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#551 by abyssaleros
2015-01-23 at 18:07
< report >@541 and @547 (with all answers):
Actually I had decided not to take part in any discussion on VNDB anymore.
But I take a last try here, not that this means I bother myself to be more active in future...

The scenario in discussion seems not in any kind related to NTR in any form in a strict sense of this subject.

NTR means the reader has to be in some direct form involved with the perspective of the protagonist who is involved with NTR (rather the passive male/female part who is not sexual involved in NTR A, B or C or the active male/female part who is sexual involved in Netori).

Any novel out of the perspective of the life partner who is fucking around has nothing to do with NTR in any kind.
NTR = jealousy in some way (more or less a try for a sum up)

I know that NTR nowadays is a much too often misused tag (not only here).

So if you as a reader do not expierience in a fitting length the inner turmoiil of the protagonist in seeing his life partner beeing 'defiled', the mind shattering cyclone of horniness and the primordial urge to go berserk, or the inner thoughts of the life partner stealing protagonist, his/her triumph of taking away someones other loved one, it is not NTR.

A novel missing this is just about adultery (cheating) or polyamory (swinging).

P.S. Wrote this before #550 was there^^Last modified on 2015-01-23 at 18:33
#552 by barfboy
2015-01-23 at 19:47
< report >Ok then, I can accept that. Thank you!

So, what I'll do then is use the Protagonist in Relationship and Adultery tags. That will let someone doing a search say 'ahh, this is about a guy cheating on his wife' then skip the Reverse NTR tag because in the end his wife is ok with it.

That can let someone searching know that in the end everything works out for everyone (or that the tag was accidentally skipped) and along with the unavoidable harem ending means he doesn't end up with two or more girls outside his marriage but that he ends up with his wife and one or more girls outside his marriage.

Great. I think it works.Last modified on 2015-01-23 at 20:01
#553 by tyr
2015-01-23 at 21:54
< report >You should have marked the unavoidable harem ending as a spoiler.
#554 by barfboy
2015-01-25 at 00:43
< report >WAIT!

I'm sorry guys, I'm going to have to dig in and go back to Reverse NTR is a must.

If Unavoidable Harem Ending is a spoiler then there's no way (without looking at spoilers) for someone to know which way the Adultery is going. Sure it can be inferred with the other tags that it's probably a man in a relationship with another women but without Reverse NTR there's no way to know. Adutery is not gender specific. This could be a standard NTR game.

Reverse NTR is not a spoiler. It's known from the first 10 minutes. Unavoidable Harem ending is. Someone trying to select a game where they cheat on their spouse needs the tag to make a decision.

I didn't even think of it until I read tyr's post. I'm going to believe from this moment forward that NTR is a story element and not an ending element and use it as such.Last modified on 2015-01-25 at 00:46
#555 by abyssaleros
2015-01-25 at 10:07
< report >And another novel tagged NTR which has nothing to do with NTR...

The clue in reverse NTR is
Games where a heroine or other female character steals the male protagonist away from another heroine.

This means the protagonist is sexual active in some way with the NTR content, if I remember right you said, it is the heroine who is fucking around with someone else.
This is not NTR even if all works out good at the end in some way - "harem end".Last modified on 2015-01-25 at 10:15
#556 by savagetiger
2015-01-27 at 15:36
< report >Student Council President Hero should be a child tag of Student Council Member Hero.
likewise Student Sports Club Member Hero should be a child tag of Student Club Member Hero.

Just a suggestion, but if you made a meta tag for Hero/Heroines job and put all those related teacher/lawyer/doctor etc. tags under it that would make those pages look a lot neater.
#557 by anonymous
2015-01-28 at 02:53
< report >The Support Characters tags should have "support character" or "side character" in the actual tag names. A lot seem misused, e.g. games being tagged with Twins to refer to protagonist or main character twins, rather than side characters. (Pretty sure I've misused some of these tags myself, too; sorry.)
#558 by dk382
2015-01-28 at 04:43
< report >I think at some point we need to identify a lot of the misapplied tags and hopefully get warfoki to overrule a lot of the ratings. The Twins tag is one of the bigger problem tags. Also, a lot of side characters with h-scenes are being mislabeled as heroines in the tags, and I believe those tags are only meant to identify actual main characters. There is also a pretty big problem with redundancy. For example, games with both Modern Day and Modern Day Japanese Town tags. There are some other problem tags as well. Maybe some day I'll try to come up with a list of problem tags and games.Last modified on 2015-01-28 at 04:46
#559 by barfboy
2015-01-29 at 07:36
< report >Sorry abyssaleros, I did a terrible job explaining because I was using multiple examples that had nothing to do with the original VN.

The protagonist is directly involved with a girl who steals him away from his wife for 80% of the novel.

Next question.
Galzoo Island
I'd been using the Monster Girl Heroine tag because well, the girls ARE monsters. They're not what you'd call typical monster girls though, they look90-100% human.

So now the description has changed and technically the tag no longer applies. This is an exception not a rule obviously. The girls have obvious traits humans don't have. They lay eggs (all of them although there's only 1 egglaying scene that's actually shown and not simply described). They reincarnate, they can be captured and ... I dunno what to call it, enslaved? by a summoning spell.

They're not human but now because of the description change, they're not strictly monsters either.

Do you guys mind if it slips through the cracks and gets the Monster Girl Heroine tag applied anyway? What do you think?
#560 by timentimeagn
2015-01-29 at 08:55
< report >I don't know if this should be in a tag thread since it is more of an input thing, but since the body tag for ages are of apparent ages, if we know the ages of characters would it be good to have something to input their actual age? Would be good for like the Fake lolis like the one for Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~ and the like.
#561 by dk382
2015-01-29 at 10:10
< report >This belongs in the traits thread. Anyways, in most VNs, actual age is never given, so it would be a rarely used field. If age is ever given and it's a notable aspect of the character, you can list it in their description.Last modified on 2015-01-29 at 10:12
#562 by barfboy
2015-01-29 at 19:05
< report >We have the tag Sex Involving Children

That'll give you a decent start. For my part any time a girl can be shown to be a child (either by directly listing her age or through some means such as her first period or her grade in school) then I'll tag the VN and list the reason why in the girl's description.

Like Hoshizaki Mei She's a child because she's an elementary aged girl. This is blatantly discussed in the VN. So she's the child in that VN.

Someya Shiiko Her age is given as 10 years old (many times) in the first story she appears in. It's how Sakuranbo Shougakkou rolls. So she's the child in her story.

You can also easily browse the tag Elementary School Student

I'll update Furusawa Kosuzu Kurayama Aya and Kurayama Saya because they all have their first period during the course of the story for you so you can see why they're children.

So tags already work, since the number of games where producers are willing to discuss age is extremely low.
#563 by kratoscar2008
2015-02-05 at 01:14
< report >Can i request that the "Group Sex of One Female and Several Male Clones " tag to be reevaluated? I think is a feature quite present some visual novels.

I think there is quite a lot of people interested in VN that only feature sex between the mc and the girls and when seeing a picture of one female and several males assumes she is being raped when in fact is some magic sex between her and the MC many clones wich is fine since she is still technically only with the MC.

These are some vns with it:


I mean one could go to say getchu see an image like in link and see no tag in the database and asumes is mass rape and avoid the tittle.

I will search for more vns with this to give more ground to my argument.
#564 by savagetiger
2015-02-16 at 08:10
< report >Starting with those newly added Loli and Shota support character tags, the main name of all of those side chara tags should probably have side character in them. I'm sure a lot of those games that are already tagged with some of those are mistagged because of that.
Drama club / Board game should be capitalized.
It would be nice if there was a way that everybody could vote on spoiler settings of tags rather than the one who first added them.Last modified on 2015-02-16 at 10:51
#565 by anonymous
2015-02-16 at 14:49
< report >"the main name of all of those side chara tags should probably have side character in them"

Agreed. There's definitely mistagged games because of this.

"It would be nice if there was a way that everybody could vote on spoiler settings of tags rather than the one who first added them."

There's a spoiler setting right next to the tag vote. Or are you confusing with traits?
#566 by savagetiger
2015-02-17 at 02:23
< report >^no some games you try to change the spoiler setting but it doesn't save? Like Brothers Conflict I tried to change the two Ending tags to minor spoiler but it doesn't save, probably because of whatever spoiler setting was first set when it was added.
#567 by anonymous
2015-02-17 at 03:33
< report >You have to vote on the tag for your spoiler change to be saved.

If you did vote there's an error going on that I can't help you with.Last modified on 2015-02-17 at 03:34
#568 by savagetiger
2015-02-17 at 03:59
< report >^ooh that's what it was...
should be in the FAQ
#569 by warfoki
2015-02-17 at 21:13
< report >@Kratoscar2008:
If I let that through, then I also have to let all the other variations of it through on principle. And frankly, this is a very niche fetish to have that many tags for it. So how about a "Sex Involving Clone(s)" tag instead?

Capitalizations are fixed. As for the support characters, I should've done that ages ago, on it right now.
Edit: And done. Added "Support Character" at the end of everything there, with the exception of the "friend" tags and Foolish Villain. This last one is an odd one out, since in an off-the-wall insane comedy it's possible to have a character like that as the main antagonist, so more than a support character. So it's a bit off to have this tag under Support Characters, but considering that we don't have antagonist tags at all and how rarely this tag is used anyway, it's well within an acceptable error margin, so I just left it there.Last modified on 2015-02-18 at 15:59
#570 by anonymous
2015-02-18 at 19:26
< report >Now that the support character tags are fixed, I voted down Twins as Support Characters on Pizz'Amore, since the twins are a hero and heroine. Then I realized that, although there's Twin Sister Heroines and Twin Brother Heroes, there's no tag for a set of twins who aren't the same gender. Not sure what to call that tag, though; any suggestions?
#571 by mashibana
2015-02-18 at 19:51
< report >Maybe the best option would be to create a Twins as heroes tag (gender neutral), and make Twin Sister Heroines and Twin Brother Heroes its child tags.Last modified on 2015-02-19 at 11:04
#572 by takata
2015-02-18 at 23:51
< report >Request tag vote override:
Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- is tagged with More Than Seven Heroines, but there are only 7 heroines: Aselia Bluespirit, Esperia Greenspirit, Oruphaliru Redspirit, Lesteena Dai Rakios, Uruka Blackspirit, Misaki Kyouko, Kurahashi Tokimi. Here's a guide to back this up: link Strangely enough, echomateria is credited as one of the authors of this guide, yet echomateria has also voted +2 on this tag. O.o???
Was the tag named "at least 7 heroines" at one point?Last modified on 2015-02-19 at 00:08
#573 by drjones
2015-02-28 at 13:05
< report >Should fake options and meaningless choices be separate tags?
#574 by anonymous
2015-02-28 at 14:54
< report >^ No, because they're talking about two different things. Fake Options = the game presents you with choices, but won't let you choose anything but the right one. (link is a good straightforward example.) Meaningless Choices = the choices you make don't set flags or change the story.
#575 by venomg3
2015-03-03 at 16:44
< report >Kitsune Heroine could use Fox Heroine as an alias

as Kitsune Hero has fox hero