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#1601 by matmic
2019-01-08 at 12:15
I don't think that Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ is popular enough to be used as an example.
#1602 by batoo
2019-01-12 at 15:58
Plant (w/ Mandragora), Centaur, Orc, Goblin and Merperson should be under Monster.

And Goblin should be a child trait of Orc by the way.Last modified on 2019-01-12 at 16:00
#1603 by savagetiger
2019-01-12 at 16:15
Goblins and Orcs aren't the same species in all fantasy worlds, so they should stay separate.Last modified on 2019-01-12 at 16:15
#1604 by batoo
2019-01-12 at 19:04
@1603 Just like mandrakes, which are sometimes much more human than plants, but they are always affiliated. I propose to link goblins to orcs because 99% of people base themselves on Tolkien's universe, which is the best known and most copied in all fantasy books, especially in relation to races and their characteristics.

After the moderators do what they want, I suggest that's all.
#1605 by usagi
2019-01-14 at 23:27
I forgot to add in description of my next new Seduction tag difference with Reverse NTR (it's about ntr fetish whereas seduction can occur without protagonist being in any relationship). If the tag will be approved - please add this.Last modified on 2019-01-14 at 23:33
#1606 by lunaterra
2019-01-17 at 04:00
No Saves should be a subtag of No Quick Save/Load.

No Quick Save/Load should be a subtag of Game Saving Method.

No Skip Function should be a subtag of No Skip Read Text Option.
#1607 by srsly
2019-01-17 at 23:30
Anal Rape should be under Anal Sex, since the former is a form of the latter.
#1608 by beliar
2019-01-18 at 20:32
@1606: Imho it's actually the reverse: No Quick Save/Load should be a subtag of No Saves and No Skip Read Text Option a subtag of No Skip Function. Will do in a moment.

@batoo: I'm with Savagetiger on the Orc/Goblin question. Most modern fiction does not subscribe to the Tolkienesque definitions of the two so the two should probably stay separate.
#1609 by minah
2019-01-18 at 20:37
No Skip Read Text Option shouldn't be a subtag of No Skip Function because it has the opposite meaning -- this game has a skip function that can't be customized vs this game has no skip function at all.
#1610 by beliar
2019-01-18 at 20:42
So, your suggestion would be to simply leave them both under 'Design'?
#1611 by minah
2019-01-18 at 21:00
^ Yes.
#1612 by lunaterra
2019-01-19 at 00:18
I don't mind having No Saves and No Quick Save/Load being separate, but I don't think No Quick Save/Load should be a subtag of No Saves--a game that doesn't have quicksaves can still have saves, you just can't save with a single button press.

Also, with the way that filtering works, wouldn't that mean that if you wanted to filter out VNs tagged with No Saves, it'd also filter out VNs tagged with just No Quick Save/Load?
#1613 by minah
2019-01-19 at 14:58
^ You're right, if one's going to be a subtag of the other No Saves should be a subtag of No Quick Save/Load (because it has no quick saves and also no other saves).
#1614 by usagi
2019-01-20 at 07:51
About Seduction
Seems to be a very broad tag with lots of exceptions no one will heed. I'm not sure of it's usefulness and will reject it for now, unless I can be convinced of its utility.

Could you please elaborate on this? Actually seduction behavior in most typical vns outside of sex scenes is really rare - so I can't see how this tag can be broad. Majority of vns heroines are really passive in that sense - except maybe in case of some femdom games. Otaku's fetish is pure/innocent/virgin heroines mostly - so even in milfoges/nukiges proactive seduction is rarity. The most typical example of what I had in mind is My Daughter's Plaything heroine's behavior or, for example, Suou Amane or Katsura Kotonoha behavior, when she is flashing tits before protagonist deliberately (also Shiina Miyako is good example too). How it can be non rare? Such cases are pretty rare and where you can see it - it's most likely will be some OELVN since such behavior is more common and permissible for western society's women.
Maybe the name wasn't very accurate though. I suppose the name "Seduction by Heroine" (with "sexual teasing by heroine" as alias) would be more appropriate - to stress the fact that it's not about protagonist actions. So I see it as pretty useful tag since quite realistic behavior - typical for women's flirting/socializing - is mostly absent from majority of vns so many would be interested to find novels where it's not the case, I believe.
P.S.: the last line from the tag's definition (where "do not mix" etc.) can be omitted, I suppose, if you think it's too confusing. I mean the definition is pretty much clear and these exceptions were just me being too pedantic in trying to avoid any misunderstandings even in theory.Last modified on 2019-01-20 at 08:26
#1615 by savagetiger
2019-01-20 at 18:49
No Saves and No Quick Save/Load should just both be under Game Saving Method with no child tagging because of the way searching works.
Right now it's completely wrong because games that do save but don't quick save will show up when you search no saves.
If you switch it around I guess it's technically correct but it's still a bit confusing I think.
#1616 by lunaterra
2019-02-22 at 03:41
University Student Hero should have "College Student Hero" as an alias.

University Student Protagonist should have "College Student Protagonist" as an alias. The description should be corrected to "The protagonist is a university student."
#1617 by namingmegently
2019-03-11 at 01:10
Dying Hero should also be under Terminal Illness.
#1618 by batoo
2019-03-17 at 10:35
Remarriage should be a child trait of Wedding, no ?


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