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#1601 by matmic
2019-01-08 at 12:15
I don't think that Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ is popular enough to be used as an example.
#1602 by batoo
2019-01-12 at 15:58
Plant (w/ Mandragora), Centaur, Orc, Goblin and Merperson should be under Monster.

And Goblin should be a child trait of Orc by the way.Last modified on 2019-01-12 at 16:00
#1603 by savagetiger
2019-01-12 at 16:15
Goblins and Orcs aren't the same species in all fantasy worlds, so they should stay separate.Last modified on 2019-01-12 at 16:15
#1604 by batoo
2019-01-12 at 19:04
@1603 Just like mandrakes, which are sometimes much more human than plants, but they are always affiliated. I propose to link goblins to orcs because 99% of people base themselves on Tolkien's universe, which is the best known and most copied in all fantasy books, especially in relation to races and their characteristics.

After the moderators do what they want, I suggest that's all.
#1605 by usagi
2019-01-14 at 23:27
I forgot to add in description of my next new Seduction tag difference with Reverse NTR (it's about ntr fetish whereas seduction can occur without protagonist being in any relationship). If the tag will be approved - please add this.Last modified on 2019-01-14 at 23:33


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