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#1001 by lunaterra
2017-04-27 at 19:50
Skin Option either should be made a subtag of Heroes Appearance and Protagonists Appearance or shouldn't be a subtag of Heroines Appearance.
#1002 by [deleted]
2017-04-28 at 00:45
It should be a child tag of Customization, I'd think.
#1003 by guest93
2017-04-28 at 17:23
Changable Font should be "Changeable" instead of "Changable"
#1004 by guest93
2017-04-28 at 18:54
I looked through some of the recently deleted tags, and found one that had potential but was not clear enough formulated apparently.
Now I don't know if I should apply a new tag request, or simply reference the old and post an updated description of it here.
It's Multiple branching points btw. (My guess is to capitalise it to look better)
This tag should be applied to visual novels that contain more than one branching point.
This is opposed to having one uninterrupted Common Route (all choices, if any, lead back into the Common Route), and determining after its end the route to enter depending on said choices, or having a selection choice/screen at the very end.

It comes in three variants:
Variant 1: A choice decides if you get on a heroine's route or if you continue the main story. This choice can be also be hidden by making the wrong choices before, or until finishing certain other routes. Important is that one option immediately (or at the end of the day) starts the selected route, while the other essentially removes the route to be reached from now on. The common route of such games usually either offer a default route or "punish" the player for not being able to choose with a neutral/bad ending.

Variant 2: You get to a branching point in which the story divides into at least two different story lines without locking down on any route. In effect this "cuts down" the possible endings into distinct groups. An example with 4 routes would be a "X&Y vs. A&B" choice.

Variant 3: The game itself contains non-linear branching, or otherwise branches into distinct story lines at multiple occasions while still being able to reach multiple different endings. Even more so if you need a walkthrough to find all of them.
This also counts when one or multiple routes can be reached via multiple distinct story lines

The main point is, not all routes (or endings, for that matter) share the exact same Common Route to be able to enter them.

Example for Variant 1: Crescendo ~Eien Dato Omotte Ita Ano Koro~, Grisaia no Kajitsu
Example for Variant 2: Chrono Clock
Example for Variant 3: School Days, Katawa Shoujo
And in case Multiple Common Routes is approved, you probably could add this:
"In case of multiple starting points, use Multiple Common Routes instead"Last modified on 2017-04-28 at 18:58
#1005 by armony
2017-05-01 at 17:38
Can non-romanceable characters in all-ages visual novels be considered a hero(ine)?
#1006 by thewayfarer
2017-05-01 at 20:21
Bunnygirl Heroine is lumping two things altogether: "Playboy bunnies" and "real bunnies". They may look the same, but differs in "type".

I'd like to see if there are any VNs with "Rabbit-Girl Heroines" and not those in the skimpy costumes. But because the costume and the Usagimimi term are all mashed together in one, it makes it hard for me to narrow down searches to find if there are any "Rabbit Girls". Nobody is even lumping Kemonomimi together with its child tag so I can even find these "Real Rabbit Girls!" I suggest that the alias "Usagimimi" be separated into a child tag for the tag in question and be renamed as "Usagimimi Heroine", just so that it can narrow down any games with real bunny-eared girls.Last modified on 2017-05-01 at 22:55
#1007 by traumatizer
2017-05-05 at 16:33
Argh, I made a mistake which I noticed today. If the tag Osananajimi Support Character gets ever approved, please add "more of" after the "One or"! :P
#1008 by vol-k-e-r
2017-05-05 at 18:00
Who this mysterious moderator for whom all tags wait?
#1009 by kiru
2017-05-05 at 18:43
Some things are probably needing discussion. For example that weird ecchi tag I see there. It.. kinda makes sense to have it, but at the same time it also doesn't because it's essentially just the Japanese pronunciation of h. Meaning h-scenes = ecchi-scenes. So.. basically it's a problem. If I'd be mod, I'd reject it on the spot, but it's not that easy. (I'm also massively against stuff like "shoujo-ai" because it's just a wrong word/genre that got somehow established)

And then there's always the question of if a certain tag or trait is actually useful. Though of course it should really not take more than a month or two for approval. If it's so much of a problem deciding if a tag/trait makes sense having, it's probably not worth it.
#1010 by skorpiondeath
2017-05-05 at 19:07
Genital Piercing should be marked as sexual
#1011 by takata
2017-05-06 at 13:32
Who this mysterious moderator for whom all tags wait?
Me and two others, sorry. >.< I'm getting a bit busy irl lately.

Some stuff is fairly easy to accept or reject, but a few things seem like they should go into the tree, but have a lot of pitfalls to watch for, much like the one tacticalmaster pointed out a few posts ago.

You can list more than one parent trait when adding a new trait to the queue.Last modified on 2017-05-06 at 13:33
#1012 by skorpiondeath
2017-05-06 at 13:55
@takata - really? how?

P.S: ok I just discovered about the "Parent traits" list of id.... lol
Thanks I would have never discovered otherwise

much like the one tacticalmaster pointed out a few posts ago.
tacticalmaster - pointed out about an old tag Bunnygirl Heroine which has nothing to do with Bunnygirl Cosplay. I think Bunnygirl Heroine was made to discover real bunnygirl heroine, but if I understood what he is saying is that the tag mix skympy playboy REAL bunnygirl (like Baniko) with REAL rabbit girls without bunny outfit (like Nene Rabbit, or Mimi).
So probably distinguish those two characteristics moving the "Usagimimi" alias as a subtrait of bunnygirl heroine could be a real and correct thing to do.

This as nothing to do with the cosplay tag Bunnygirl Cosplay where a character wears playboy bunny outfit during some scene (sexual or cosplay) of the VN and never being a REAL bunnygirl (so no physical kemonomini bunny ear and such...).
Bunnygirl Cosplay cannot be applied to Baniko for example since she wears the bunnygirl costume as a main outfit, in this sense she is not cosplaying at all she is damn serious about it.Last modified on 2017-05-06 at 14:25
#1013 by usagi
2017-05-28 at 19:25
Heroine definition
Heroines are the female members of a game's cast with their own routes and/or endings.

Do not mix with a VN's lead female character, that is called a protagonist.
should be changed. There are lots of vns without endings/routes related to heroines (umineko, higurashi, MLA etc.) but with many heroines playing very important role in the story. Because of current definition there are lot of confusion among vn readers already.Last modified on 2017-05-28 at 19:30
#1014 by sakurakoi
2017-05-29 at 13:38
but with many heroines playing very important role in the story

so... what's so difficult about just calling those main plus support characters?

Now what's actually important to note if the protagonist does or does not get romantically involved with a character, if they do, they are heroes or heroines, if they don't well, guess what... really, if there is just one, central hero or heroine, then so be it and it is actually important to note and know.

It is contra-productive to tag someone a heroine, when they are not and there are plenty of Support Character Tags. Mind you, the description there does not exclude main characters even if an alias is side character (which are just more commonly also just support rather than sub-heroine).

I suggest to merely clarify both pages (hero(ine)=>romantically/seriously sexually, not just some happening, involved with the protag), support character=>add "can be a main character") if there is confusion instead of redefining.

Just please get that "(Fe)male Main Characters are hero(in)es" and "Side Characters can not as the same time be Hero(in)es" because as mentioned, at the same time, apart from what you mention where female main characters are not heroines, there is the concept of sub-heroines which may very well just have a little route...

just look at MajiKoi which is so expansive that literary the "fan disc" is already part of the first work (and second, and the 5+1 As) and they made another many alternate routes which have different sizes (still gotta love that tutorial love interest, there does not always have to be any drama to justify romance, just like each other and be happy forevermore~).

The old concept of heroes and heroines as role in literature is out of date for a reason, especially because both can be equally subject of saving, fantasy (including gods and myths) is not always the focus and indeed genre and scenarios obviously increased (plus the kinds of media to convey whatever story), merely with time but also advancements in science which let us imagine even further ahead.

Games and Visual Novels meanwhile also enable empathy, for the protagonist who would have previously only been the "hero" of the story (or heroine), than ever before simply because one does not see themselves and does not get elaborately explained what one is supposed to see.

By the by, funnily enough at the bottom of the page I got the quote... "I'm talking about the traits of a main character! Or are you a girl?", for I have yet to read Sumaga because I'd rather wait for a TL but also am not really interested in it, I got to wonder about the context~
#1015 by usagi
2017-05-29 at 19:45
I suggest to merely clarify both pages (hero(ine)=>romantically/seriously sexually, not just some happening, involved with the protag)
Do you realize that vndb is not database dedicated exlusively to japanese romance-oriented eroges but dedicated to all novels (western ones, serious ones, not about choosing your waifu ones)? Do you realize that even latter can have lots of heroines worthy of searching? Do you realize that current support characters tags are lackluster and rarely used comparing to heroines tags and it is inevitable as a result that lots of vns have nonmain characters tagged as heroines (especially if we talk about hybrid gameplay vns like Rance)? Do you realize that there are ntr genre where heroines can be sexually involved exclusively with other man instead of protag?
support character=>add "can be a main character") if there is confusion instead of redefining.
I think it will add even more confusion than there is.

In my opinion trying to create two searching systems (groups of tags) for characters based solely on bangable factor and not their role in the story is wrong on so many levels/overcomplexifying searching that I don't know even where to begin.. Just think about why loli heroines fan should use two tags instead of one to not skip Illyasviel von Einzbern for example - only because she has not route? And even if he does - how much more unconvenient it will be - sorting out all novels with real support characters with couple of scenes - to find those "almost main ones" worthy of your time?Last modified on 2017-05-29 at 20:39
#1016 by guest93
2017-06-02 at 10:36
The error I posted in t3617.1003 a month ago is still existing.... and I haven't got any answe yet to t3617.1004 ...Last modified on 2017-06-02 at 10:38
#1017 by skorpiondeath
2017-06-05 at 16:22
Ehi guys I wanted to ask a question about tags. In Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay Suru Macho Ryuugakusei ~Shucchouchuu no Sono Ura de, Tsuma wa Kurobikari Bou kara Afureru Hodo no Hakudaku o Sosogare, Yorokobi ni Michita Acme-gao o Sarashiteita~ (LOL for the short title) the protaganist is a male, that's for sure, since you cannot start the the game in any other way by hitting the "New Game" button.
Now after you play the game you can use a particular "flow chart" button to replay the whole game from other character perspective (they actually become the protagonists), tag Other Perspectives has been used but I don't think it applies since it's a not a perspective for a short period of time. The correct tag to use in my opinion should be Multiple Protagonists right?

Second thing, I wanted to add Multiple Route Mystery tag to it, but the problem about that tag is that the novel mistery is solved not reading routes but is solved more about reading those same routes from a different character (proagonist) point of view... but maybe since it's a different point of view can they be considered different routes too?
As I thought about it in my mind it should be more something like "Multiple Protagonist Point of View Mystery" or something along those line, but I am not sure about it.
There is someone more expert than me on the subject that can help me out to understand if I'am missing something?Last modified on 2017-06-05 at 16:24
#1018 by runeii
2017-06-07 at 12:03
This is minor, but I think Epidemic should have the alias of 'plague'. It seems under-utilised and that may help.
#1019 by lunaterra
2017-06-13 at 16:04
I think that Transsexual Protagonist, Transsexual Heroine, and Transsexual Hero should have "transsexual" changed to "transgender"--"transsexual" almost always refers to people who've gone through medical and/or surgical transition, while the tags also cover characters who haven't (eg Naomi, Metamorphoser, Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival). The Wikipedia article linked in the tag descriptions even says that transsexual "is generally considered a subset of transgender" and has a section about the distinctions between the two terms. link

It'd also be consistent with the Transgender trait.

The heroine tag should also be removed as a subtag to Heroine, since it's already a subtag of Heroines Traits.
#1020 by lunaterra
2017-06-28 at 06:12
Apologies for the double post.

Fairy Hero and Fairy Heroine should be subtags of Fairies. The Fairies tag should also have Faeries, Faerie, Faery, Fay, and Fae as aliases, just to cover all the variant spellings fantasy stuff uses...
#1021 by runeii
2017-06-28 at 23:15
Can we get Coworker Heroine and Co-worker Hero to use the same spelling?

Since both forms are acceptable, the alternate spelling can be put as an alias.
#1022 by bishoujoguy
2017-07-09 at 14:25
Why is there a Otome Game tag, but not a Bishoujo Game tag? Not every non-Otome VN is a Bishoujo Game. For example Planetarian, Steins;Gate, Umineko.Last modified on 2017-07-09 at 14:27
#1023 by seraphic
2017-07-13 at 04:44
Quick description edit for Soapy Massage. As popular as it may be in Thailand, it originated in Japan as a way to get around anti-prostitution laws.

Relevant Wikipedia page: link
#1024 by armony
2017-07-28 at 15:15
I would like some clarification on how to tag main characters in non-romance oriented games.

For example, link focuses on platonic relationship between mc and her brother, should I tag this as Protagonist's Brother as a Hero, or Brother Support Character?

I used to think that hero(ine) tags were for romanceable characters only (and characters with sex-oriented routes in nukige I guess), but there's actually no mention of this in the tag description, the only requirement is to have their own route and/or ending.

On the other hand, No Hero(in)es and some other tags make it seem like being the protagonist's love interest is a crucial part of the hero(ine) definition.
#1025 by kiru
2017-07-28 at 16:59
I wouldn't care too much about routes and whatnot. A main-character is simply a major character in the work, regardless of if it has routes, romance and whatever else in it. A support character is a minor character.

Routes and whatnot don't really say anything anymore. Sub-heroines with routes are more and more common for example. And vndb tries to have a standard, but doesn't really have one. Sometimes important characters without a route are "main-characters" (i.e. in Sakura no Mori † Dreamers or Newton to Ringo no Ki ), sometimes they aren't (i.e. in Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart ). The whole thing is rather rare in VNs though, so this weirdness is to be expected. Most VNs don't have male characters who are important enough to be called a main-character, nor female characters that have as much screentime as the heroines but aren't a heroine. (btw., heroine and hero should be for route characters, but vndb has no tags for "normal characters", neither support nor heroine/hero, so those can be used for everything as well. Although that WILL lead to confusion in some cases I suppose)Last modified on 2017-07-28 at 17:03


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