Why is Season 2 treated under the same name?

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#1 by ernovace
2013-01-28 at 18:36
Not accusing or anything, just don't understand it.

Were these two separate releases? if yes, why are they not treated as a separate page in VNDB?

Or does Season 2 contain the 1st season as well?Last modified on 2013-01-28 at 18:37
#2 by madeking
2013-01-28 at 18:51
It does say:
[Season 1] Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 7
[Season 2] Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 3

under the release info for season 2.

the source is in japanese, so i can't say much more than that.
#3 by surferdude
2013-01-28 at 19:00
It's the same as Umineko & Higurashi, every new release also includes the previous chapters, so there's no need for a separate page.
#4 by ernovace
2013-01-29 at 10:53
Okay, thanks for the clarification.


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