Nemu Ending - Please Help Me

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#1 by thevsamovies
2013-03-18 at 00:47
Okay so I recently finished the ending of the Nemu route.

She got her memories erased but she kept releasing petals, then she died, and now she's still alive?
My brain can't handle this.
Right now all I can think of is how bad that ending was. Nothing's explained.

Does she have her memories back?
How did she survive?
What was the problem in the first place?

Is she even alive or is it just a dream?

Someone please explain to me what the hell just happened.
#2 by thevsamovies
2013-03-18 at 00:50
By the way, I know I got the good ending.
It's the one where he reads the letter and she ends up being there when the letter was said to be read when he wasn't there, not the repeating dream one.

That also confused me. She wrote a letter because she thought she could never be with him again?
Why'd she think that?
Were her memories never erased? No that wouldn't make sense.
I can't understand anything.
#3 by mazyrian
2013-03-18 at 03:39
After playing Sakura it will make more sense.
#4 by gabezhul
2013-03-18 at 10:20
Or rather, it will make a LITTLE more sense. Nemu's route and character are both trainwrecks (Sakura's isn't much better, BTW), but the rest of the heroines are good or at least decent, only the "main routes" are so ridiculously haphazard and under-explained,
#5 by pendelhaven
2013-03-18 at 13:57
I was under the impression that DC is all about Sakura and not really about Nemu nor the protags of DC 1 and 2 (and the recently released 3). I have a feeling that DC 3 hasn't resolved anything about the everlasting cherry tree and that there will be a coming DC 4.
#6 by mazyrian
2013-03-18 at 14:50
DCII and III used Nemu as the winner heroine and kept Sakura as a central point, but taken alone, DCI is as much about Sakura as is about Nemu. But it's true that even in the first one Sakura is more important to the whole mythology.

And the kind of magic it relies on is not very explained, but the explanation itself is not so complicated. Sakura's grandmother made the tree which granted wishes. It also made Nemu sick if she got too close to Jun'ichi because shared existences or some such I now don't quite remember; when Sakura killed the tree she got better. It's not any worse than usual key magic (which admittedly many people have problems with). The problem is that you have to play Sakura to understand this, and you can't play her before Nemu, so when you finish her route you are left with a big WTF?
#7 by thevsamovies
2013-03-18 at 23:44
So I should play Sakura's route? Okay.

But that still leaves the question:
Is nemu completely back to normal, memories and all?
Am I at least allowed to believe she is?
Why did they have to remove her memories... That just created more problems to follow...

Oh by the way, I did to hitomi's, and I thought it was pretty good, that's why I was let down when I did nemu's.

The only problem is; I want to play Da Capo II and it goes off of nemu's route, so I feel like I need to understand it completely in order to continue the story correctly.
Anyway thanks for the help so far. I'll definitely play Sakura's and see if it helps.Last modified on 2013-03-18 at 23:46
#8 by ganchan
2013-03-19 at 02:11
You don't need, to play da capo I, to get da capo II. In fact, I think this one of the cases that is better to read first the II and then the I.

And also, if you decided to follow the order, just playing Nemu's route won't help you at all. The one who can help you more is sakura's route. Well, both routes are complementary.
#9 by thevsamovies
2013-03-19 at 02:13
Got it, thanks a lot.
I love vndb.
#10 by dinosw
2017-05-19 at 07:25
I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to correct you in regards to Sakura's route, as you can easily play that one before Nemu (I actually play Sakura's route as my first route).


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