Thoughts on the True Ending (Spoilers!!)

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#26 by arbel
2013-05-21 at 02:46
Isn't that the seriously overpriced one? xD
I'm just sad all the good stuff from innos webstore is sold out -_- I just want a damn inno tshirt, or any of the stuff they posted on their twitter up to the release of KnS2....sure must be nice living in japan *sigh*

And yeah, I agree. For a constant "side char" Yaginuma plays some pretty important parts and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. There's definitely more to him than meets the eye and maybe they'll explore that in KnS3 or some future fandisc^^
But more importantly, we NEED more Yukiko first :P
#27 by koji
2013-05-22 at 07:49
Overpriced yes, satisfied yes haha
I'm suggesting you to look around in YAJ (months ago I saw inogure t-shirt = 4000 yen)

need more of Yukiko's what? H-Scene?
Let it pours in future FD -w

Did you play the trial version?
And why in the first page you said "it's now like this Kns (Chapter of Hell) KnS 2 (Chapter of Purgatory) KnS 3 (Chapter of Heaven)" ?
I don't get the meaning of this sentence.
#28 by arbel
2013-05-22 at 15:20
Thanks for the tip, gonna keep checking back every now and then^^

I'm fine with that too :p
No, but seriously, despite her getting "some" focus with her backstory and all, she simply has no real importance, except serving as some sort of common connection.
Also, should they not pull a 360°, I don't see any place for her moving forward from KnS 2 <_<
But, maybe I'm just a fanboy ;)

Well yeah, but I only skimmed through it, since at the time I didn't want to spoil myself anything. Who knew it would be a standalone prologue ~_~

From what I remember, that's what the latin chapter titles stand for, but I bascially just copied that from some reviews and it's already been 3+ months since I played it so, don't take my word for granted xD The writer also always has some sort of underlying "theme" if you will in his stories and in the KnS trilogy that seems to be dantes divine comedy so I guess thats where the speculation comes from.Last modified on 2013-05-22 at 15:53
#29 by izmosmolnar
2013-05-22 at 16:13
I truly hope Yukiko won't return much (or at all) in the third game, found her quite irritating to be honest, especially toward the end game. I don't know actually why is she all over the marketing material like a main heroine, didn't really feel she was one. If anything that'd be Satsuki. While I'm at it, I hope Michiru comes back though, she was my favorite, some of her more powerful scenes did make me shed a few tears.
#30 by arbel
2013-05-22 at 17:38
My guess is most if not all of the story, will play out in a different location altogether, so who knows. Yeah, Yukiko is all over the promo material, but so is Satsuki aka Yukiko for the present and Satsuki for the past, it's the same on the game cover - Front Yukiko / Back Satsuki.

Again, I still don't think KnS was planned as a trilogy, otherwise they wouldn't have done Ruri no Yume. So the only way as not to render that drama cd meaningless, was to include it as the paradox ending. And the way that was handled? Well, too much deus ex machina for my taste xD

It's sad really, had it been a standalone game, without forced connections to KnS, it would have definitely been a 10/10 in my book.Last modified on 2013-05-22 at 17:42
#31 by koji
2013-05-23 at 17:08
My thoughts exactly.
" Who knew it would be a standalone prologue ~_~"
I'm feeling like a retard now, playing the trial version after finished the full game.

"Again, I still don't think KnS was planned as a trilogy...."
Yeah, inogure makes me a bit confused here.....please don't tell me the drama cds are actually Reiji's paranaoia all along x_x

Woah, what a hot statement.
For Kayahara Yukiko....I do like her voice....but the volume is killing me slowly.
What was the scene that make you shed tears? :o

No love for Ayumu? :(
Oh well, I will keep her for myself then.
P.S. that fighting stance CG really caught me off-guard >_< want more actions CG like Pianissimo or at least Cartagra Touji >< Akao.....Shuugo and Ryouichi >< Arishima
that being said please excuse me for my grammar mistakes, if any.Last modified on 2013-05-24 at 17:48
#32 by astranabeat
2013-08-02 at 14:42
I saw some cg of Touko in Wedding dress,what does that mean? IS it an illusion in Reiji head?Last modified on 2013-08-02 at 16:13
#33 by garejei
2013-08-05 at 08:16

Yeah, it is. Near the end of the game Reiji slips and falls in the forest, hits his head and has a hallucination/dream of leading a happy life with Touko, eventually marrying her. The End. It's one of the non-canon endings of the game.
#34 by finjas
2015-11-04 at 20:24
Just finished it.

I honestly don't know how to rate it.
I mean, it was amazing for the most part. People seem to dislike the Hitogata flashback, but I was really enjoying it. Maybe even liked it more than the rest of the game.
The writing was so good, and I actually cared for most of the characters. In fact, I liked the flashback so much, I started to feel that I don't want to return to Tokisaka's story and when I did return, I couldn't get into it for a while.

Of course, I got in the mood and started to like it eventually. Great chemistry between Reiji and Masaki helped a lot. I hope Masaki will have a significant role in the triquel.
I liked the mystery and how everything connected in the end, though there was absolutely nothing unexpected in the resolution. I guess you could figure everything out beforehand in first KnS too, but it still managed to surprise me one or two times. This one, though, was too easy. Maybe I just got gud at solving mysteries, but I doubt I'm any better at it than I was when I played KnS1.
Depending on your point of view, it might actually be a good thing that there isn't some stupid PLOTTWIST or something. Everything makes sense logically and flows naturally, storytelling-wise.

Overall, I loved first 2/3 of the game, but nearing the end it clearly started to sink.
The writing got lazy at the end.
Kohane, while doing mostly good for the majority of the story, ended up being far-fetched plot device for triggering the finale, which by itself isn't that great either.

Some already mentioned this, but I will too -- Yukiko has too little to do with the story for someone who is on the cover and who gives the game its name -- The Empty Girl. And her character doesn't make much sense too. I had no difficulty believing other characters to be people, but Yukiko is just there, doing what writer tells her instead of being a person.

Don't have any actual comment about the last part. The one, that directly continues the story from the KnS1.
It was... okay? Again, everything I expected it to be, absolutely no surprises here whatsoever.

In the end, while I did like the game and consider it to be superior to all the previous works Innocent grey ever created (Though, I haven't played Caucasus yet, so can't say anything about that one), still, I'm not sure I liked it more than the first KnS.
Kara no Shoujo was for me a discovery of sorts. It was new to me, it surprised me. I liked almost everything about the game despite it being very similar to one particular book. I was so in love, I was willing to overlook flaws. Even ones I usually can't forgive.

Kara no Shoujo 2 does almost everything better than KnS1, but does nothing particularly new or unexpected, as I already said. Because of this it had weaker impact.
That's why I'm not sure how to rate it.

The comparison to KnS1 is what creates a problem. But, oh well. My ratings are mess anyway, so who cares?

Also, surprisingly, the game seem to have more ties with Cartagra than with Kara no Shoujo. Weird. But wasn't a bad thing for me. I like references.

PS: There's no GD, so I posted it here.Last modified on 2015-11-04 at 20:42
#35 by babymetal
2015-11-05 at 05:29
The flashback was awesome. I love the feeling when still waters run deep in remote villages, let alone winter on which I always dote. And the true ending almost made me burst into tears. My main complaint is that the IG gory games in general tone down character's emotions for the most parts. Okay, dudes maybe survived a war. I mean, for real? You just have spent a night with Guriko! Fuck how you feel, Misaki. But the girls in KS1 especially seemed to me like paper thin pizzas with hardly any topping on it, so I took it for granted this time and didn't give two fucks about Yukiko. Although, Yukari is still my second favorite role by Kawashima.Last modified on 2015-11-05 at 05:47
#36 by astranabeat
2015-11-11 at 09:35
Just complete this game.

Reiji was really a gentle man. to go to true end he need to reject both girls (Yukiko and Ayumu) I the player don't want to do that.

Masaki got Maybe ever after ending. maybe his love life will continuous in part 3.

Yukiko was on the cover but man she just a side character. really disappoint.

the cover of part 3 is Toko. how the story will play? maybe the skeleton was toko's mother and Toko still alive. Reiji meet her but she die in his arms. yeah maximum despair.

I think this game better than the first but just a little. not madness enough. too much hint. puzzle too easy you can't miss any thing in investigation parts of the game

Hope part 3 come soon.
#37 by diceyy
2015-11-14 at 13:35
Did they use a different va for touko?. Her lines sounded noticeably different from kns1.Last modified on 2015-11-14 at 13:35
#38 by finjas
2015-11-15 at 01:17
According to the in-game credits, VA is the same. But she definitely sounded absolutely different. And the change was so for the worse, I'm glad she died and I won't have to listen to this new voice of hers.

Anyways, @36, there's no cover for KnS3 yet, there's only a promotional artwork that doesn't really mean anything.
I remember, the first image to be published when KnS2 was announced was the broken doll-Toko art that you can see in the title screen of the game after you get the true ending. In the end, even Toko-related storyline wasn't present for the majority of the game, so...Last modified on 2015-11-15 at 01:18
#39 by budrion
2015-11-21 at 21:56
I wonder what will be the plot for this third installment. The only promotional artwork we got for the moment is this one. link
It's Rokushiki Makoto right ? I thought his story was finished at the end of KnS and he's still in custody during KnS 2. He's the mastermind since the beginning but i hope that the story will not focus on him, as if he escaped from prison or something like that. I want a whole new case with new characters.
#40 by finjas
2015-11-22 at 00:56
Rokushiki is basically Hannibal Lecter of KnS.
He knows everything, got his hand in everyone's business and seem to have his own endgame, for which he is secretly pulling the strings.
I bet he even knows Kuroya Naori and wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with him turning out the way he is at the end of KnS2.

So I believe the third instalment WILL focus on him to some degree. It would be the most logical step if they are going to finish the story in the third instalment, since he is essentially one of the main characters of the whole trilogy on the same level as Reiji or Toko. Hell, he is the main antagonist.

I think there will still be new cases and new characters, but they'll eventually tie with Rokushiki Makoto anyway.
#41 by spyolas
2015-11-25 at 22:55
Can anyone share the complete savedata file?
#42 by whitetragedy
2015-12-15 at 02:05
Fuck, they had to hit us with the "Heaven" ending right before throwing us into hell in the True Route

Crying right now... even though I knew she was died right from the start

As this story is slightly based off Dante's Divine Comedy, which is about Dante's journey from Hell (KNS1) into Purgatory (KNS2) and finally into Heaven. Notice how in the Paranoia End (Obession End) he arrives in Heaven? It's almost as if the writers are saying that he can only reach the Good End through death.Last modified on 2015-12-15 at 03:01
#43 by backspace
2015-12-29 at 07:49
I don't want to believe Toko is dead. I mean what was the point of Misa being stolen? I was hoping they would resolve that in this one but I guess they might be saving it for 3.

Coming into this straight from KnS1 the changes to Toko's voice bothered me. It was a great part of her character/personality. It's def the same voice actor since I hear hints of the old Toko but its just...different.

It really sucks how this ends considering the last time you saw Toko was before the accident. I really wonder how a true end to this trilogy is going to be...
#44 by yasu95
2016-04-05 at 21:46
I've finished the game very recently. And I think the IG did a really magnificent job. I like all of their games, but this one was really outstanding, even when compared to their other titles (which are quite good). It had some flaws - mostly too convenient plot points. But the story was very good nontheless. People who complain about the True Ending (that it was too depressing and did not reward Reiji's/player's efforts) don't understand that a great story doesn't need to have a merry, "rewarding" ending. A great story should have an ending that invokes strong feelings in the reader and is hard to forget. And the so-called True Ending in KnS 2 is certainly very emotional and memorable. But what was truly heart-breaking for me was the whole Hitogata settlement part (both the flashbacks and the present) which was just too sad (I mean it in a good way) and at the same time very interesting. I came to like most of the characters from Hitogata (even the bad ones like Saya, Hideomi or Karen) thanks to that long flashback prologue which was a masterpiece in itself. The whole setting was superb, along with the climatic soundtrack. Overall, I loved the game very much and strongly recommend it to anybody who appreciates stories that get the reader emotionally involved with the characters.Last modified on 2016-04-05 at 21:50
#45 by finjas
2016-05-18 at 15:22
I realized just recently that we had seen Kuroya Naori already in the first Kara no Shoujo.
There was a scene in the train in the very end where unnamed narrator described his encounter with Mamiya Shinji and Toko.
This narrator is most likely Naori. Considering his being from the family of doctors and medical knowledge, it's no surprise that he was fascinated by Toko, given her condition.
Just a nice little detail that I missed. It's funny, I remembered it when I described scenes copied from Mouryou no Hako to a friend. If it's not Naori, than the scene is completely pointless in Kara no Shoujo, because it serves no purpose for either one of two released games otherwise.
#46 by iceborg22
2016-11-05 at 08:18
I just finished and I loved it.
And yeah like the first one this one ended in a sequeal hook and man Renji can't catch a break can he? Like the next game must end with a good ending for him christ
Also I must say the fact that we never know how Naori really is in the present is sooo good in terms of making me interested in the sequel, like he does things that makes me think if he is a totally bad villain or just a anti-hero because while we have the part in the true ending of the first KnS where he might be person who meets Shinji in the train and looks at Toko and calls her mother like Shinji does and the whole hiding both and then writing books pretending to be Shinji.
But then he does things like helping Nanako with hiding the murder of her father(her father was a huge asshole so I think this is a good thing) and since he lived with her for a while and intrusting the baby with her and she never mentions anything weird about him I can't see him having bad motives in that part.

I saw a theory where people say that Naori had the same condition of Yukiko of trying to be people he respects and his personality changes based on those people, like the fact that he mentions that he is a doctor in various fields reminds me of a certain other doctor and I wouldn't be suprised that they met when he went to Tokyo, and then we have the whole writing a book really similar in style with one that Shinji started writing makes me think something like that happened but he respected him so much that he pulled a Yukiko and killed him in the end.

I really hope in the sequel they don't pull a Shinji and by the time we discover where he is he might be dead because unlike Shinji who know alot from the first one we really don't know anything about Naori.Last modified on 2016-11-05 at 08:19
#47 by stormwolf
2018-10-24 at 13:40
I haven't read this yet as the ending was devastating in the first. Reiji making stupid decisions at the end did not help in the least. But about the skeleton situation. If there wasn't a timeskip involved then it's most certainly not Toko. A corpse takes a decade to decay enough to be a skeleton. I won't believe this writer would make such a mistake.
#48 by awsmo3000
2019-02-12 at 22:48
I finished this game a couple weeks ago but I haven't had anyone to talk about the ending with. I actually still haven't unlocked the normal end yet, but for some reason I unlocked the true end. Anyway, I actually really liked this game, I thought the new characters and stories were all really compelling.

From what I can tell the normal end seems to end on the scene between Masaki and Fuyumi eating konpeito at Moon World and reminiscing about their time in the cabin. I think this end was the most emotional and that's no accident: the story about the kids from the settlement was so well set up that I was really invested after the prologue. It's also such a relateable, human story: having to deal with the world as an adult, though this story's setting is much more harsh than mine b/c WWII, but the emotion is definitely relateable.

Anyway, so much happened between the two of them - and in the story itself - it was nice that, while they're probably not going to be in a relationship (though I ship it), they'll still see each other at least be able to share the memories of being Ayato and Ayako together. They also have a child in Michiru so you know they really can't be too far apart.

My only gripe, if you could call it that, was the resolution with Toko. I think since this story was mostly about the settlement kids and them having to deal with growing up, that to end it with that reveal just kinda seemed thrown in. Also, I might just be salty since I really liked Reiji's and Toko's relationship and I didn't want it to end in the first place, but if it was going to end with that much finality, I would've rather had them wait till the third one or something[spoiler]

But yeah, I'm still excited for what they have in store for Kara No Shoujo 3 since I love spending time with all these characters.
Last modified on 2019-02-12 at 22:56


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