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#1551 by minah
2018-11-26 at 23:58
Seke Protagonist should be a child tag of both Seme Protagonist and Uke Protagonist so people wouldn't feel the need to add all three tags and could just add the most relevant one.
#1552 by batoo
2018-11-29 at 13:17
Edit if they're accepted, Writing (Diary) is a child of Engages in Writing.
#1553 by barfboy
2018-12-01 at 17:39
Can we change Superhero to 'Super Powers'? There are plenty of people who get super human powers without using them for good.Last modified on 2018-12-01 at 17:40
#1554 by kominara
2018-12-01 at 17:51
#1553 Superpower Possessor
#1555 by tsukai
2018-12-02 at 01:24
I agree that the Shooter Game tag doesn't fit the Baldr games (aside from Baldr Bringer). They could probably be moved over to the Beat 'em up tag, since it's one of the categories platforms such as Steam seem to use for games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta etc. among others if a more specific tag for it isn't made.Last modified on 2018-12-02 at 01:28
#1556 by barfboy
2018-12-02 at 06:21
What if we added

'Use of this trait is limited only to situations where the narrative or character description specifically states this character has been given extraordinary or super powers.'

That way we let the author decide what constitutes a 'super power'. Because not having such a trait is odd and nobody would be better at deciding what a 'super power' is than the person crafting the story.
#1557 by sullen
2018-12-03 at 12:53
Honestly, I'm not sure we even need Opposite Gender Dubbing as a tag, but if we're going to have it, it should be renamed. "Dubbing" involves audio replacement—original voice work is not dubbing. "Sex" would also be preferable to "Gender" (more accurate + less potential for semantics/drama), but I suppose I should put a limit on how pedantic one man can be. At the very least, one of the various aliases not featuring "dubbing" should probably take the official position instead.

I'm not sure I care for the "Trap Heroine" tag being redubbed Cross-dressing Hero either. I get the Heroine-Hero switcheroo is to be more accurate to the character's actual sex, but I feel the tag under its previous name did a better job of demonstrating that the character in question is a potential romance/sex option in a game aimed at heterosexual (well, mostly) males—of which the grand majority of eroge involving such characters are—simply by it being firmly in the Heroine category (now it's in both the Heroine and Hero categories, though it looks like it only belongs to the latter at a glance).

Honestly, I see Hero tags outside of otoge so infrequently that I usually assume they're tied to meaningful male side-characters, not full route romance options, so it causes me confusion personally. Then again, I never liked "Trap Heroine" either—I'm firmly for "Otoko no Ko Heroine", which used to be an alias, but seems have been removed with the significant name change. Although it's a mouthful, something like the current alias "Boy Cross-dressing as a Heroine" is more apt at the very least; it gets the point across that it's a heterosexual male love interest as well as a male itself across at the same time.Last modified on 2018-12-03 at 12:55
#1558 by rampaa
2018-12-05 at 22:24
Netorare Type B should be a child tag of Heroine Raped by Others.

I argued against this before, since Netorare Type B says "... or otherwise tricked..." but I've realized that tricking someone into having sex with you *is* rape according to VNDB. Tag-in-point: Rape by Deception.Last modified on 2018-12-05 at 22:24
#1559 by warfoki
2018-12-05 at 23:57
@Barfboy: Come on mate, you've been here long enough to know that NOBODY reads descriptions and it would result the trait getting misapplied all the time.

@Sullen: Fuck, I keep forgetting to rename those cross-dressing tags for months now, goddamit. So, Cross-Dressing Male -> Trap, Cross-Dressing Female -> Reverse Trap. Was the tag structure changed? I find it a bit confusing that both trap types are under both hero and heroine tags, but I can't remember if that's how that was originally or was changed with the names... (On a sidenote: "heros" instead of heroes just triggers my inner grammar nazi real hard...) Edit: there, fixed it before I would forget it again... -.-

@Rampaa: Well, yeah, that was my point originally, but someone (maybe you, can't remember and can't be assed to look it up) argued against it, so I decided to err on the side of caution.Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 00:08
#1560 by hybrid-being
2018-12-06 at 01:31
Maybe put Childishly Violent Protagonist, Childishly Violent Heroine and Childishly Violent Hero under Slapstick?
#1561 by minah
2018-12-06 at 02:21
@1559 Trap Heroine has been cross-listed under hero's traits for a while now to cover situations like Ratirica where the character is treated as one of several heroes. I've never seen a similar situation for Reverse Trap Heroine, but if it exists that should be cross-listed under hero's traits, as well.

Also can you fix @1551 while you're at it, please? EDIT: And re-add the Otoko no Ko alias to Trap Heroine?Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 02:23
#1562 by eacil
2018-12-06 at 05:07
You forgot the reason why the trap tag was renamed and most likely why you delayed the issue until now (that you have forgotten). It was because the name didn't fit the definition so you need to edit the description too or we are back to square one.

At least one of the heroines of this visual novel is a boy whose physical features make him look like a girl to the point that he could be mistaken for one.
Cross-dressing is not required while often being the source of the confusion.
Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 05:09
#1563 by thewayfarer
2018-12-06 at 05:53
Is there an example of any NON-hardcore Visual novels that involve Corruption of Characters...being a child trait of Drama?

Maybe because around 75% of its tagged visual novels are hardcore. But still, is this how the tag is used? Stereotypically treated as a "hardcore" tag? If the tag is "drama" material, then only a few of them could be lost in that sea of hardcore generic nukige based on how the child tag is widely used.Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 06:46
#1564 by warfoki
2018-12-06 at 07:00
@Minah & Eacil: Done.

@Thewayfarer: Yeah, reeeeeally need to sort out the relations of sexual tags one of these days. They are a mess. Corruption of Characters was initially supposed to be any kind of visible moral corruption, not just sexual ones. Like for example in a theoretical revenge story where the protagonist starts out as an innocent kid, gets his family murdered, swears revenge and as he grows up he murders, tortures, bribes his way to the murderers to the point where by the end he is no better than them. Would be a perfect fit.

But, well, got hijacked by nukiges that have like a character turned into a succubus by a demon lord protag or the like. Maybe making a separate tag for sexual corruption would sort it out, but at this point that would mean deleting the tag altogether, because nobody is going to go over ~400 entries to sort them out. And I'm not sure if that's worth the trouble.
#1565 by eacil
2018-12-06 at 08:01
Nitpicking but the most used spelling of otokonoko is 男の娘. Apart from Otoko no Ko Club, I don't remember if I ever saw おとこの娘 used somewhere.
Also, do we keep cross-dressing as aliases? Same, the parent tag is still Cross-dressing.
Maybe add Otokonoko as alias because it's used a lot (more than otoko no ko, I believe).
#1566 by warfoki
2018-12-06 at 08:07
I freely admit I had no idea of the spelling, I used Otoko no Ko Club to copy from, just removed the kanjis meaning "club" from the end of it... I thought I was clever with that... :( Fixing it now then. Also, I think I left all the cross-dressing names as aliases.
#1567 by thewayfarer
2018-12-06 at 08:20
@warfoki: It did felt off to me since I noticed it was in a general-rated parent tag. But either way, we still have to tag Sexual Corruption on all applicable VNs over the raw corruption tag. And deleting the former would mean we have to find them again -- the hard way. Of course somebody has to go through the gauntlet... :/
#1568 by seniorblitz
2018-12-11 at 20:16
Photographer Protagonist should also be under Artist Protagonist.
#1569 by savagetiger
2018-12-13 at 11:26
School Nurse Hero should be a child tag of Nurse Hero
#1570 by seniorblitz
2018-12-13 at 12:52
Oyaji Protagonist should be under Adult Protagonist, like the Hero counterpart. Also under Male Protagonist since for the character to be an older male, they have identify as such gender in the First place.Last modified on 2018-12-13 at 12:54
#1571 by kratoscar2008
2018-12-13 at 15:47
Identify? He HAS to be a male, dont bring sjw mentality to vndb. Next we are going to tag traps as female.
#1572 by seniorblitz
2018-12-13 at 16:17
Unnecessary Salt is unnecessary, wasn't trying to bring 'sjw' mentality here, was just trying to be technical/to the point, but eh whatever you probably don't care.
#1573 by kominara
2018-12-13 at 16:38
#1571 you're embarrassing yourself. pls stop.
#1574 by seniorblitz
2018-12-13 at 20:30
Another question, does both Linear and Branching tags apply to an anthology game which has some stories being branching, and others being linear (the game in question being Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~), also does the same applies to games like Soul Link, which some chapters are Linear (Ch.1 and 3) and others branching (Ch.2).
#1575 by lordfrivolous
2018-12-16 at 21:26
Sex while playing a musical instrument? I could see how this might be a fetish of someone's, and I have encountered a few examples.




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