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#1351 by savagetiger
2018-08-12 at 21:54
Haraguro Heroine - just rename it if you think people don't know what Haraguro means, but leave that as an alias.
Is it really misused?
There's Haraguro Hero too.

Romanceable protagonist candidate(s) needs to be properly capitalizedLast modified on 2018-08-12 at 22:06
#1352 by kominarachromer
2018-08-13 at 00:20
Ludum Dare Game Jam - At this point, I feel like we should just remove all of the specific game jam tags; I don't think they really add anything, and any criteria for inclusion is going to seem vague and arbitrary.
#1353 by minah
2018-08-13 at 00:41
^ I agree, I don't see how having more specific tags than Game Jam gives you any extra useful information.
#1354 by leery
2018-08-13 at 02:58
>> Yes, it is unclear. Have you actually tried reading it?
> *sigh* I changed the description to the one provided by the Oxford Dictionary. Be happy, be drunk...

The part you changed is much better, but I will not be happy until you include the word 'hair' in the very first sentence of the description. Is there a reason you are avoiding it?

"This game has at least one heroine with braided hair." or "This game has at least one heroine with her hair in braids." would be fine for me.

>> Great, now the people trapped on a burning ship are no longer trapped; instead, they're confined.
> So? Seems legit. You yourself tried to school me on aliases and now you are having a buyer's remorse? For shame, Leery.

No, I'm not having buyer's remorse. You did not do a change of alias -- you made a change of title. You ought not to make major changes to a tag without running them through other people.

> P.S. How the hell are you tracking the changes I made?

ESP and/or psionics.

> Regarding the Scorpiondeath's suggestions, does anyone object to me renaming the currently poorly named Heroine with Thigh-highs to "Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki" and changing the currently useless Stockings to "Stockings Fetish"?

I like Stockings Fetish. Don't care either way about the first one.

> Haraguro Heroine needs to be either renamed to Manipulative/Scheming/Machiavellian Heroine, or completely purged and a new tag created with the aforementioned names. Suggestions?

I'd go for Manipulative.

> t3617.1158 - Reportedly Central Heroine is a mess. My suggestion is completely removing the tag, as it doesn't appear to be fixable in the current state. Thoughts?

Dunno, one of those things I haven't run across (yet). Deletion sounds viable.
I only recognise My Fair Angel and Kana ~Imouto~ out of the games tagged with it, and a few handfuls I know the titles of but am not familiar with the games.

For Kana ~Imouto~ it makes sense, for My Fair Angel not that much (it's a single-girl raising sim, which of course has other heroines too. Otherwise it would be a boring game.)

tbh, if you only see a single character on the cover, it seems like a probable candidate for this tag...

> And now regarding the tags currently stuck in the queue:
> Near Future - I'm afraid people are gonna use a different definition what constitutes "Near Future". That's why I'm not sure about approving the tag.

Sounds like a Twenty Minutes into the Future to me.

> Foreign Language Learning - I'm not sure we need to split the Education tag further, especially because most of the games currently under it are already related to language learning. I'm leaning towards denying it.

Educational is not a highly populated tag; I don't think it needs any splitting.
You could add some sort of 'learning'/'teaching game' aliases to Educational for searching.

> Pedophile Protagonist, Lolicon Protagonist, Shotacon Protagonist - Usagi's suggestions. t3617.1224. Seem to have merit, so I'm likely to approve them.

I would assume a protagonist of that kind be the default in the games geared for that audience. Don't care either way.

I don't particularly like the filing under Psychological Problems though I can see the reasoning.
(I'm not objecting -- as long as the tag can be found elsewhere too. And it can.)

> Story recap - Dunno how many VNs are there that use this technique.

The database does seem to have a lot of technical tags that sound marginal (to me).

> Test of Courage - Not sure if people are not gonna misuse the tag for the most arbitrary of reasons.

It's fine for me. One of those events that happen quite often in a Japanese setting, and I even used the tag once. I would assume the word 'kimodameshi' that was supplied as alias will ring bells for people.

Object to the word "significant" in the description though. File it under Story Events.

> Non-protagonist love - Do we have any VNs that would require this tag, instead of, let's say, "Love Triangle" tag?

Terrible name.

> Ladder Structure - Seems to have merit, but I'm not sure if people are gonna use it correctly. I'm afraid it would soon become a mess if approved.

My primary concern is that it will require quite a few playthroughs of a game to be able to discern the presence of that sort of structure, if any.

> Homicidal Hero - are there many VNs, where the Hero is simply a murderer, without Yandere or Yangire traits coming into effect?

Should be named Murderer Hero at least. Homicidal means 'with a desire to commit murder'.

So, er, if I didn't voice a clear opinion above, it was a "don't care".

Randomized Events: "Example of a game with randomized events: v19637"

Yeah, that's an SLG. Well, possibly raising sim.Last modified on 2018-08-13 at 05:33
#1355 by leery
2018-08-13 at 04:30
Today, in the series of 'what the hell is this tag for and why isn't it a metatag':


and why the hell does it have Castle under it anyway.
Actually, I'd delete the tag and petition for legal custody of its children.

The fact that it has (irrelevant) children is problematic, so I'd prefer its children be moved anyway. Apartment Building is the only child that makes sense.

I mean, it's technically OK but what sort of a game would be tagged as 'House'? Wouldn't 'Home' or something make more sense? Assuming it's for the 'private tutor' type of games.

Please rename it to 'House, M.D.'

(Incidentally, I would say Body of Water fits better as a metatag too.)

While we're on the subject: Teacher Protagonist / Teacher Hero / Teacher Heroine possibly should have a 'Private Tutor Protagonist' / 'Katei Kyoushi' / 'Governess' aliases. That, or someone needs to propose new tags. New tags would probably be better.

By the way, I found a game where No Sense of Direction Heroine would apply except for the fact that she's (a) protagonist. I don't particularly want to create a tag for it. What should I do?Last modified on 2018-08-13 at 04:53
#1356 by dk382
2018-08-13 at 05:25
At the very least, I agree that "House" should not have those child tags. A tag meant for "regular houses" is fine and holds meaning, but it shouldn't be a parent tag for so much random crap.

Also for Haunted House, I see both games with haunted-house style attractions found in culture festivals, theme parks, etc, as well as games that are set in lived-in houses that are actually (or thought to be) haunted. I don't think it's very useful to have these things sharing a tag, but I'm not sure the best way to separate them are, or if we should just axe the theme-park style haunted house attractions or what.Last modified on 2018-08-13 at 05:34
#1357 by kiru
2018-08-13 at 06:24
@1354: You can easily figure out a game's structure by checking any walkthrough. Especially ladder structure is obvious. See link (edit: Kinda nsfw site btw, because of advertisement for VNs)Last modified on 2018-08-13 at 06:26
#1358 by leery
2018-08-13 at 06:29
Rename it to Private Home and alias Regular House, General House, Sergeant House, etc.

A tag's title should optimally be around 10-20 characters in length. Anything shorter is hard to find. Anything longer is an eyesore.
#1359 by minah
2018-08-16 at 00:57
Please add BxB Romance as an alias to Male Romance and GxG Romance as an alias to Shoujo Ai.

Come to think of it, should the Shoujo Ai and Yuri tags also be renamed like the yaoi-related tags were?
#1360 by kominarachromer
2018-08-16 at 01:37
#1359 probably, since like half the titles tagged with yuri only have threesomes in them


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