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#3026 by SomeDude
2023-05-24 at 05:02
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Fair enough... I disagree completely, as I'm sure do many others, as having those tags only encourages lazy tagging that is way less helpful and informative than it should be. But these child tags are so rarely used that it's really quite frustrating... at least some of the parent tags could be made non-applicable...

But it appears the admins' minds are made up and nothing we say will make a difference. I do think that when you see such tags and know of a more appropriate child tag, you should downvote the parent tag and add the child tag. Also, the various parent tags should really be updated to say "Please use relevant child tags if possible" in their description.

Many, many readers will stay miles away from anything with a Rape or Heroine Rape By Others tag, making them actively harmful in the following situation: They might actually reconsider if it is, instead, the proper Only Avoidable Heroine Rape tag (likely with the assistance of a guide to avoid the offending scene(s)). This is really the biggest concern when it comes to tagging rape scenes... rape is a very triggering subject for a ton of people.

I honestly don't think it would be too difficult to edit Heroine Rape by Others with a single line at the bottom that reads "Please use the child tags Only Avoidable Heroine Rape by Others or Unavoidable Heroine Rape by Others." And to edit similar lines to all other parent tags that have superior child tags.Last modified on 2023-05-24 at 05:25
#3027 by alto
2023-05-24 at 20:50
< report >@3026 Specific child tags are often great but beliar is right that in reality very few people will add them even if they care. People also use the tagging system in different ways. In defence of more general parent tags, they also have other virtues:
- They have different tag power. A game may be focused on a tag and be worthy of a 3 vote but the very specific child tags only have one scene. Unless there's some search magic that adds up child tag power, voting 1 is going to leave searchers unsatisfied but voting 3 is going to leave people searching for the child tags annoyed/disappointed. It's not super rare with tags like Incest (please, make it applicable again!).
- They have different spoiler levels. Your example Unavoidable Heroine Rape by Protagonist, like all the Unavoidable traits, is likely a major spoiler. However for a Medieval Fantasy VN, Rape being a part of the world probably isn't. There's an enormous difference between "Rape happens to someone, somewhere" and something so specific and inevitable.
- They are general! Child tags don't always apply. Specifics are often only hinted at, left ambiguous or very subjective. I was always annoyed at Pregnancy Ending when it was non-applicable.
- The broader tags are easier to apply. They are easier to find and can be applied by name only. They can often be safely applied before a game is released/you've played it fully (or like beliar says, from people who only look at the CG galleries). Niche games can go a decade before anyone fills out more specific tags.

I do think that when you see such tags and know of a more appropriate child tag, you should downvote the parent tag and add the child tag
Personally I think it's a little silly when people do this - the parent tags _always_ apply. Unavoidable Heroine Rape by Protagonist IS Rape even if that's the only type they (don't) want. The child tags are not superior, they are more specific. Speaking generally, people, please be careful if you do this, especially regarding spoilers. Don't be someone who downvotes Netorare for a more spoilery child - add both.

Ultimately, if someone can only stand a subset of a tag to the point they'd look up a guide to avoid the rest, whilst I sympathise, I don't think the tagging system is the solution. Or at least not without breaking it for other uses.Last modified on 2023-05-24 at 20:56
#3028 by SomeDude
2023-05-24 at 22:52
< report >@3027 You make some fair points. The spoiler thing is why I'm glad there's an option to "always show" certain tags in your account settings... and one of the biggest reasons to create an account in the first place (since browsers with no account have to show ALL spoilers in order to see the rape ones they're looking for).

I still think the Rape tag should be N/A, so that people would have to use either Avoidable Rape or Unavoidable Rape if they want to be general and spoiler-free. Because I don't consider either of these two tags to be spoilers... they're simply part of a VN's genre. Additionally, it would be helpful to add a sentence to each of the general tags encouraging taggers to use the more specific child tags, even if they're more spoilerific, because the child tags are honestly very underutilized. Currently the Rape tag is the only one with a sentence that reads: "Please use the specific child tag to mark the rape scenes in the game, so users that want to avoid/seek such content can make use of the tagging feature fully."Last modified on 2023-05-24 at 22:56
#3029 by rampaa
2023-05-27 at 14:36
< report >t3617.2969, t3617.2983, t3617.3006


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