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#2526 by sy74kya
2021-05-13 at 21:41
< report >Seeing as we have a tag for more than 7 endings, shouldn't we have one for the following:
Seven endings
Six endings
Five endings
Four endings
Less than four endings
so then we know exactly how many endings a VN has (although that depends on whether we count bad ends and non-route ends too.)Last modified on 2021-05-13 at 22:26
#2527 by historyeraser
2021-05-13 at 21:52
< report >It would be the same as adding tags such as "Six heroines", "Five heroines", et cetera which was an idea that was rejected many years ago.
#2528 by sy74kya
2021-05-13 at 22:25
< report >Why was it rejected? Sounds like a good idea to me.
#2529 by historyeraser
2021-05-14 at 08:26
< report >It gets explained around t3617.138Last modified on 2021-05-14 at 08:27
#2530 by naiohoras
2021-05-25 at 08:09
< report >requesting that Spontaneous Power-ups and its child tag should be in content category instead.
also this one t3617.2523.
#2531 by sy74kya
2021-05-27 at 22:33
< report >Also, another one for technical. nearly all VNs have sound settings but in some rare cases, like v18387, such settings are absent (definitely not something you'd see from Yuzusoft!) so shouldn't we have a tag to the effect of "No Sound/Volume Settings"?

Actually now I think about it, shouldn't we have stuff like Backskip Button or Expanding Backlog for VNs that can skip backwards or have backlogs that expand respectively?Last modified on 2021-05-27 at 22:36
#2532 by ezezin
2021-05-28 at 18:42
< report >You mean Back Skip Function?

Edit: Now i wonder if this tag can also be used for visual novels that allows you to return to the previous line you were reading instead of skiping it. Example: Crystal the WitchLast modified on 2021-05-28 at 19:40
#2533 by sy74kya
2021-05-28 at 20:36
< report >Yeah, that. Yuzusoft VNs all have them. Why don't we have a tag for buttons that take you back one line as well? And as I say, the expanding backlog and no sound/volume settings tags as well.
#2534 by beliar
2021-05-28 at 20:43
< report >
Now i wonder if this tag can also be used for visual novels that allows you to return to the previous line you were reading instead of skiping it. Example: Crystal the Witch
No, it shouldn't be used for that, because Backroll (as it is actually called) is an inherent feature of the Ren'Py engine. Unless the dev specifically chooses to disable it, Ren'Py allows you to roll back to the previous line. And Crystal the Witch being a Ren'Py game obviously supports this.

If we used the tag like that, it would have to be applied to 99.99% of the Ren'Py games, drowning the VNs which actually allow you to skip backwards.

Why don't we have a tag for buttons that take you back one line as well?
Because this tag would have to be applied to about 4000 VNs in the db, making it totally useless.
#2535 by mrkew
2021-05-28 at 20:56
< report >If we're talking about useless technical tags, then Voice Replay is high on my list, because every single game made after a certain point has it. "No Voice Replay" might be better.
#2536 by beliar
2021-05-28 at 21:07
< report >
If we're talking about useless technical tags, then Voice Replay is high on my list, because every single game made after a certain point has it.
Yeah, I agree with you. It's a rare game that doesn't have this function. However, "No Voice Replay" isn't much better, as a lot of VNs before a certain time were like that. Both tags seem extremely generic. While 'Voice Replay' is harmless, it also serves very little purpose. How do people feel about it? Should it be deleted?
#2537 by funnerific
2021-05-28 at 21:10
< report >I think "voice replay" is too generic and should go, but "no voice replay" serves as a meaningful warning.
#2538 by ezezin
2021-05-28 at 21:51
< report >I agree with its removal but i'm not sure about "No Voice Replay". At least it sounds better than what we have right now... I don't mind it's inclusion in the db if you choose to aprove it.
#2539 by gvbn
2021-05-29 at 04:08
< report >As long as it's used only VNs that have voices so that people won't go tagging non-voiced VNs as having no voice replay.
#2540 by anonymous
2021-05-29 at 23:10
< report >Might be interesting to bring link / link back as "Mostly Dialogue" or something, as link and link both only have dialogue sections (bubble speech) throughout the entire VN, with a few NVL exceptions when depicting sex scenes.Last modified on 2021-05-29 at 23:26
#2541 by historyeraser
2021-05-29 at 23:43
< report >#2540

I feel like that might encourage people to add non-VNs like the Interactive Adventure Game tag.
#2542 by ezezin
2021-05-31 at 09:19
< report >Shouldn't Catgirl Support Character be a child tag of Kemonomimi Support Character like Catgirl Heroine, which is a child tag of Kemonomimi Heroine?

Also requesting "Doggirl support character" and "Bunnygirl support character".
#2543 by santer
2021-05-31 at 11:50
< report >For VR Headset Support - I suggest setting this tag as a child tag of Stereoscopic, Free Camera and Motion Controls (a VR headset is a motion controller in itself).

Motion Controls should be in technical category.
#2544 by beliar
2021-06-03 at 17:41
< report >
(a VR headset is a motion controller in itself).
While I don't deny it's true, a think in this case Motion Controls specifically refers to hand movements. Not every VR game would allow you to do hand movements. The same is with Free Camera. Is it a requirement for a VR game to have free camera? Cannot they have fixed point of view? Serious question. I know very little about VR equipment.
#2545 by masster
2021-06-07 at 15:14
< report >Ok, can't ignore this anymore.
The tag 'Pragmatic' has completly wrong description. In no dictionary I've seen it is synonymous with ruthless or cold blooded. Its meanning is something totally unrelated. It is synonymous with practical, realistic, down to earth etc.
It might be fine to stay as the child of the tag 'Proactive', although it could be argued it doesn't belong there, but it is of lesser importance.
I have no idea how to modify this tag so I hope someone who can change this will take notice.

Also, I would advocate adding tags: Introverted, Extroverted and something like Cheerful/Optimistic since we already have 'Serious' (not exactly an antonym, 'Carefree' would be, but close).Last modified on 2021-06-10 at 18:34
#2546 by ezezin
2021-06-08 at 01:05
< report >I think the idea with personality tags is that they exist to help filter searches on the most common traits that characters could have. Just look the difference between Personality and Protagonist's Personality. I have read on some old thread that they are not planing to add any new personality tags anytime soon (I will post the links in this post when I find them).

Edit: t3617.2473, t15655.2Last modified on 2021-06-08 at 02:43
#2547 by historyeraser
2021-06-10 at 06:33
< report >Parody should have a more precise tag description since I want to make a 'Satire' tag. It would help if we made the differences more clear in the tag description so there's no confusion.
#2548 by barfboy
2021-06-15 at 18:00
< report >The actual difference between
is freedom of movement. In confinement a person cannot go anywhere, or at least can't go anywhere significant because they are barred or trapped. A person confined in a cage for example can't get out of the cage while a person confined in a school where all the entrances are sealed can wander the school but they're trapped inside, transportation is irrelevant bro, you're stuck inside.

While a person who's stranded has complete freedom of movement but can't go anywhere. A person stranded in the desert can wander in any direction they want and can walk anywhere they wish without getting anywhere. That's why it says under 'stranded' "without the means of transportation to leave".

So while a person can be stranded at the mall when their mother fails to pick them up after work they cannot be stranded in a jail cell. While a person can be confined to their bedroom they cannot be confined on a deserted island. You can wander anywhere you wish on an uninhabited planet, you just won't get anywhere else without transportation. This is the main difference.

I don't know if this is important to bring up or not, if everyone is cool with the way it's explained then it doesn't need to be changed, I just want to be sure people understand the difference between something like
Tsundere Imouto to Mujintou Kozukuri ~Onii-chan Chitsunai Shasei Shisugi! Choushi ni Notteru to Fucchau yo?~
The God of Death
are two very different genres. If everything's cool as it is then just ignore the post. If it needs to be fixed to better understand it then it should be fixed.Last modified on 2021-06-15 at 18:03
#2549 by historyeraser
2021-06-16 at 05:48
< report >Shouldn't "social media" be an alias of Social Networking Service
#2550 by naiohoras
2021-06-16 at 06:22
< report >ah, please add the abbreviation "SNS" too while you are it. thanks