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#1776 by namingmegently
2019-07-14 at 21:39
Isn't Alternate Starting Point another way of saying "Chapter Selection"? So why is it, along with Unlockable Choices and Fake Options, under Routes instead of Choices? Also, why is Skip Scenes under Routes instead of Design?Last modified on 2019-07-14 at 21:58
#1777 by usagi
2019-07-17 at 09:11
Public Masturbation lacks the line in description existing in Masturbation in front of an Audience - about difference between the tags. Also, Public Masturbation should be removed from Exhibitionism and placed under Sex in Public Places.
Public places have nothing to do with exhibitionism - it was the main reason why two separate tags were created, as far as I remember. Exhibitionism is about exposure to strangers or people with whom you are not in a relationship yet - which can take place even in private location.Last modified on 2019-07-17 at 09:23
#1778 by kiru
2019-07-17 at 09:42
@1776:Alternative starting point means, you have a different point where you can start the story. For example you don't have to do the prologue again or something like that. Chapter select means you can select any chapter and/or scene you have already cleared. Those don't even necessarily continue the story after you are done with them.
#1779 by namingmegently
2019-07-17 at 17:08
That's the idea I get from the name, but Alternate Starting Point's description makes it seem as if the general idea was for it to be an Instant Prologue Skip to Route Selection tag, for which case, I don't know why an actual "Route Selection" tag wasn't created.

I'm not sure if these applications should be siphoned into a child of Alternate Starting Point, but I'd find it much more useful having the tag limited to the VNs with a chapter menu from which one point in the story's timeline is chosen to start reading continuously from to the very end of the VN; right after selecting a starting chapter, some VNs have an additional prompt for you to freely distribute among the hero(in)es the affection points that would have otherwise been lost in the chapters skipped over. This is what I've regularly been using Alternate Starting Point for and I wouldn't want such a neat feature to get lost among a catalogue of 'Prologue Skip's.
#1780 by pillostorm
2019-07-19 at 19:34
I think Furry should have "Kemono" as an alias, as people who want to search only for Japanese furry VNs might not know that both styles are treated equally here in the DB.

Also, Protagonist's Boss as Hero should be a child tag of Heroes Relation, just like its opposite sex equivalent Protagonist's Boss as Heroine is under Heroines Relation.

And I have a question about Highly Animated Sprites. Do sprites such as the ones in Gyakuten Saiban count? I have the feeling they don't, but I wanted to be sure before downvoting.
(Also, I suggest adding "Live2D" as another alias for this tag, since it's also quite popular for sprites in VNs such as the PSP version of Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story.)Last modified on 2019-07-23 at 08:55
#1781 by fuukanou
2019-07-20 at 17:20
What do you do with Opposite Gender Voiced if there's a reverse-trap whose gender is a spoiler? It doesn't appear to be wrong at first glance but it's not right when you consider the spoiler.Last modified on 2019-07-20 at 17:21
#1782 by kratoscar2008
2019-07-23 at 20:05
Heh so when is someone going to approve/deny tags? Its been days since a few were submitted.
#1783 by beliar
2019-07-23 at 21:10
Days? Dude, wait a few months before me or Warfoki get to it, then you should wait a few months before lodging a complaint about your tag being denied and then we will maybe respond to your complaint in a few months if all the planets did align.
Didn't you know that's the proper sequence to get the tags approved on vndb? :-P

P.S. You are bound to be disappointed, because I saw which tag you submitted... Just saying...
#1784 by kratoscar2008
2019-07-23 at 22:31
I have a 1-1 record so im hopeful.
#1785 by rampaa
2019-07-23 at 23:13
"Homosexual Male/Female Protagonist" tags have been denied with the following reasoning:
A useless fork. g1470 together with g133/g134 already serves the same function.

But this is not exactly true. Sure, if you want to search for homosexual male/female protagonists, then g1470 along with g133/g134 would serve the same purpose. But, if you want to exclude homosexual male protagonists (and not all male protagonists along with it), using g1470 along with g133 won't be helpful at all.Last modified on 2019-07-23 at 23:24
#1786 by butterflygrrl
2019-07-24 at 00:21
include male protagonist, exclude homosexual protagonist?

i mean you could say the same thing for every protagonist descriptor.
#1787 by warfoki
2019-07-24 at 00:25
Oh the newlywed sex thing? Yeah, I agree with it's denial. people would have just used it for every CG that features a wedding dress, regardless of context.

On the note of accepting things... I'll get to it at some point. Right now my laptop crapped itself (this is a low-spec backup one) like about a week before I'd go on vacation. Plus I'm still busy irl, since when life throws shit at you, it tends to do so by the truckload.Last modified on 2019-07-24 at 00:25
#1788 by rampaa
2019-07-24 at 00:31
#1786: The point is I don't want to exclude lesbian protagonists. I just want to exclude homosexual male (damn English for not having a specific word for this) protagonists. Excluding Homosexual Protagonist would get rid of lesbian protagonists as well.Last modified on 2019-07-24 at 00:31
#1789 by zakashi
2019-07-29 at 21:44
Remove KiriKiri Engine since we already have the release option.
#1790 by fuukanou
2019-07-29 at 22:24
#1789, I've always wondered why we had that as a tag. Aren't release specific things generally NG?
#1791 by zakashi
2019-07-29 at 22:34
#1790 What does mean NG? And i suppose because these kinds of tags were being submitted much before the release option was added. We should remove Engine along with its child tags instead.
#1792 by zakashi
2019-07-29 at 22:44
#1781 You can add Opposite Gender Voiced as a spoiler trait no? And in dubious cases such as hermaphrodite characters you can consider the dominant gender i suppose, or just don't use it at all.
#1793 by eacil
2019-07-29 at 22:51
You don't wipe out a tag like that before you made sure it was properly ported to the new feature. The engine info from those tags was automatically appended to a number of releases but it was filtrated so I guess a fair number of releases still don't have their engine field filled. VN's tags should be incrementally untagged following releases' tagging until the tags die on their own.
And maybe Yorhel is keeping them alive the time for him to monitor if the new engine feature is not blowing up.

*NG=No Good.
#1794 by bobjr2000
2019-07-29 at 22:54
I don't think opposite gender voice is really a spoiler imo. People have different sounding voices, very often in cartoons will use woman to voice young boys or male teenagers. Unless they use a male voice to begin with then switch to obvious female voice could be a spoiler. I would say the VA would be more of spoiler than opposite gender voice.
#1795 by zakashi
2019-07-29 at 23:01
Fair enough, didn't think this kind of monitoring was possible.
#1796 by zakashi
2019-07-29 at 23:07
#1794 I meant in the case where the character appears to be of a gender at the beginning but turns out to be of the opposite gender after. Isn't that what fuukanou meant?
#1797 by bobjr2000
2019-07-30 at 00:42
wouldn't you just put reverse trap as a spoiler then? I was more point to example below where character sex and gender is male but has opposite voice.

I always thought opposite voice just meant audio as in you know this person isn't going to sound sex you thought it would be or VA just happens to be opposite sex doing voice.

#1798 by zansnae
2019-08-05 at 17:55
Hi I was thinking of adding a tag for a VN but I’m not too sure what to use. Basically, a twist to the VN involves the protagonist discovering they are not who they think they are. Do we use Existential Crisis in this case?
#1799 by beliar
2019-08-05 at 18:08
Tomato in the Mirror :-) Though actually using the relatively obscure trope name would be stupid.

Anyway, your intended use seems to be very broad. I'm pretty sure I won't approve a new tag with such a vague definition and broad applications. It seems to me that Existential Crisis does indeed cover most of the core tenants of what you want to accomplish, so using it might be preferable in most cases.
#1800 by zansnae
2019-08-05 at 18:49
Alright I’ll use it then. Thanks!


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