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#1 by veebie29
2013-02-21 at 06:23
< report >Hi there... Just now I check out englishotomegames.net, and I notice that your other tumblr which is the same as your username... Sometime I did stalk at your website before but didn't notice it was you, lol :D... Nice to meet you... Sorry for suddenly saying Hi...
#2 by kukipandora
2013-02-21 at 19:08
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#3 by veebie29
2013-02-22 at 02:53
< report >I'm fine, thank you... :) And you?

Edit: I love your website and you even make a list of FREE & Commercial English Otome Games (which make it easier for me to search for new otome games which is free, cause I can't buy it, T_T) Oh and I just include your banner link in my blog ^^Last modified on 2013-02-22 at 13:06
#4 by kukipandora
2013-02-22 at 20:51
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#5 by veebie29
2013-02-23 at 03:00
< report >Haha, your welcome... BTW, may I ask you something? How do you get the banner links for Sakevisual and TeaCup Production? Cause I didn't see it from their websites...
#6 by kukipandora
2013-02-23 at 03:08
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#7 by veebie29
2013-02-23 at 06:41
< report >I did use them on my blog ^o^

Edit: Wow, you made them?! That's cool... :D

P.S And if it wasn't because of your websites, I didn't know there will be lots of free otome games in the upcoming releases *_*Last modified on 2013-02-25 at 09:40


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