No Remake?

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#1 by vegasvlad123
2013-01-18 at 18:37
< report >They made a Remake for Rance 1 and Rance 2 .
Didnt they make one for Rance 3 too?
#2 by space-ranger
2013-01-18 at 19:23
< report >I never seen anything about a remake of Rance 1. It was rereleased in a bundle, but I don't think they actually changed anything inside the game.

It's highly unlikely that they ever made a remake of Rance 3 since such a remake would likely be added here already. Odds are that the translator would have worked on the remake instead of the original, if it existed.

I'm not sure how needed a remake would be, except for the H scene graphics. However I guess some would argue that that would be reason enough :)
#3 by moogy
2013-01-18 at 21:44
< report >TADA wants to remake Rance 3/1 and re-remake Rance 2 at some point so there might actually be one after Rance 10 is released and the series is complete. Rance 3 is an important part of the series in terms of story so I kind of hope he manages to get around to it, as it's rather unplayably dated and buggy atm.Last modified on 2013-01-18 at 21:45
#4 by space-ranger
2013-01-18 at 22:53
< report >Who is TADA and what is their relationship with Alicesoft? Sounds really interesting.

I disagree that the fact that it's dated is an issue. It sort of takes me back to the late 80's as it reminds me of SSI's AD&D games. It does contain some horrible bugs though and those are so not fun. The "save to restore chests & monsters" is really annoying. I managed to save BEHIND a boss and it turned out that he is only attackable from the front meaning I had to find the newest savegame in another save slot and redo the whole map >_<
A bugfree remake would be awesome. They should fix design flaws as well, like the one where Rance and his followers get XP rewards for NOT leveling up Rance when he has enough experience to do so.Last modified on 2013-01-18 at 22:54
#5 by moogy
2013-01-19 at 02:01
< report >TADA is the director/producer and lead programmer for the Rance series.
#6 by vegasvlad123
2013-01-20 at 15:24
< report >Cool .
Even though H-scenes are not the only things i bet need to be translated , such as map design and character portraits , first things first - i need to play it first ><
#7 by ds1150
2015-05-20 at 18:14
< report >Bit of a necro but a remake is now actually in the works, (link). Do we want to add it as a separate game like Rance 01 - Hikari o Motomete - or add it under the original?
#8 by zetsubou-bimmy
2015-05-20 at 20:18
< report >According to this link it's going to have the Rance 01 Card System in dungeons. Along with new graphics and voices and new people for scenario(?), it seems like it counts as a separate game just as much as 01 does.Last modified on 2015-05-20 at 20:19
#9 by ds1150
2015-05-21 at 05:26
< report >Since it sounds similar to the Rance 01 remake I've added it as a separate game (v17642). Let me know if you don't agree.
#10 by zakashi
2022-06-23 at 02:30
< report >How much better is the remake compared to this?
#11 by nirvaren
2022-06-23 at 03:16
< report >I've only played the remake but it's amazing. The music, the story, the characters, the gameplay. All are great. Haven't touched the original though
#12 by Mrkew
2022-06-23 at 09:07
< report >It's vastly superior to the original in every aspect.


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