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#1 by siveria
2013-03-21 at 10:04
I am wondering if someone can tell me a bit more about Clannad before I start to play it. Like I have seen the tags and "Pure love story" type things then to be extremly lame in the long run due to the whole cheezy love conquers all thing. How sappy is it? I tend to like vns where the heroine has some kind of mystery or issue with them in some way, like.. the girls in link for example.

Bascally is clannad just a sappy love story with nothing else really of merit? I heard how good it is, but the lack of any h-scenes at the end (I consider em a reward for the player if they are at the end) and the seemingly normal heroines (least from what I read on the characters page) Make this vn seem like it might be a snorefest for me.

Anyway, so tell me, is there a true end that reveals some mystery you notice/find out about during the game (Like ever 17), or should I just skip this?
#2 by loctar87
2013-03-21 at 15:23
Everyone should at least try a VN or two from Key, and Clannad is one of the best. It's not designed to dazzle you with plot and epic surprises. But, it is designed to get you attached to the characters and literally leave you in tears.

So of course you should play it. It isn't so highly rated for nothing.
#3 by pabloc
2013-03-21 at 20:37
Maybe try v33 first? It's also a nakige, it should give you a good idea if Key's style is for you or not. It's much shorter and there is an edition with sex scenes too. Also it's translation is rather well done, while from what I heard Clannad's TL quality is somewhat questionable at some points.
#4 by loctar87
2013-03-21 at 23:55
@3 If there's anything everyone can agree on, it's that Key sucks at sex scenes. Kanon had very few, ultra short, totally random sex scenes. You don't play these games for that.

The translation of Clannad is shaky at some points, there's no denying that. But you won't notice a lot of that if you don't speak Japanese, and it's perfectly playable and enjoyable as is.

If you want an alternative, play Little Busters. Kanon is an old classic that fans should play eventually, but for wowing first impressions of Key's style, Clannad or Little Busters are better choices.
#5 by insanityy
2013-04-07 at 14:56
Personally I don't recommend the current translation at all. The reason I could not enjoy Clannad was most likely this, as I did like Little Busters and Rewrite.

But if you don't mind a subpar translation, then go ahead. Otherwise, read one or more of the other novels by Key first.


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