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#2851 by catboy
2022-06-29 at 20:05
< report >Shouldn't Angel Hero be under Non-human Hero and Divine Hero too?
#2852 by notauser
2022-07-04 at 20:21
< report >I managed to create Fake Choices because I was searching for something like that, but I didn't find anything. Now I found out that there's Fake Options, but it doesn't contain the word choice and it's not under choices, so I didn't find it. So I guess my tag could be ignored, and instead Fake Options added to choices?
#2853 by gambs
2022-07-07 at 06:39
< report >I am once again asking the mods to fix Kanji Puns

Almost none of the VNs in there are using kanji for “pun”/humor reasons, and in reality the tag is used solely for games that make references to the Japanese language for plot reasons. The tag would be more useful and descriptive if it were literally changed to “untranslatable kamige” but probably something less deranged should be used in reality

This issue is even more pressing with the upcoming release of SakuToki which will almost certainly make references to the structure of the Japanese language in this way
#2854 by norwegianboyee
2022-07-07 at 09:15
< report >There should be an tag for games that contain one or more attractive but uncaptureable heroines.
#2855 by notauser
2022-07-08 at 18:43
< report >@beliar: thx, but wouldn't it make sense to add Choices as a parent of Fake Options? Because that's where I was searching for it at first.
#2856 by nirvaren
2022-07-09 at 03:18
< report >#2854 that's extremely subjective though, isn't it. Usually something like that will be mentioned in the discussions anyways
#2857 by usagi
2022-07-09 at 17:59
< report >Evil Route should be subtag of Unique Routes.Last modified on 2022-07-09 at 18:08
#2858 by Ileca
2022-07-13 at 10:09
< report >Can you add the following aliases?
Asian-style Manor > Asian-style Mansion
Western-style Mansion > Western-style Manor
Edit: in fact, make their main name consistent with each other.
Maybe create a common Manor/Mansion parent tag?
Flat Tints Only > Anime-style ShadingLast modified on 2022-07-13 at 10:35
#2859 by anon88
2022-07-14 at 01:22
< report >I'm wondering if there exists a tag for when a bunch of the story is viewed away from the protagonist/without the protagonist being present?
And as an extension of that for when sex between others is viewed in that way. I'm not sure that simple "voyeurism" applies here
#2860 by usagi
2022-07-14 at 01:34
< report >
I'm wondering if there exists a tag for when a bunch of the story is viewed away from the protagonist/without the protagonist being present?
And as an extension of that for when sex between others is viewed in that way. I'm not sure that simple "voyeurism" applies here
Third-person Narrative
#2861 by anon88
2022-07-14 at 01:39
< report >#2860 Ah, and "Brief Third-person Narrative Sections" seems to fit 100%.
Would "Third-person voyeurism" be a possible tag, or is there something more fitting?
#2862 by zakashi
2022-07-14 at 02:02
< report >I think Christian Mythology has many misleading child tags, such as demons and angels, not every game about demons is related to Jesus or the Bible. Just click at the link and see the games that appear.
#2863 by anon88
2022-07-14 at 03:53
< report >May I suggest changing "Heroine Having Sex with Others" to "Heroine Having Sex with Other Men"?
I was almost about to suggest that as a new tag before I read the fine print under "Heroine Having Sex with Others".
#2864 by Draconyan
2022-07-14 at 05:13
< report >I'd rather get rid of the last line and have it applicable to all cases.
#2865 by Mrkew
2022-07-14 at 05:59
< report >#2864 Impossible. Heroine getting it on with other girls is seen as a non-issue among those who hate NTR. Lesbian sex is just a prank.
#2866 by Draconyan
2022-07-14 at 06:06
< report >I'll never understand yuricucks.
#2867 by norwegianboyee
2022-07-15 at 09:23
< report >I’ve noticed an trend where an character will be listed as both kouhai and senpai. This is usually the case for a 2nd year character that is "senpai" to an 1st year character in the story, but an "kouhai" to an 3rd year character in the story. But in-game if the protagonist is an 2nd year student it is apparent that the character will usually just be treated as an "classmate".
However there is no real way to distinguish this just from the information given in the character bio.
So it is my suggestion that the tags be changed to for example: "Protagonist’s kouhai", "Protagonist’s classmate" and then just "Kouhai" to show that an in-game kouhai-senpai relation exists that is not in relation to the game’s protagonist.
This will avoid misunderstandings such as thinking that an character is an protagonist’s kouhai or senpai when in reality they are not.
#2868 by norwegianboyee
2022-07-15 at 09:32
< report >#2864
"I can forgive Lesbians, but not gay men."
- Lukashenko, dictator of Belarus:

Probably also girls getting it on with other girls is not cheating or smthing.
#2869 by butterflygrrl
2022-07-15 at 21:09
< report >Third-person Narrative

Current description:
The game is not presented from the point of view of a protagonist, nor does it focus on any single character to direct the story.

This is somewhat confusing. There are games presented in third-person view that still have a clear single protagonist whose actions are directing the story. Most books are written in third-person and that doesn't mean they don't have a central protagonist. Some do, some don't.

Since No Protagonist is a separate tag it seems like it would make more sense to remove the bit about not focusing on a single character, unless I'm missing something.
#2870 by beliar
2022-07-15 at 21:13
< report >You are right. That description is a bit confusing and needs to be rewritten.
#2871 by Ileca
2022-07-16 at 23:53
< report >Didn't notice that Under the Same Roof existed so Share House should be a subtag.
#2872 by thereservoir
2022-07-17 at 03:04
< report >Can we get tags for some of the more common software that are being used to create 3D CG? I think that would be useful for the software that have a very recognizable art style like Honey Select and Koikatsu. Could maybe also add Daz 3D. I guess it isn't necessarily married to any art style in particular although I find it still ends up being pretty easy to recognize CG that was made in Daz.
#2873 by Ileca
2022-07-17 at 03:09
< report >t18677
#2874 by beliar
2022-07-17 at 16:23
< report >#2867 makes a good point. Currently, pretty much every character can be tagged with kouhai/senpai traits due to the description: "This character is a kouhai/senpai of another character in this story." It would make sense to retool the traits to be protagonist-centric and read: "This character is a kouhai/senpai of the protagonist." Thoughts?
#2875 by NaioHoras
2022-07-17 at 16:32
< report >not in favor. pretty much every role traits are like that. limiting it as protagonist-centric only for senpai/kouhai rel is just nonsensical. the only thing that can solve it completely is the never-coming character relation feature.

puting the character relation in the character's desc is enough for now.