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#1851 by namingmegently
2019-11-07 at 16:25
Does Based on a Manga still apply when the VN is an adaption of the anime adaption of the manga?
#1852 by warfoki
2019-11-07 at 17:23
I think it's simpler if I just go and make Based on Anime tag. So I just did: Based on an Anime
#1853 by fuukanou
2019-11-11 at 22:43
I've got an idea of a tag for 'prematurely-ending sex scenes' where due to some interruption (e.g. participants chicken out, participants change their minds, someone else interrupts in the act) the scene is prematurely ended (e.g. before climax). The key point of the tag is that it's set up as all the other scenes are (e.g. with a CG if H-scenes usually have CGs in that game), except they end unnaturally faster than the other scenes.Last modified on 2019-11-11 at 22:45
#1854 by kiru
2019-11-12 at 09:12
^What use does that tag have? Would anyone really search for it? Would it be really useful as a tag to ignore, seeing how this is not only rarely the case but also usually only once among many other scenes? Would it tell anything interesting to someone browsing tags, keeping in mind that this could be considered a spoiler tag?

You can make tags for a lot of things. But tags do need to have a purpose. People need to have reasons to desire a tag or want to ignore it. It needs to provide information that can matter. In this case I'm not sure it does, but maybe you have an idea about that, given you suggest it? We already have too many tags, so it'd be not very useful to add more if they don't provided much of anything to anyone and only add to the clutter.


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