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#2726 by Aresia
2022-01-15 at 11:59
< report >#2725 Put it under Jealousy as well, since that feeling is central to the tag being what it is. If there's no jealousy it would simply be harem or polyamory. And if the relationship was committed without the legitimate partner ever knowing, Infidelity should be used instead.Last modified on 2022-01-15 at 12:11
#2727 by skorpiondeath
2022-01-15 at 12:14
< report >While jealousy is central in Netorare, in Reverse Netorare jealousy is almost always present but there are cases where it's not, and that means it's not the central theme about it.
Quoting description, the central theme is about:
fetishization of seduction and the accompanying destruction of relationship, while elevating a newly formed sexual relationship over a previous one based on feelings.
The protagonist's significant other almost always finds out about the situation and suffers from jealousy and the feeling of helplessness arisen from an inability to change anything.
Almost always doens't mean always, that's why I'm not sure we can put it under there.

. If there's no jealousy it would simply be harem or polyamory.
That's not true. An harem ending doesn't imply any kind of relationship nor imply any feelings to happen and polyamory is just a consensual relationship between more than one character. Here we are talking about a protagonist deconstructing his well established relationship in favor of another one. There is no consensuality from the perspective of the character that gets cheated on. And even if the character that gets cheated on doesn't discover it, all the other feelings can happen to the cheating character.Last modified on 2022-01-15 at 12:21
#2728 by ThorsHamster
2022-01-20 at 04:22
< report >Seventh Posture
Trait: Seventh Posture
Trait: Seventh Posture

Both of these traits link to a nonexistent Wikipedia article. The term "Seventh Posture" itself seems to be lacking in documentation, and is perhaps afforded primary moniker due to its use in the English translation of the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

Near as I can tell from the description of the position, it is equivalent to the Scissored Flagpole position. There are no VNDB traits or aliases for Scissored Flagpole.

Recommended: Change the above traits to primarily read as "Scissored Flagpole". Link to the sexinfo101.com article for reference and visual example. Make "Seventh Posture" an alias for each trait.
#2729 by Aresia
2022-01-20 at 06:02
< report >Go to Traits (t3314) for that, this is for tags.
#2730 by ThorsHamster
2022-01-20 at 10:17
< report >#2729 My bad, thanks for directing me to the right place.
#2731 by tigershark
2022-01-25 at 20:11
< report >This probably was discussed before but I couldn't find any recent mention.

The description of the tag "Lox Sexual Content" is still quite misleading because it only counts amount of scenes without regard for the total length of the VN.

I've seen several examples of tagged VNs that have +/- only 5 scenes, ok, but the vn itself is only 4 hours long so it doesn't feel as "low" at all. Other might have 1/2 scenes per route but 7 routes so it doesn't feel as low either.

Ideally the tag should be about density. Say less than 1 scene per 2 hours of gameplay (as an example). So the stereotypical 40hr long VN with 5 routes needs less than 4 scenes per character to be tagged "low" whereas a more casual 10hrs one with 3 routes needs less than 2 per route.

Ofc there's the tag "long sexual scenes" that could skew the numbers but I think it is more informative to see the "low" and "long" in such cases rather than having a bunch of sub 10hrs vn tagged as low when they actually spend 30+% of their length in R18 land.
#2732 by c2k
2022-01-27 at 13:02
< report >The trait "pretend wedding (link)" needs to have a "subject of"
#2733 by kidbuu25
2022-01-28 at 04:10
< report >Should we have the tag "Protagonist's mother-in-law as heroine" in addition to "Heroine's mother as heroine" (link) ? There are cases when the game is only about the mother of protagonist's wife as heroine and the not the wife herself like this one: link (not even 1 H scene with the wife).
#2734 by Mrkew
2022-01-28 at 09:22
< report >#2732
Wrong thread and no, just like with standard wedding, both of the wedding partners get tagged with engages in, so there's no one who would be applicable for subject of.
#2735 by c2k
2022-01-28 at 10:00
< report >#2734
So like both characters are applicable for this kind of this tag even though that the MC is the one who is the one engages it and not his partner rather his partner is the subject of the pretend wedding?
#2736 by beliar
2022-01-28 at 10:40
< report >Borh partners are equal in a wedding, whether pretend or not. They both 'engage in' this activity, ant thus only one trait is required.
#2737 by silence
2022-02-02 at 14:49
< report >Can we add something to the description of Sentient Weapon Heroine? Not only a heroine as a weapon, but also a heroine, that can extract the weapon from her body?
#2738 by Draconyan
2022-02-10 at 17:17
< report >Kitsune Heroine should have "Fox Heroine" as an alias, like its counterpart Kitsune Hero already does.
#2739 by beliar
2022-02-10 at 17:39
< report >
Can we add something to the description of Sentient Weapon Heroine? Not only a heroine as a weapon, but also a heroine, that can extract the weapon from her body?
Disagree with that. it seems like a completely different concept.
#2740 by silence
2022-02-13 at 06:20
< report >Can Sex with Protagonist Only be applied when there is a group sex of protag and 2 girls, and one of the girls is only abusing other girl, without direct interaction with protag? And there are kinda 3 or 4 scenes like that. Just thinking if I should downvote this tag.
#2741 by Aresia
2022-02-13 at 12:10
< report >#2740 That tag is there as a counterpart for Sex with Others, so as long as there are only H-scene where vanilla lovers could comfortably say "Hmm, this is fine." and not "fuck this disgusting shit" I would say it's fine to apply. Most people don't care about a bit of yuri even more so if the protagonist are present.

And speaking about that, Ezezin should delete his downvote on these straight harems. Not voting on the tag is fine, but downvoting them -3 is too far.
#2742 by silence
2022-02-13 at 12:48
< report >I remembered, that there was the yuri only scene as well, so I guess it's time to downvote it anyway :)
#2743 by silence
2022-02-26 at 08:18
< report >Sorry for the question, but... how often do you guys handle the traits/tags moderation queue?
#2744 by skorpiondeath
2022-02-26 at 08:39
< report >There is not a rule about that. Usually we let the queue pile up and then when we got a bit of free time we go and decide together because decision are taken based on a group effort.
In my experience 2 to 4 month of waiting time.
#2745 by silence
2022-02-26 at 09:26
< report >OK.
#2746 by skorpiondeath
2022-02-26 at 13:36
< report >I shouldn't write this but oh well....here I go. That just seems the most pissed off OK in history, and now I'm regretting myself on trying to be polite and answer you, since we usually let those question fall into the void.

Sorry for the question, but...
To be honest you don't seem that sorry about the question, so just be open about it and ask us to do our job and free the queue for you, at least you can sound more genuine than this.

Traits and tag queues got the most whinings on this site, but every time someone jump on the other side of the barricade and needs to do the job just quits rapidly. At least I can have the honor to add your post to my collection in case you become one day a quitting trait moderator.
#2747 by Ninius
2022-02-26 at 13:48
< report >@skorpiondeath, That's rather aggressive response. And I don't really appreciate your guilt tripping about my absence from completely voluntary job.
#2748 by skorpiondeath
2022-02-26 at 14:08
< report >
That's rather aggressive response
Yes it is, but at least it's a direct response.

And I don't really appreciate your guilt tripping about my absence from completely voluntary job.
It was not a direct attack to you, BUT I'm here since 2012 and I had my share of complains and quitter since then so it is just a thing bigger than you.
#2749 by silence
2022-02-26 at 16:08
< report >I was sorry exactly to avoid such a response. Nothing offencive from my side. I just would like to know how are things going now. I remember you guys are buisy and volunteers. I wanted to figure out, when I should return to apply the newly approved traits, thats all. Sorry if I gave a reason to misunderstand me.
#2750 by skorpiondeath
2022-02-26 at 17:02
< report >Silence you are a long time user here on VNDB, probably you forgot since you took a break but me and you had many fights here in the past and from that point onward you went on my 'unlike' list. I usually tend to be more polite or check post quicker and generally put more effort toward people that I don't like just for the sake of impartiality. That's the main reason I tend to answer your posts on a timely manner.

Maybe my answer was built on prejudice, but I guess we both know what happened...Last modified on 2022-02-26 at 17:03