Did I miss something? I'm not a great fan.

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#1 by insanityy
2013-02-16 at 18:37
I finished Clannad a while ago, but I kind of had to force myself through the whole thing. I was pretty bored, I only liked a few of the characters and the story was pretty boring to me, except for the 'other world' parts.

I've played other Key games, Little Busters and Rewrite, and I liked them fine. So, I don't really understand why I did not like Clannad, while it is the no. 3 visual novel here. Maybe it's the translation, because I never felt immersed or anything remotely close to feeling something positive for most characters. Or maybe it's just me.

I understand that most users who see this liked or even loved Clannad and do not approve of my opinion. I guess I would just like to know what everyone loves so much about this game. Thanks.
#2 by gabezhul
2013-02-16 at 19:17
*sigh* It's one of THOSE threads again. Great. -.-
One word: Opinions. You have a different opinion than the wast majority on a story? So what? Why does this warrant an apologetic question thread?
Whatever, have fun, I'll be back if things get out of hand (though I doubt it, I have never seen serious flamewars over CLANNAD, though as they say, there is a first time for everything...)
#3 by insanityy
2013-02-16 at 20:00
I'm just wondering what I'm missing, since others seem to think it's great.

If this doesn't belong here/If things get out of hand, a mod will eventually delete it.
#4 by desi
2013-02-16 at 20:06
You didn't miss anything. You obviously just didn't like it as much as the other Key VNs you've played.

I never felt immersed or anything remotely close to feeling something positive for most characters.

There you go. That's why you didn't enjoy it. You won't enjoy every VN that is highly rated on this database.Last modified on 2013-02-16 at 20:06
#5 by overmage
2013-02-16 at 20:44
You don't need a reason to not like something others don't like. Not everyone shares the majority taste for everything.
#6 by loctar87
2013-02-16 at 21:31
Something you missed? Well, there IS a checkbox in the options menu labled "Good story". Make sure you leave that checked, or the game totally sucks.
#7 by moogy
2013-02-16 at 21:32
the translation of clannad is really horrible and probably not a very good representation of the game though

try the anime instead
#8 by insanityy
2013-02-16 at 22:17
Something you missed? Well, there IS a checkbox in the options menu labled "Good story". Make sure you leave that checked, or the game totally sucks.

Damn, that must be it. Should have checked before I put 100+ hours into it. How silly of me!

try the anime instead

Thanks, I might just do that.
#9 by ultimecea
2013-02-17 at 01:26
not the anime again >.>
if you just watch the anime..
you just watching the most annoying route in the whole VN >.>

and to top the fact that you were missing Tomoyo, Kyou and Kotomi's ending.....
you just wasted everything...
some people may not agree..
but the VN is still the better choice~
#10 by then00bavenger
2013-02-17 at 01:46
Well the only really great part of Clannad is After Story anyway, which I hear the anime does a pretty good job with.
#11 by undying12
2013-02-17 at 02:38
you're not the only one
#12 by mattoak2010
2013-02-17 at 03:35
Whilst Clannad is overall a great VN with the After Story being one of the finest things I've ever read in a VN and leaving me an emotional mess, some areas I certainly didn't find it as enjoyable as other Key VNs I've played.

1) The heroines. Outside of Kotomi and Yukine I didn't really like any of the heroines with the main heroine, Nagisa, being one of my least favourite heroines in any VN I've ever played. She's so wet I almost felt that I was drowning whenever she was involved in the story.

2) The slice of life scenes. They sucked. Unlike other Key VNs like Kanon and Little Busters where I loved the slice of life scenes, in Clannad they were a real chore. Only when the emotional scenes started did I finally warm to most of the routes.

3) The protag. I really struggled to like the guy during most of the routes. His apathy made for some very heavy reading and he often left me wishing that he'd stop whining about things and just get on with his life.

So I can certainly understand why you wouldn't like this VN, indeed I dropped this VN on several occasions early on before it finally began to grow on me.
#13 by yimw
2013-02-17 at 03:48
I'm not a fan of these threads. Maybe I missed something and they aren't completely pointless.
#14 by engix
2013-02-17 at 04:33
I actually would just watch the anime too. I loved the VN a lot but moogy's right when he says its not a good representation of the VN. I still have nightmares from all the grammatical errors.
#15 by loctar87
2013-02-17 at 06:07
Clannad feels a lot slower than some of Key's other works. The anime puts everything on fast forward, and that works out okay, but I actually liked the slow pace of the original. It let you emotionally process each scene.

This is a bit off topic, but can we declare the English patch complete now? I'm not sure why it's still listed as partial. Is there still something left untranslated?
#16 by pendelhaven
2013-02-17 at 15:32
@9: Add Yukine's route too.

Seriously Nagisa was just too annoying for my taste. She felt really nagging.

edit @OP: if you don't like Nagisa in your first impression, don't watch the anime as it REALLY evolves around her.Last modified on 2013-02-17 at 15:48
#17 by ultimecea
2013-02-17 at 16:47
Yukine route for me is decent...
since she makes me wish there's more from her route...

and..i agree to the fact that AFTER STORY was the amazing part of Clannad
and..in my opinions...AFTER STORY is the only part in the anime that i liked

well..i do understands that to the fact CLANNAD VN have few grammar errors...(english patch i mean)
whilst i read the chinese ones..

but watching Clannad as an anime is bad..real bad
it lacks development on Tomoyo and Kyou~~
#18 by assassinator
2013-02-17 at 16:53
It's not just grammar errors, the translation is extremely inconsistent and some parts are outright machine translation levels of bad.
#19 by overmage
2013-02-18 at 04:06
Tomoyo is best heroine but her route was kind of meh so

Nagisa had the best route but she's a weak whiny useless bitch so

Straightforward slice of life is not my thing I will never give it the rating others feel it deserves, no matter how much others love it, even if it's genuinely good, kind of like how some people just don't like rap. Usually I just don't rate those, but that's also why I made my earlier post - I don't think you're missing anything, maybe you just dislike that Clannad is the slice of life to rule all slices of life, like me.

The TL is shit.Last modified on 2013-02-18 at 04:08
#20 by loctar87
2013-02-19 at 05:43
Thought process:
-"These people are fools who don't know what they're talking about. Clannad's translation was great."
-*Starts replaying Clannad*
-"Okay, so they might have a point with some of these lines..."
-*Continues playing*
-"Gah!!! How the hell did I not notice this the first time?! Did I just forget how bad it was!? Curse you all!"
#21 by herki
2013-02-19 at 06:13
when i read clannad after story was unedited machine translation, so it would be hard to not notice

and imo the anime does nearly everything better. definitely advised to watch that instead if you don't know japanese
#22 by pendelhaven
2013-02-19 at 13:04
weird, I never had the impression that I was reading a machine TL in after story.
#23 by surferdude
2013-02-19 at 14:18
On the bright side, we'll all be able to read a proper, polished translation as soon as Doki releases it. In about 5 years or so...
#24 by gerardlonewolf
2013-02-19 at 14:32
In about 5 years or so...

More like in 2050...
#25 by assassinator
2013-02-19 at 17:26
On the bright side, we'll all be able to read a proper, polished translation as soon as Doki releases it. In about 5 years or so...
It's Doki we're talking about, it probably won't be very proper nor polished.


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