいただくこと。

It does not necessarily indicate that the relationship with both of the women goes beyond sexual. For example, a one-off scene where mother "teaches" her daughter how to service a man and there's a 3P scene with that would still be called oyakodon.
#2515 by skorpiondeath
2021-04-26 at 11:55
< report >First rename Shimaidon in Shimaidon Ending, Shimaidon with Twins in Shimaidon with Twins Ending and Oyakodon in Oyakodon Ending.
After that add new general purpose "Shimaidon" and "Oyakodon" and add Shimaidon Ending also as a child of Shimaidon and Oyakodon Ending also as a child of Oyakodon.
#2516 by mrkew
2021-04-26 at 12:49
< report >Yes that sums it up.
#2517 by iwannarategames
2021-04-27 at 20:31
< report >If my proposed tag Mass Murder gets accepted, then Genocide should be a child tag of it.
#2518 by lunaterra
2021-04-28 at 19:06
< report >I'd like to suggest that "Dress Up Game" be made an alias of Changeable Clothes.
#2519 by usagi
2021-04-30 at 23:52
< report >Customizable Character Relations should be Incest subtag, probably. While one can argue that these are different tags altogether - in practice, omitting this relation - would mean skipping whole category of incest games. Unless people are tagging them with both tags - which, unfortunately, not always the case - since it's not even 100% justifyable if follow pure logic.
#2520 by naiohoras
2021-05-02 at 04:20
< report >probably we should make Shimaidon Ending, Oyakodon Ending, Shimaidon with Twins Ending as technical tags since we treat Threesome Ending as a technical tag as well
#2521 by mrkew
2021-05-02 at 07:01
< report >Yup, and Oyakodon+Shimaidon can stay in sexual content as they are - ideally under threesome, and edit the description to only make it about the presence of H-scene(s).
"This visual novel features at least one sex scene in which a character has sex with a mother and her daughter at the same time." (change a mother and her daughter to "two sisters" in shimaidon)
#2522 by skorpiondeath
2021-05-02 at 08:56
< report >Ok I applied the changes, the only thing now is that since both Shimaidon Ending and Oyakodon Ending don't imply a threesome sexual scene probably being children of shimaidon and oyakodon is not correct anymore since I moved Shimaidon and Oyakodon under Threesome.
Also I was asking myself if having sex with 3+ sisters can be considered shimaidon, or having sex with a mother and 2+ daughters can be considered oyakodon.
I'm not completely sure Threesome is correct even though I admit is the classical way it happens in games.Last modified on 2021-05-02 at 08:56
#2523 by naiohoras
2021-05-09 at 05:32
< report >can we have "Real Actor as a Sprite" as Photographic Sprites's alias? also "Comedic Violence" for Slapstick? thanks.Last modified on 2021-05-09 at 05:41
#2524 by iwannarategames
2021-05-09 at 07:53
< report >Protagonist by Race and Ethnicity is a duplicate of a deleted tag.
#2525 by ezezin
2021-05-11 at 19:42
< report >Shouldn't Torture, Suicide, Execution, Domestic Violence and their child tags also be part of Violence acording to its description?