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#1 by clephas
2013-04-13 at 19:14
In this case, I won't bother imitating a review. This game, despite the cover, is not a nukige. Rather, this is a dark story about a school with a mystery that swallows the lives of its students. This game's story focuses on the dark secrets of the school and the protagonist's and heroines' relationships with those secrets. Each heroine path has a bad ending and a normal or good ending (depending on the heroine) save for Anri, who only has a single good ending (though it has some nasty parts on the way). This is not a game for nukige lovers, nor is it a game for people who want mystical action. This game does have fantasy elements, and they are integral to the story. However, it is not an action vn.
#2 by bookwormotaku
2013-04-14 at 00:00
Is it like Divi-dead?
#3 by chipp12
2013-05-02 at 18:07
Don't know why but this game has reminded me Bible Black though I've only seen these game's promos and CG set and haven't tried both games yet.Last modified on 2013-05-06 at 11:54
#4 by ibromos
2013-08-08 at 16:46
Before going in and playing the game, I think the game resembles a lot along the lines of Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai - I think they have the same artist? I haven't checked to make sure but definitely the art style is unique with this company but reminded me right away of that.

It's not just the art style though, with how clephas talked about how the routes went, yeah that's basically like the game I described above. Even though Kiriya has tons of CG and is made by a company that makes nukiges (Atelier Kaguya) it's hard to classify as one in the long run. Against my better judgments, I'll go ahead and play and come out in a demented state just like that one, I'm sure - DON'T RAPE MAH HEROINES! =(

Btw, that last outrage wasn't even a spoiler or anything since I haven't played it yet, but a prediction seeing the past games from this artist and genre.
#5 by tiger8125
2018-02-06 at 20:26
This game's plot is good and doesn't similar to other trivial nukiges that can be find in vndb. Last route opens us a truth which is centered around protagonist. But each of the other routes aren't bad and can be considered as the best. p.s So I have a dilema)Last modified on 2018-02-06 at 20:32


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