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#1801 by namingmegently
2019-08-11 at 14:34
The Victorian era was not part of the Early Modern Period, and so it shouldn't be an alias of Early Modern Period Earth.

The tag Early Modern Period Earth was clarified in t3617.860:

Early Modern Period (*3)

*3: Only valid for VNs set outside Japan. Use tags under Japanese History for VNs in Japan. Approx early 16th - late 18th century. After Medieval period and before industrial revolution.
#1802 by ginseigou
2019-08-11 at 21:32
Only 2 games under Trap Transformation Ending tag. I think it's useless.
#1803 by lunaterra
2019-08-21 at 18:58
Birthrate Decline shouldn't be under Setting. It would make more sense under Other Elements or possibly Story Events.
#1804 by kratoscar2008
2019-08-23 at 01:22
How so? That tag usually applies to the whole setting, if you see the tagged VNs all of them have the decline as being the central focus of the story or setting and usually why the sex happens.

On another note we really need the ability to remove tags from VNs, it helps in many cases where people tag just based on nothing but a hunch. It wouldnt be such an issue if the downvoted tag didnt show in the search results or you have more than 2 people voting for it as it makes it so other users doesnt knows which is right.
Recently the nameable protag tag was used in the latest moonstone cherry game and the reason? The user worluvus seems to have only played Imoparas and assumed that this new game would have it too and he didnt even bothered to try the trial which shows such feature isnt present. That tag needs to be erased not downvoted, its there just to confuse people.Last modified on 2019-08-23 at 01:26
#1805 by lunaterra
2019-08-23 at 01:51
There are three types of tags under settings:

* "Scene" = physical locations (e.g., school, hotel, amusement park, military base, etc.)
* "Universe" = is the VN set in our universe or another universe? If it's set in our universe, what geographic location is it set in? (e.g., Japan, Europe, USA, etc.)
* "Time Period" = what time period is the VN set in? present, past, future? (also includes seasons, which doesn't quite fit in with the rest but makes sense)

"Birthrate Decline" just doesn't make sense alongside these. Meanwhile, Other Elements includes other "event" settings like Battle Royale, Apocalypse, and everything under Story Events.
#1806 by kratoscar2008
2019-08-23 at 01:58
Ah i see, yeah i guess that makes sense.
#1807 by barfboy
2019-08-25 at 12:45
I created a tag
Ordered Choices
About two weeks ago. I should have said 'Every' instead of 'the'. Every first choice is for the first heroine, every second choice is for the second heroine, every third choice is for the third heroine, and so forth. I'm trying to describe games like
Yumekoi ~Yume Miru Mahou Shoujo to Koi no Jumon~
and many others where every choice is ordered according to heroine. This can make it much easier for players to know what they're getting into when starting a game so tags like
Blind Choices
are less confusing. The choices in Yumekoi are only 'blind choices' if you don't realize they're also ordered.
#1808 by barfboy
2019-08-31 at 23:15
New question. New post.

I want to create a trait for 'exposed' clothing? I don't know what to call it. Reason is: Roshutsu Kei Mahou Shoujo Lovely ☆ Lily

Best way to explain is to show it

When she transforms her body is purposely exposed to maximize her embarrassment (her magic is based on embarrassment) so her crotch is exposed and her top is transparent.

I was thinking 'Exposed'

This character wears clothing which purposely exposes the breasts, buttocks, or sexual organs of the character when worn properly.

This trait can then be a parent trait for tags like all the crotchless traits
and would cover some (but not all) types of Transparent clothing.

The boorus used to call it 'useless clothing' but has since moved on to some other umbrella term that all the cool kids use now which I don't know. Although the tag still exists nothing is tagged with it anymore

Examples in fan art are numerous although Satoshi Urushihara is the granddaddy of the trope.

Just looking for input before I submit something.Last modified on 2019-08-31 at 23:17
#1809 by nakage
2019-09-09 at 10:37
I think the Iyashikei tag should be re-evaluated.

It's listed as being something that is open for interpretation and not something that developers will aim to create. This is simply untrue, and such reasoning can be argued with many tags on this website. Utsuge can be a genre that is subjective as the loss of a character by the end of a story may still completely prevent a cathartic ending to some people, for example. I consider the KEY VN Rewrite to be an Utsuge as the game was just straight up depressing. I would have never played it had I known what happens.

Let's take VA-11 HALL-A

Many people consider VA-11 HALL-A to be a relaxing game, and the intent of the game is fairly clear. There is no tag to denote that this game contains any of this. For me, Kamidori Alchemy Meister also has themes which are fairly laid back. The game is not very fast paced, and features many laid back moments in it. There are still no tags that denote this at all.

The entire concept of a moege also brings rise to this tag being necessary. Say, for instance, a person may want to read a low-conflict story. You can exclude a few tags (nakige, utsuge, drama, thriller) and still end up with games like Evenicle or the Rance games. Those games contains rape. So we have to add several more tags until we have an exclusion list 6-10 tags long, that still won't remove everything (unless you knew every single possible tag) when we could just have a single tag get the job done.

The idea of excluding tags is also not a good one. Remember VA-11 HALL-A, a game designed to fit this tag? When you exclude these tags, VA-11 HALL-A gets removed as it contains a little bit of drama in it. You would miss out on one of the most iconic relaxation games on the market just because there isn't a tag denoting that it's a relaxation game.

The genre is also not unheard of. Just type in "Iyashikei" into google and you will get a lot of results to media that is strictly designed to fit this genre. This isn't unheard of. Writers do write stories to be an Iyashikei (moege especially). Saying that it's open to interpretation is an extremely weak argument.Last modified on 2019-09-09 at 10:41
#1810 by namingmegently
2019-09-14 at 12:01
The Relationship Chart tag needs additional clarification on whether it's to be used for static charts that illustrate the main characters' relations with each other, or if it's to be used for dynamic charts that depict the main characters' ongoing relationship towards the protagonist via affection meters.

Hint: The first example provided in the tag's description is from Sakura Sakura and more information on its mechanic can be found at link . The second example provided in the tag's description is from Kuru Kuru Coeur and more information on its mechanic can be found at link .

If it makes it any clearer, rename Relationship Chart to 'Relationship Gauge'. I assume Gauge Display was created for non-relationship gauges, yes?Last modified on 2019-09-16 at 19:50
#1811 by fuukanou
2019-09-16 at 01:11

Wrong its in description.


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